Snippets of Faith - 2018/19

School of Sanctuary

Chaplaincy Team members listening to the stories.

11 July 2019

Following a recent school trip, our Year 5 Chaplaincy Team were inspired to take action. They approached the national 'Schools of Sanctuary' which led to an inspiring meeting with one of the representatives.

Hearing the stories of our brothers and sisters who have been displaced by war, famine and other circumstances has motivated our pupils to want to be a welcoming presence and to raise awareness.

We are looking forward to working with the Schools of Sanctuary team to support their valuable work as Gospel activists.

Writing a new MAC Prayer

Working on a new prayer for the MAC.

10 July 2019

As we prepare to join the John Paul II Multi Academy, we were invited to join in writing a new MAC prayer.

Two of our new Chaplaincy Team were selected and met with representatives of all the other MAC primary and secondary schools.

We look forward to sharing the new prayer with everyone when we start our new academic year.

Modern Slavery Workshop

Participating in the Modern Slavery Workshop.

9 July 2019

Catholic social teaching compels us to stand up and take action to protect the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.

With this in mind, our new Year 7 pupils took part in a workshop to raise awareness about Modern Slavery. Through the use of dramatised situations, this interactive session allowed children to explore modern slavery situations.

Our children were shocked to find out that this is happening in our city, right now. By the end of the workshop, they had learned the signs to look out for, providing knowledge that, in time, will be enable them to be active in their pursuit of justice for all.

Years 4 and 5 Confirmation Preparation

Discussing Saints with each other.

30 June 2019

Children in Years 4 and 5 had a faith-filled afternoon where they eloquently discussed Saints ready for their confirmation.

Children spoke about why they had chosen their Saint and what had inspired them to choose their name.

We were very proud of our children and are excited to see them take these names on, during their special day.

"I learnt about new Saints and I am going to start researching some now, ready for Year 5".

Staff Mission Retreat

On the weekend retreat.

30 June 2019

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Hughes were blessed to have been invited to a weekend retreat led by Sister Rose Mary Harbinson of the Catholic Missionary Union.

Over the weekend, they heard from inspirational speakers, all with Missionary experience as well as enjoying time for prayer, reflection and Mass.

We heard from Fr Kevin Hughes who inspired us with his message of being missionary disciples who draw people to us, as people who wish to share their joy and point to a horizon of beauty.

At the end of the retreat, both staff members were blessed and commissioned as missionaries of faith.

Columban Missionary

Meeting the Columban Missionary.

18 June 2019

Our KS2 children were lucky enough to welcome the faith-filled Catherine from the Columban Missionaries.

They actively listened to her vocation journey, where she explained that God had called her to support Refugees in Birmingham. Our children learnt about God's live for us and how we can see God in everyone, through their actions.

"I enjoyed meeting Catherine and learning more about how refugees come into England and how we can support them."

Chaplaincy Team Applications

Some of the applications to join the team.

18 June 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team have been reviewing the many applications from pupils to join our team next year.

We are really pleased that there are so many children who want to serve their community and spread the good news.

Our next step will be notifying new members and electing our new leadership team.

Updating Prayer Bags

More resources for our prayer bags.

18 June 2019

Our amazing pupil led Chaplaincy Team are constantly looking for ways to improve Collective Worship and Catholic Life within our school.

Recent feedback showed that they wanted to build on the strength of the Prayer Bags they put together and distributed at the start of the Academic Year. As a result, additional resources have been purchased to supplement the already fabulous Prayer Bags that go home each week with a different family.

Well done Pupil Chaplaincy Team!

St Chad's Flower Festival

Children with our display in the Cathedral.

13 June 2019

Members of our Chaplaincy Team along with Year 1 children spent the day in the surroundings of St Chad's Cathedral assembling our Flower Festival display.

Over the previous two weeks, all children in school have created flowers, prayers and written reflections to form our display. Our display this year was themed around our School Motto and was titled 'Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus'.

Our children were outstanding as they creatively put together all of the pieces to form one special display. We were really proud of the eloquence they displayed as they chatted to members of the public and other groups to explain the meaning behind our display.

Taking part in the annual diocesan event is always such a special event, and a lovely opportunity for pupils to meet other schools and Parish groups.

Delivery of Donated Items

Packing the donated items.

7 June 2019

We were thrilled to have yet another entrance hall full of donated items for St Chads Sanctuary, Sifa Fireside and Fatima House.

Thank you very much to the parent who gave up his time to deliver those items for us.

Thank you to all families for their generosity in supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.

Collective Worship Pupil Voice

Presenting results to the Governors.

4 June 2019

In June 2019 three members of our Stewardship Team presented to our Governors.

