Abbey Catholic Primary School
Abbey Catholic Primary School

Reception Intake September 2023

Our Open Day sessions will take place on Tuesday 8th November 2022 9:30 - 10:30am and Thursday 17th November 2022 1:30 - 2:30pm. We encourage all parents of children due to start school in September 2023 to visit us and have a tour around our school. Car Parking is available in the car park at the end of the school drive. We ask that you DO NOT park in the top Church car park. Thank you.

Everyone at Abbey Catholic Primary School wishes you a very warm welcome to our exciting website.

We are all learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and parish. We want to share our good work, up to date news and information about our school with you through our website. It is packed full of information about our school, and we hope you find it both interesting and entertaining.

Keep visiting us to get weekly newsletters and the latest reports on special events happening at our school. And please see our contact us page for all the ways to get in touch.

Do enjoy your visit, and we hope to see you back again soon.

Our Mission Statement

Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and parish.

New Things on our Web…

  • 02 Oct 22: Admissions Supplementary Information Form for 2023/24.
  • 01 Oct 22: Online school Newsletter.
  • 29 Sep 22: A group photo of this year’s Reception children.
  • 29 Sep 22: Updated introduction and group photo of this year’s Year 3.
  • 29 Sep 22: A group photo of this year’s Year 5 children.
  • 29 Sep 22: More updated school Staff photographs.
  • 23 Sep 22: Online school Newsletter.
  • 23 Sep 22: A group photo of this year’s Year 4 children.
  • 22 Sep 22: A group photo of this year’s Year 6 children.
  • 22 Sep 22: Some further updated school Staff photographs.
  • 22 Sep 22: Progress figures added to our Test Results page.
  • 22 Sep 22: Updated Care and Behaviour Policy.
  • 17 Sep 22: Online school Newsletter.
  • 17 Sep 22: Updated Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.
  • 17 Sep 22: Some new and updated school Staff photographs.
  • 17 Sep 22: A new photograph of our main school entrance on our Introduction page.
  • 10 Sep 22: Online school Newsletter.
  • 10 Sep 22: A photo of this year’s Confirmation children on our Sacraments page.
  • 10 Sep 22: Our latest Dinner Menu and details of our catering providers.
  • 10 Sep 22: Updated Topic 1 for Reception’s Curriculum.
  • 07 Sep 22: Updated school Staff List.
  • 03 Sep 22: Our new-look website is launched.

Our web was last updated on 2 October 2022

Latest additions to our Events Gallery

Reception’s First Parish Mass

Our Reception families gathered together for the first time today and were greeted by our Parish at 9.15am Mass.  It ...
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Mourning the Passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Last week was one of the saddest days for our country. A day when we mourned the passing of a ...
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Caritas Ambassadors Eco Retreat

Our Caritas Ambassadors began their new year of mission with an inspiring eco retreat with the Columban Missionaries Society. The ...
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Made in the Image and Likeness

Our academic year started with a simple message, 'Made in the Image and Likeness'. School has been adorned with rainbows ...
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We invite you to have a good look round our school, meet some of the children and staff, and hear a welcome message from our Principal, Mr McTernan.

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