Abbey Catholic Primary School
Abbey Catholic Primary School

At the end of the school year we are delighted to present some special awards to pupils who have excelled in one capacity or another throughout the year.

Tierney Trophy

Tierney Trophy winner

This trophy is named after Mr Tierney who was Headteacher at Abbey Catholic Primary for 27 years.

The trophy is awarded to the student who demonstrates 100% effort and perseverance in everything they do. Displaying the Abbey Values throughout their time at the Abbey is recognized in this award.

McGreevy Trophy

McGreevy Trophy winner

The McGreevy Trophy is always a very special trophy amongst the annual awards as it is voted for by the pupils themselves.

The trophy is in memory of a long-serving governor at the Abbey who was dedicated to the school and all it embodies.

The pupils are asked to vote for a peer who they believe best represents Abbey Values and whom they will be proud to say in the future ‘that’s the type of person that represents Abbey Catholic Primary School’.

Lyons Drama Trophy

Lyons Drama Trophy winner

The Lyons Trophy is awarded for contribution to drama and performing arts.

Crombie Shield for Maths

Crombie Shield for Maths winner

This shield is awarded to the pupil who consistently tries their best in maths and doesn’t allow themselves to be defeated by a challenge.

Tallon Trophy

Tallon Trophy winner

The Tallon Trophy is named after Ms Julie-Anne Tallon who was Headteacher at Abbey Catholic Primary School for 11 years.

The Tallon Trophy is awarded to the child who has contributed most to the Catholic Life of the school.

Walsh Trophy

Sports Trophy winner

The Walsh Trophy is awarded to the child who has demonstrated sporting excellence throughout their time at the Abbey.

The teachers are asked to vote for the child who is not only gifted in many different sports but the child who stands out when demonstrating many sporting values such as leadership, encouragement, perseverance and respect.