Pupils presented the results from pupil conferencing that had taken place during a Stewardship Team led Pupil Parliament. Stewardship team had facilitated pupil voice on what children wanted to Keep, Improve, Start and Stop about Collective Worship in Abbey Catholic Primary School. The results were analysed and shared by pupils at both a staff meeting and the Catholic Life Committee Governors meeting.

The next step is for pupils to formally record this information in next years Collective Worship Action Plan and in the schools self evaluation document on Collective Worship.

We are very proud of our pupils and the staff that facilitate their ideas.

Crowning Our Blessed Mother

Our new statue complete with special crown.

23 May 2019

Abbey Primary are absolutely thrilled with our new statue of Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

It was purchased using payment earned by our Headteacher carrying out a Section 48 Inspection for the diocese.

During the month of May we have crowned the statue of Our Lady. The crown pictured was worn by Ms Tallon’s mother on her wedding day.

School are very proud to have been gifted this item and to be using it to honour Mary during her special month.

Farewell Father Maurice

The staff say goodbye to Fr Maurice.

23 May 2019

In June 2019, Father Maurice will be leaving the Abbey Parish to continue his mission work.

Father Maurice has worked very closely with Abbey Primary for the past two years; visiting classes weekly.

Staff and pupils bid farewell to Father Maurice with a surprise buffet and assembly.

Please remember Father Maurice, and all Redemptorist priests all over the world, in your prayers.

Goodbye Father Gabby

Presenting Fr Gabby with our prayer tree.

23 May 2019

In May 2019, Father Gabby answered the call from his Provincial to relocate to Liverpool. After years of service to the Abbey Parish and school, Father Gabby is now moving to Bishop Eton in Liverpool.

All children and staff in school printed their fingerprints on a prayer tree which was presented to Father Gabby on his last day in school.

Father Gabby visited the classrooms and thanked children and staff for their prayers during his time of ill health. He asks that we all continue to hold the intentions of ‘Father Gabby from the Abbey’ with ours.

Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament in action.

16 May 2019

Our Pupil Parliament session for May was planned and led by our school Chaplaincy Team.

Focussing on reviewing our Collective Worship Policy, all pupil voice groups carried out a 'KISS' analysis - deciding which parts they felt should be kept, improved, started or stopped. This information will be fed back to school leadership and governance to inform action planning for next year.

We are really proud of our pupil chaplaincy team who are demonstrating excellent leadership skills.

Pupil Voice Surgery

Listening to the input from the children.

14 May 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team were present at our recent Pupil Voice Surgey, organised by School Council.

Our Chairperson listened attentively to the comments and feedback from students, taking notes to discuss at our next meeting.

It was a joy to see some of our youngest pupils living out our virtues - being active in participating in all areas of school life and curious about how they can help to play their part to make things better.

Chaplaincy Team Make Prayer Scrolls for the Sick

Making our prayer scrolls.

9 May 2019

Chaplaincy Team met after school one afternoon to spend time making prayer scrolls. These are distributed to sick parishioners via the lay ministers. We know that our elderly and unwell parishioners find these messages of prayer from children uplifting, reminding them that we are all one family and that we are thinking of them.

For our Chaplaincy Team, giving this time helps them to reflect on the responsibilities we all have to care for the most vulnerable and needy people in our parish.

We hope that our small acts of kindness continue to bring joy to others.

Rosary Club

Lunchtime Rosary Club.

9 May 2019

During May, our pupils lead a lunchtime Rosary Club. All pupils are welcome to attend as we ask Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us.

Pupils can use their own Rosary beads or use some provided by school.

Supporting City Centre Soup Kitchen

Making donations to the soup kitchen.

9 April 2019

Once more we were very proud to donate bags of sugar to the Saint Vincent de Paul soup kitchen which takes place in Birmingham City Centre.

This was made possible by our wonderful families who regularly donate sugar, tea, coffee and jam when their child’s class leads a Parish Mass.

Lenten Almsgiving by the Running Club

Soggy, but successful, members of our Running Club.

4 April 2019

On 4th April 2019, our running club were undeterred by a bit of rain... and more rain... and more rain!

Running club had pledged to run a collective marathon during one lunchtime session to raise funds towards our Lenten Almsgiving appeal.

Staff and pupils were so committed that despite the poor weather conditions, they ended up running a collective ultra marathon!

Thank you to all family and friends that sponsored this event.

Chaplaincy Team With our Philippines Visitor

Chaplaincy Team with our Philippines visitor.

29 March 2019

Chaplaincy Team were delighted that our visitor from the Philippines was able to spare some time to meet with them to discuss the valuable work he carries out on behalf of Migrante International.

We learned about the terrible poverty and injustices that the people of the Philippines face on a daily basis. We found out how the charity works to help the people, both in a practical way and also through its campaigns and awareness raising.

