Abbey Catholic Primary School
Abbey Catholic Primary School

On Thursday 7th October 2021, children from Year 3 returned to school for an evening of activities focussing on our Big Question, “How do we know about the past if it is not written down?”

The children were so excited to have the opportunity to work in teams and experience different ways as to how we can learn about the past. They started the evening with a prayer of thanks and then embarked on a carousel of activities including being archaeologists, ice excavators, code breakers and Stone Age artists using natural home made paints – developing their curious and active minds.

All children explored the forest area looking for clues hidden under the ground – team work and the use of a torch was definitely needed! Each group had the opportunity to work collaboratively to build dens using only the equipment provided and learnt about survival techniques as well as the importance of a fire.

The children then indulged in a sweet treat of s’mores that they toasted themselves around the camp fire. After a reflective prayer service, the children then watched a film and settled for the night in the hall – enjoying being with their friends on this overnight adventure!

The following morning, there were lots of tired yet happy faces with marvellous memories having been created.

Children enjoying some of the evening activities