Sports Council

Sports Council are a varied group of children, who have applied and been interviewed for their role by their predecessors.

The aim of the Sports Council is to raise the profile of sports, both inside and outside school, for all children. They meet on a weekly basis which provides opportunities to discuss and organise sport at all levels.

In order for the sports council to work effectively it has been split into three sections: Head team, Media team and Research team.

The Head team consists of a Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary. The roles and responsibilities of the head team are to ensure that meetings are organised, as well Agendas agreed and minutes of meetings written up.

The Media team role involves attending and supporting all school competitions. During the competition, pupils will support their peers with the activities undertaken, as well as tweeting photos and writing reports which can be seen on our school website.

The Research team includes investigating any sports that pupils at the school may be interested in taking part in. From this research, the team will promote sports through presentations in assembly and create contacts with external sporting groups. Last year this involved us working closely with the WASPs Rugby Team, Erdington Rugby Club and Aston Villa Football Club.

On a daily basis, the Sports Council are always visible. They are currently recruiting and training Year 5, who will become play leaders leading activities for their peers. More information of the work completed by Sports Council can be found on our Sports Council board in the hall.

Should you wish to raise any issues with Sports Council, please send a letter through the office.

Sport Council trip to Worcester Warriors

Sports Council members at Worcester Warriors.

14 October 2017

On Saturday 14th of October, Sports Council went on a very exciting trip to Worcester Warriors rugby ground. There, we watched an amazing rugby game which was Worcester Warriors Vs Brive.

First we found our seats and waited in anticipation to watch the thrilling rugby game; as soon as time reached 3,00pm the blowing noise of trumpets began to start.

It was amazing to watch professional rugby players play a very good rugby game. We found quite a few similarities that we had been doing in tag rugby the week before.

You’re probably wondering why we had been practicing… we had been practising the week before because when half time approached we would be playing a game of tag rugby with our siblings and 20,000 people were watching us, along with our families and friends. It was an amazing experience – we all loved it.

At the end, some of our sports councillors went on to the pitch to meet the players. Some of us bought rugby balls and got them signed by the players.

We would like to thank all of our families and friends for attending this exciting day. We would especially like to thank Mr Crowhurst for arranging this amazing experience. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

by Lola Eynon

Selecting our new Sports Council for 2017/18

Shortlisting the applicants.

June/July 2017

During June and July 2017 we invited students to apply to be members of the School Sports Council. We were overwhelmed with the number and high quality of applications.

Current Sports Council members shortlisted the applicants. Our new Sports Council will get to work from September 2017.

Sports Council Meeting

June 2017

On Wednesday 14th June our Sports Council gathered to demonstrate the impact we have on the school.

We invited Sara, from Sport Birmingham, to discuss how we could support and improve the sports not just in our school but schools across Birmingham.

They have been lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to go to the Sport Birmingham level three competitions by helping with the promotion and exposure of the event. We look forward to keeping you posted on how this goes.

Swimming Caps

Modelling our new swimming caps.

January 2017

After competing in the Erdington schools swimming gala, members of the Sports Council were involved in ordering competitive swimming caps for future events.

We look forward to using these in future competitions!

Coaching Training

Learning how to coach Tag Rugby.

November 2016

This month, members of the sports council were involved in special coaching delivered by the University of Birmingham.

Students were taught how to coach small groups in Tag Rugby, in which they were able to try out with younger members of the school.

Getting Ready for Rio

Supporting the Rio Olympics.

12 July 2016

Our Sports Council have enjoyed the run up to the Rio Olympics and sharing their passion for sports and healthy lifestyles.

We are very proud to support Paralympic High Jumper Jonathan Broom-Edwards. Jonathan has visited the Abbey Primary and is a great advocate for sports in the local area.

Good luck in Rio Jonathan!

Race for Life

Runners in the Race for Life.

26 March 2016

On Thursday 26th of March the whole school took part in a race for life which included completely laps of the playground or laps of the church yard. This was all to raise the money for cancer research. For every lap completed, money was raised for charity.

Sports Council had a very important role in this special event we had to stamp pieces of paper every time someone completed a lap. We also painted everyone’s face pink and blue, which are the race for life colours.

Parents were invited to this event with some parents running as well!

This event was set up by Mrs Marks who did a great job. Sports Council and Mrs Marks would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who participated in this amazing opportunity and supported us in raising over £1400.

Trip to Edgbaston Cricket Ground

The Sports Council at Edgbaston CC.

19 November 2015

On Thursday 19th November Sports Council went to Edgbaston Cricket Ground for their trip. When they got there we went on a tour around the stadium.

Our tour guide was called Rick. We learnt some amazing facts and even spoke to some of the current Warwickshire players including the captain Varun Chopra!

After our tour we went to have lunch. Then, we had a training session for two hours supporting us with our batting, bowling and catching. It was the first time for all of us and by the end we felt as if we had been playing for ages.

Thanks you for taking us Mr Crowhurst .

Presenting to the Kingsbury Sports Partnership

Making presentations at the Kingsbury Sports Partnership day.

September 2015

As the new school year began, our Sports Council were very proud to be asked to present to the Kingsbury Sports Partnership CIC development day.

A pupil representative from Sports Council led two 15 minute sessions to sports leaders from other schools within the Kingsbury partnership.

All adults present were incredibly impressed with the work of our Sports Council.

Planning Next Year's Council

Considering the applicants for next year's Council.

July 2015

As the academic year came to a close, it was time to look at setting up the Sports Council 2015/16.

Following on from the success of Sports Council 2014/15, we were inundated with applications. Applicants were asked to submit a letter of application to the Chair of the Sports Council via our school newsletter. The applications were shortlisted by the Chair of the Sports Council and the Senior Play Leader.

Our headteacher was incredibly impressed with the professionalism of the students carrying out shortlisting.

The new Sports Council will begin in September 2015.

Great Fun Run Superstar

Our Fun Run superstar.

May 2015

Members of our Sports Council are proactive in improving sport for all at the Abbey.

Part of being a member of the Sports Council includes leading by example. We are very proud of our Sports Council member who completed the Great Midlands Fun Run on Sunday 31st May 2015 - with a faster and stronger finish than all Abbey adult participants!

A superb role model and Sports Council member.

Media Team at the Basketball Competition

Media team in action.

January 2015

Our Sports Council is now truly up and running. Representatives of the Sports Council Media Team accompanied our Basketball Team to a competition at Kingsbury Secondary School.

Other schools were 'bowled over' by our Media Team and their work and we received lots of positive comments.

Media Team updates via Twitter can be found by searching the hashtag #sportscouncil

Promoting the Sports Council

Sports Council proudly model their new tops

December 2014

The Sports Council are very proud of the printing on the back of their PE shirts promoting the Sports Council.

Appointments Are Made

November 2014

Appointments to the Sports Council are made and job roles allocated.

The 'Media Team' are given responsibility for tweeting about #sportscouncil events and writing reports for newsletters.

The 'Research Team' are responsible for finding out about new opportunities and introducing them to school.

The Idea is Born

October 2014

Our Bronze Ambassadors met with the Headteacher to introduce the idea of a Sports Council. Students were invited to apply for a position on the Sports Council.