Children were keen to find out what we can do to help and we plan to show our solidarity with those in the Philippines through helping to raise awareness and also practical measures like fundraising.

We will hold all those suffering in our prayers.

PTFA Support Lenten Almsgiving

PTFA members with two of our pupil ambassadors.

29 March 2019

On 29th March 2019, two of our pupil ambassadors presented a proposal to our PTFA chairs.

They shared how following hearing about their Headteacher’s visit to the Philippines with the Benedictine Sisters, they wanted to make a positive difference.

They identified that PTFA spent £210 each year on buying each pupil a Cadbury’s Cream Egg. The girls spoke to the entire school staff in weekly briefing and asked class teachers to facilitate a class vote asking all pupils from Reception to Year 6 to vote on whether they wanted the money to go towards a cream egg for themselves or towards supporting the street families in the Philippines.

Pupils overwhelmingly voted to sacrifice their chocolate egg to help others.

The PTFA were very impressed with the girls work and are presenting a cheque for £210 to school for Lenten almsgiving. This money will join other fundraising and go towards supporting Father Flavie’s work building a homeless rehabilitation shelter in the Philippines.

School are very proud of these pupil ambassadors and their work for social justice.


Ready to serve the soup.

26 March 2019

Two pupils from Year 6 organised lunch for staff.

The two entrepreneurs had seen vegetables that were ready for picking and they showed their resourcefulness as they used their crops to make a delicious soup! The soup was then served with crusty bread and staff were asked to give a donation.

It was so popular they served it again a few days later!

These pupils are striving to make a positive impact on those around them and have made their families very proud.

Exploring the Mass

Enjoying our new resources.

26 March 2019

Chaplaincy Team were delighted to meet and be the first pupils to explore some new school resources entitled 'Exploring The Mass' by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

These engaging books are designed to help children understand what happens during the Mass and also to learn and think more deeply about the rich mystery. We know that going to Mass and joining in the prayer of the Church is the most important thing that we do as Catholics and this resource helps our children to understand why.

Our Chaplaincy Team were very impressed with the use of images and diagrams to explain key parts of the Mass found the questions thought provoking. We are all looking forward to using these books to develop our faith and deepen our understanding so that we may share fully in the celebration of Mass.

Lenten Sponsored Cycling

Our sponsored cycle event.

22 March 2019

Our whole school took part in a day of sponsored cycling to raise money for our Lenten charities.

Using exercise bikes, children from each class cycled all day. This fun activity also helped us to reflect on how we can help others with donations, but also through actions and giving up our time. We raised over £250.

We are really grateful to AceFitt Active Children's Exercise for the loan of their exercise bikes for this event.

Headteachers' Retreat

Headteachers on their retreat day.

22 March 2019

On Friday 22nd March 2019, Headteachers from across Birmingham Catholic Primary schools joined together for a Retreat Day at Selly Park Convent.

The day had been organised by The Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership Headteachers Association.

The day was facilitated by the wonderful Emily and Dan from One Life Music and culminated with the Celebration of Holy Mass.

Ms Tallon and the BCPPHTA are already planning next years. Thank you to everyone involved in the planning and smooth running of the day.

Our Headteacher is an Advocate for National School of Formation

Ms Tallon with delegates at the National School of Formation.

14 March 2019

On Thursday 14th March 2019 our Headteacher was invited by Educarem to speak to delegates from Cohort 4 of the National School of Formation.

She spoke about her work as an advocate for the National School of Formation and the impact this has had in school.

Ms Tallon was honoured to spend time with such wonderfully inspirational Catholic leaders.

Donations to Women’s Refuge

Chaplaincy team members with some of our donations.

14 March 2019

On Thursday 14th March, two of our Chaplaincy Team sorted out our donated toiletries ready to be delivered to a Women’s Refuge for immigrants in Birmingham City Centre.

We are doing our best to follow the words of our Holy Father as we carry out these small actions to welcome these visitors to our city.

Chaplaincy Team visit St Edmund Campion School

The team at St Edmund Campion.

12 March 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team were delighted to be invited to join our local secondary school for Mass in their chapel at the start of the school day.

We enjoyed a lovely celebration of Mass where we were joined by the Chaplaincy Team and staff from St Edmund Campion.

After Mass we all enjoyed refreshments and had time to chat and share our ideas.

We hope that this is the first of many meetings and that we can work together to support each other and our local community.

Alton Castle Fundraising Thanks

Showing off our letter of thanks.

11 March 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team got a wonderful surprise in the first week of March as they received a lovely thank you note from the team at Alton Castle.

Chaplaincy team took complete charge of organising fundraising for the castle and raised over £100.

We were delighted with our thank you letter and continue to hold the team at Alton Castle in our prayers.

Year 6 Family Breakfast

Year 6 stay and pray session.

8 March 2019

After a very successful Family breakfast, parents were invited into Year 6 to take part in our Stay and Pray Service.

The families listened to the parable 'The prodigal son' and we discussed the messages. They thought about how the parable teaches them about: the value of family; having faith in each other and God; being hopeful for the future and how special we all are. Families then lit a candle on our cross as they said a prayer together.

The prayer service was beautiful and emotive; It was a pleasure to spend such a prayerful time with our loved ones.

Mass Donations

Some of our donations to Fireside.

7 March 2019

Each week we join the Celebration of Holy Mass with the Parish on a Thursday morning.

The class that leads the celebration of Mass are asked to donate tea, coffee or jam for the Sifa fireside centre for the homeless.

In March 2019 members of our Chaplaincy team sorted out the donations ready for delivery to Fireside.

Thank you very much to our wonderful families for the generous donations.

Confirmation Workshop

Year 5 families in the workshop.

5 March 2019

On 5th March, Year 5 welcomed their families to take an active role in the Catholic life of our school; in order to support their faith journey.

The Confirmation workshop forms an integral part of Year 5's preparation towards the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was great to see so many families, who appreciate the value of Catholic life in school, attend the event.

During the workshop, Year 5 were reminded of the story of Pentecost and how our Confirmation is like our own Pentecost. All families were asked to take part in a creative activity to remind them of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Some feedback from the session:

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with my daughter, it was a challenging activity where we were able to work together and discuss the gifts and fruits she will receive."

"It was really good sending time with my mom; I enjoyed making something with her and I will hand my mobile up in my bedroom to remind me."

Reception Stay and Pray

Reception's stay and pray session.

5 March 2019

After a very successful Family breakfast, parents were invited into Reception to take part in our Stay and Pray Service.

The children shared information about God's creation. They also used their God given talents by singing and signing the beautiful hymns 'Our God is a great big God' and 'God said.'

Family prayers from home were proudly displayed as a prayer focus.

It was a pleasure to have families into class to share such a Prayerful time with us.

Y1LH Assembly

Year 1LH Assembly.

4 March 2019

Year 1 were so excited to share their assembly with their friends and family on Monday. We had lots to talk about - family week, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

The children shared the story of Jesus' temptation in the desert and how we spend our time during Lent to grow closer to God.

They also decided on a great go forth message, Stop, Reflect and Pray. These signs have been placed around school to remind people to stop and look at their surrounding, reflect on what they are grateful for and what they could try harder at and finally pray. Pray for guidance and support but also pray to praise God for the opportunities he presents to us.

We are glad so many people could join us to share this special time.

Our New Stewardship Team

Stewardship Team members in their first new meeting.

15 February 2019

At our recent Pupil Parliament, the newly merged Eco and Travel Team spent time discussing our team purpose, and questioned whether our new name reflects our Mission.

Following on from this, at our meeting this week we took a vote and decided to change our name to 'Stewardship Team'.

We all agreed that this reflects our wish to be good Catholic stewards of creation.

by Lily J, Co-Chair

Valentines Prayer Cards

Giving Valentine's cards to members of the parish.

14 February 2019

Chaplaincy Team spent part of their recent meeting making thoughtful prayer cards, giving up their own time to support the mission of our school - following in the footsteps of Jesus with our Parish.

After a lovely celebration of Mass, we gave out our prayer cards to members of the parish

Our team enthusiastically chatted to parishioners, who were really touched by the thoughtful gesture.

Chaplaincy Sharing our Mission

Members of our Chaplaincy Team.

12 February 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team were able to meet with another school, who are developing their chaplaincy to share ideas and promote our school's Catholic faith and mission.

They were actively involved in the opportunity given to them and showed outstanding leadership skills throughout the meeting. They eloquently shared all they had achieved so far, and discussed the events they have arranged for the future.

It was beneficial to all parties involved and the children were able to develop their public speaking skills and ability to synthesise their ideas to ensure others were able to understand.

It was a pleasure to work alongside both chaplaincy teams to showcase our faith.

Year 3 Lead Whole School Collective Worship

Year 3 leading our Collective Worship.

11 February 2019

On Monday 11th February 2019, Year 3 led our whole school in Collective Worship.

Parents and pupils gathered in the school hall as Year 3 reminded us of the importance of looking after the amazing bodies and minds that God gave us.

Chaplaincy Team supporting Butterfly Day Nursery

Chaplaincy Team members reading to younger children.

11 February 2019

Children from our Chaplaincy Team were delighted to be able to share their gifts and talents by reading to children at a local day nursery.

Our children are always so keen to be actively participating in all of the wonderful opportunities provided to them. We were delighted to be able to make links and support some of the youngest people in our wider community.

A lovely afternoon was spent sharing stories, playing games and getting to know our new friends. We are really grateful for this experience and thank the staff and children at Butterfly Day Nursery for such a warm welcome.

Partnership with Other Diocese

Ms Tallon speaking to the conference attendees.

11 February 2019

In February 2019, our Headteacher was invited to be a key note speaker at the Diocese of Salford Leaders Conference.

She spoke about Leading a Faith Community and was very proud to share her experiences from our wonderful school.

It was an honour and a privilege to be able to work with Catholic leaders across the country.

Developing Catholic Teachers

Part of the retreat day for newly qualified teachers.

1 February 2019

Our headteacher is currently the Chair of the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership Head Teachers Association.

Each year the association provide a retreat day for Newly Qualified Teachers at St Chad’s Cathedral.

On 1st February 2019 we welcomed a wonderful group of NQT’s from across the diocese.

Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation and delivery of this fantastic day. Please keep these new teachers in your prayers.

Working in Partnership with Other Catholic Primary Schools

Welcoming visitors to our school.

29 January 2019

On 29th January 2019 we were delighted to welcome school leaders from Christ the King Catholic Primary School, Coventry.

Our visitors had a wonderful day speaking to staff and pupils and sharing excellent ideas.

We are very proud of our Catholic leaders across the diocese.

Pupil Parliament Review School Mission

Reviewing our School Mission.

29 January 2019

On 29th January 2019 our Pupil Voice groups gathered together as one in our Pupil Parliament.

Our Pupil Parliament reviewed our Mission Statement: ‘Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and Parish’.

Each group reflected and reported on how their Pupil Voice group actively supports and promotes our school Mission. It was very clear that everyone was fully involved in promoting following in Jesus’ footsteps; an important part of Catholic life. As a group, we agreed that ‘family’ referenced not only the people we live with, but also our Abbey family.

Each pupil group has been given a ‘go forth’ task to think about what else can be done to ensure our Mission Statement is a powerful , living vision. We will discuss these ideas further at our next Pupil Parliament session.

2KR Class Assembly

2KR presenting their assembly.

21 January 2019

2KR treated the school and our Year 2 friends from Osborne to their class assembly with the theme being our virtues for this half term - Eloquent and Truthful.

Using drama, music and prayer, 2KR explained what the words eloquent and truthful meant and also gave advice to everyone how they can try to be a little bit more eloquent like the disciples and truthful in their lives.

The assembly finished with a challenge - To use their eloquence and truthfulness to share a fact with someone new. Would they find that they had something in common?

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

16 January 2019

During the Spring and Summer terms in 2019, all pupils are involved in visiting the Abbey Church to participate in Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

We are very appreciative of Father Maurice O’Mahoney CSSR , who is supporting this important aspect of faith development within our Catholic school community.

Multi-Faith Show and Tell

Our show and tell assembly.

11 January 2019

As Catholics we respect other faiths and have enjoyed exploring how others in our modern Britiah community celebrate their beliefs.

We held an assembly where we spoke with eloquence to share the curiosity we had in the faith we had been exploring.

It was a great experience that taught us all why certain faiths do certain things. Moving forward it will allow us to show compassion to different faiths and become active in supporting their beliefs.

One pupil leaving the assembly hall said, "I found it really interesting, I liked learning about how different faiths celebrate."

Year 6 visit a Greek Orthodox Church

Year 6 at the Greek Orthodox Church.

11 January 2019

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Greek Orthodox Church in Erdington as part of our International Week.

The children had a tour around the church and learnt many interesting facts including how Orthodox Church should be built.

During the trip, we learnt that there are many similarities between how we celebrate and prayer at The Abbey and how the Orthodox Church practise their faith.

Year 1 Multi-Faith Activities

Year 1 during Multi-Faith Week.

11 January 2019

As part of our Multi-faith Week, Year 1 wanted to find out more about different faiths.

We learnt about the Indian culture and Hinduism. We visited a Hindu Temple and were lucky enough to witness Hindu worship. We looked at maps to locate India and had a go at some traditional Indian dance.

In the forest area, we even made and cooked our own curry!

Reception visit St Barnabas Church

Reception children at the Church.

11 January 2019

Reception were very excited to visit St Barnabas Church during Multi-Faith Week.

Rev Freda and Rev Jocelyn met us at the entrance of their beautiful Church. They shared with us their role and also discussed some of the similarities and differences between their church and the Abbey.

As it was ‘World Day of Prayer for the Sick’ we took the opportunity to ask Rev Freda to lead us in prayer for Fr Gabby and all the sick people in the world.

On leaving, the children were given an open invitation to return with their families to take part in Mass or simply stop by and spend time in their Coffee Shop.

Fundraising for SVP

Proudly displaying our certificate.

11 January 2019

Upon our return to school in January 2019, our Chaplaincy Team were delighted and surprised to have received a lovely certificate from Redditch SVP.

Chaplaincy team had decided to use some of our fundraising profits to support the Christmas lunch funded and organised by Redditch SVP. The SVP kindly acknowledged our £500 donation with a beautiful certificate.

Four of our staff members gave up their Saturday to support the day - it was a great success. Many thank to everyone involved, at all levels. 'Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers...'

Year 3 at Singers Hill Synagogue

Visiting the Synagogue.

9 January 2019

On Wednesday 9th January 2019, as part of our school’s multi-faith week, Year 3 visited Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham.

We enjoyed learning about the Torah scrolls, the significance of the 12 pillars and 12 windows in the synagogue and particularly enjoyed the interactive aspects of our guided tour.

Everyone had the opportunity to explore special artefacts and some of our year group got to try wearing prayer shawls and acted out a Jewish wedding ceremony.

Thank you to Bryan, our guide, who answered so many of our questions and provided us with such a valuable learning experience.

Year 2 visit the Buddhist Pagoda

Year 2 at the Pagoda.

8 January 2019

Year 2 spent Multi-Faith Week finding out more about China and the faith of Buddhism.

We travelled to Ladywood to visit the Buddhist Peace Pagoda and were instantly struck by the beautiful golden roof.

Year 2 eagerly listened to stories of Buddha who was born under a tree, gained knowledge under a tree (he stayed there for 6 years!) and died under a tree. We looked at the beautiful offerings of flowers, water and candles to thank Buddha and even got to try meditation. We had to cross our legs, close our eyes and focus on our breathing whilst listening to the sound of a bell. We then modelled how to meditate in front of the rest of the school on Friday.

Year 5 at St Chad's Cathedral

Year 5 at St Chad's.

8 January 2019

As Catholics we respect other faiths but wanted to find out more about our faith from the viewpoint of people who live in Birmingham and Italy.

We visited St Chad's Cathedral and were lucky enough to celebrate Mass there.

We learnt lots about who St Chad was and how he was a devoted Catholic and respected by many people. The love for him was shown when his bones were moved from house to house to ensure their safety. We also learnt about how the Cathedral was bombed, but luckily saved by the radiators, However it is marked by a tile on the roof inside.

This trip was also an important trip for Year 5 as they begin their confirmation preparation, some children are now considering St Chad. One child exclaimed "I think he is a perfect Saint as he showed great devotion to God and sometimes suffered for it, just like our martyrs".

Year 1 Visit the Hindu Temple

Year 1 children at the Temple.

8 January 2019

As part of Multi-Faith Week, Year 1 visited a Hindu Temple.

Throughout the morning, Year 1 learnt about numerous aspects of Hindu worship. They were in awe of the beautifully and brightly decorated shrines. They were very respectful as they listened to many stories including how Ganesh got his elephant head.

It was a very informative visit and we can’t wait to learn more about the Hindu faith upon our return to school.

Year 4 Multi-Faith Week Activities

Year 4 tasting some Gambian cuisine.

7 January 2019

During the first week back after the Christmas holiday, the children in Year 4 were treated to an array of activities to celebrate Multi-Faith Week and studied The Gambia.

Having located The Gambia on atlases and globes, the children looked into the climate and in particular what it would be like to live there and the life of a child their age at school. The children saw a variety of photographs from a school in The Gambia and made comparisons between school life in The Gambia and in Birmingham. It was great to see the similarities but also the many differences!

The children also had the opportunity to sample Gambian cuisine, compose their own rhythm based on an African drumming session and were able to create a motif from an African dance.

To conclude the week, the children studied The Islamic faith, created their own prayer mats and looked at what it would be like as a Catholic living in an African country.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the week and the many experiences that were available to them.

Reception Share the Nativity Story

Reception's presentation of the Nativity.

18 December 2018

Reception acted out the Nativity Story to friends, family and visitors.

They sang, acted, danced and signed throughout the performance. The children did an amazing job of reminding us about the 'reason for the season' when God sent his only Son to us.

We are all very proud of our youngest children in school!

Chaplaincy Team Gift Sale

Our busy gift sale.

12 December 2018

When our Chaplaincy team heard that our friends at Alton Castle were in need of funds for refurbishments, they came up with the idea of making Christmas gifts to sell.

A lovely selection of decorations and edible gifts were made during after school sessions. We raised a total of £105.37.

Working with SVP

Working with Redditch SVP group.

12 December 2018

During December 2018 some of our pupils gave up their own free time to support the work of Reddich SVP (St Vincent de Paul) group.

Pupils spent time putting shopping vouchers and Christmas cards in envelopes ready to be given to homeless people at the annual Christmas lunch on Saturday 15th December.

Supporting Homeless Soup Kitchen

One of our collections.

12 December 2018

We are very proud of the generosity of our families. When it is your child’s class Mass, families send in either a bag of sugar, jar of jam or tea/coffee to support Birmingham homeless. When our baskets are full, we deliver them to the Fireside centre.

This December, we donated eight bags of sugar to the Reddich St Vincent de Paul group for their soup kitchen which runs in Birmingham City Centre.

Thank you for thinking of others.

Key Stage 2 Carol Service

Our wonderful KS2 Carol Service.

11 December 2018

Our dedicated choir led a wonderful Carol Service for all of Key Stage 2 and parents.

This special service was a mix of prayer, reflection and singing as we prepare joyfully for the coming of our Lord. We were thrilled to be able to share our 'Maranatha' again, this time for parents to enjoy.

Choir were supported by a fabulous brass band made up of Year 6 students who entertained us with some old favourites.

Year 4JB Advent Assembly

4JB presenting their Advent assembly.

10 December 2018

On Monday 10th December, the children from Year 4 JB performed a fantastic assembly all about Advent.

The school were treated to an array of Drama pieces that all showed the meaning and importance of Advent and where the word Advent actually came from. The narrators spoke eloquently delivering their important information with clarity and confidence.

During our collective worship, Year 4 sang two beautiful songs showing that we were waiting for the coming of Jesus. Before closing the assembly with a special Advent prayer, the children gave everyone a challenge as their Go Forth message -which was to offer an act of kindness this Advent, even it is just a smile to someone who really needs it!

Well done to all the children who delivered such an informative assembly.

Chaplaincy Team - Mission Together Fundraising

Hanging crosses on our tree.

5 December 2018

Instead of sending Christmas cards to friends this year, all children were encouraged to donate the money they would have spent on cards towards our Mission Together fundraising.

Chaplaincy Team decorated a cross with the name of each child who donated money and hung it on our school Christmas tree.

We had an excellent response and a total of £204.50 was raised. This money will go towards their 'Together in Jordan' appeal.

Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal.

Chaplaincy Team Gift Making

Making Christmas gifts.

29 November 2018

When Chaplaincy Team heard that our friends at Alton Castle are in need of help to fund refurbishments, we knew we wanted to help.

We decided to make Christmas gifts and decorations to sell, and got together after school to get crafting! Eco Team also came along to help by making reusable shopping bags.

We hope we make lots of money at our forthcoming sale.

Donating to John Taylor Hospice

Our cheque for the Hospice.

17 October 2018

In celebration of Father Gabby's 50th anniversary as a priest we donated , in his name, £50.00 to the John Taylor Hospice in Erdington.

Our four school ambassadors were there to present the cheque to them. One of them said "I felt happy because I knew that the money would be able to help those people in need".

We are very proud of our ambassadors, who are living out their faith and are eager to help their communities.

Year 6 Confirmation

Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation.

16 October 2018

On Tuesday 16th October 2018 our reverent Year 6 Confirmandi invited Bishop Robert to celebrate their Sacrament of Confirmation. The children led a beautiful service and were all filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to all the family, friends and staff members, who have helped support our children in this part of their faith journey.

Year 4OM Class Assembly on Fairness and Kindness

Year 4OM Assembly.

15 October 2018

Year 4 prepared and presented an assembly based around Fairtrade as they have been learning about it in their topic 'Chocolate.'

Year 4 performed their assembly through acting, singing and poetry and demonstrated fantastic skill in all areas.

Year 4 looked at how a small change can make a big difference. They explored the Pay it Forward concept and set the school a 'go forth message' to colour The Abbey with kindness the following week.

First Holy Communion Family Meeting

At the FHC family meeting.

9 October 2018

On 9th October 2018 we welcomed Year 3 children and their families into school for a workshop on First Holy Communion preparation.

Father Maurice spoke to families and reminded them of the importance of taking this journey as a family. He reminded us all of the importance of being a full member of the Church.

We are looking forward to working together as school, home and Parish on this faith journey.

Please keep these families in your prayers.

Welcoming a Catholic Headteacher from Coventry

Visiting Headteacher and two of our ambassadors.

4 October 2018

On 4th October 2018, two of our ambassadors were delighted to welcome the Headteacher from Christ the King, Coventry.

We were delighted that he joined a leadership meeting, toured school and spoke to children and staff.

It is always a pleasure to welcome and support staff from other Catholic schools across our diocese.

Working with Catholic Headteachers across the UK

Ms Tallon and Headteachers from across the UK.

29 September 2018

Our Headteacher was honoured to be a part of the group of 25 Catholic Headteachers from across the UK, representing the National School of Formation, attending another amazing visit to Corrymeela.

The Headteachers met with some remarkable speakers; Padraig O'Tuama on Brexit and the book of Ruth, Derick Wilson on restorative practice, Welma Villar-Kenndey on Transforming division through human encounter and Paul Hutchinson on faith and life.

Thank you everyone at Corrymeela and EducareM who made this possible.

Supporting the Formation and Spiritual Development of Our Staff

Working with Sr Russi.

24 September 2018

Abbey Catholic Primary School take the formation and spiritual development of staff very seriously.

Governors are committed to investing in high quality professional development in Catholic Life, Collective Worship and RE.

We are proud to access the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership training and particularly enjoyed working with Sister Judith Russi in September 2018.

Year 5 Pupil Led Collective Worship

Collective worship led by Y5JM.

24 September 2018

On 24th September 2018, Year 5JM led the whole school in a beautifully designed Collective Worship.

Pupils allocated roles within their special assembly and demonstrated amazing skills of drama, song, poetry recital and public speaking.

Year 5 sent us all out into modern Britain with a ‘go forth message’ to consider what we can do to get ourselves closer to our dreams. To act positively to become the people God has called us to be.

Supporting a Soup Kitchen for the Homeless

Donating bags of sugar for the homeless.

20 September 2018

On 20th September 2018, two of our ambassadors presented bags of sugar to a member of the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) society.

These bags of sugar will be used in the SVP soup kitchen held in Birmingham City Centre.

Thank you to our wonderful families who demonstrate caritas in action by donating these essential items to school.

Faith Breakfast

A busy breakfast time.

16 September 2018

It was a great pleasure to welcome our new Reception pupils into our Parish community.

We celebrated a beautiful Mass at the Abbey Church and were thrilled to see so many of our Year 5 buddies supporting their peers and joining the celebration.

We then joined as a faith community back at school for breakfast; thank you to all our reception parents who brought in food for us to share, it was enjoyed by everyone.

We are looking forward to watching our new cohort grow into the person God has called them to be and are excited to be part of that special journey, 'following I'm the footsteps of Jesus, with our friends, family and parish'.

Father Blesses Every Classroom

Blessing the classroom and talking to the children.

12 September 2018

During Autumn 2018 , Father Maurice will be visiting each class in school.

He talked in detail to the pupils and staff before giving each special learning space a personal blessing for the upcoming academic year.

Chaplaincy Team Filling our Prayer Bags

The Chaplaincy Team filling up the prayer bags.

11 September 2018

Chaplaincy Team met for the first time this academic year to fill our new Prayer Bags.

Each bag has different items in it that will help promote prayer and deepen understanding of faith.

We know our families enjoy sharing prayer together, we can't wait to hear what you think of them.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Joining together for prayer via weblink.

11 September 2018

On Tuesday 11th September 2018 our school community joined together with all other Catholic Primary Schools in the Archdiocese of Birmingham in special prayer.

Our pupils joined the Archbishop via live weblink in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Donating to SIFA Fireside

Delivering our donations to Fireside.

7 September 2018

The Chaplaincy Team travelled the SIFA Fireside to deliver our donations of sugar.

Each pupil is asked to donate a bag of sugar when it is their class Mass, reminding us that these charitable acts are an integral part of our faith.

Fireside were really grateful for our donations which make such a difference to the people they support.

Prayer Bag Shopping at St Chad's

Shopping at St Chad's.

7 September 2018

Two of our Chaplaincy Team visited the Holy Shop at St Chad's Cathedral to stock up on exciting new resources for our school prayer bags.

A range of different items were bought to appeal to children if different ages and help them grow in faith.

We look forward to sharing them with our families.

Being a Witness to God

Becoming witnesses to God.

4 September 2018

As a welcome back to school all children participated in a whole school assembly.

We explored the idea of being a witness to God and discussed that Christ should not be a secret and that He should be celebrated. Therefore, as a Catholic community we are going to ensure we are being God's witness' and spread his love to all that we meet.

Children were given a button and piece of string to make a bracelet. This represents God's never ending love for us all.

As a Catholic community, we are following scripture and 'being the light, bringing out the God colours in the world' Mt 5:14.

Please help us on our mission to become true witness' of God.

Shining Christ's Light

The staff show they are Christ's light.

3 September 2018

Staff are excited to enter the new academic year and worked collaboratively to show how we are Christ's light.

All staff produced motivational presentations to represent how we can spread God's message and 'set the world on fire'.

Help us to spread the light...