Snippets of Faith

Year of The Word Retreat Day

Enjoying our Retreat Day.

14 January 2020

Children and staff were thrilled to welcome Dan and Emily from One Life Music for a retreat day that introduced 'The God Who Speaks'.

This special year of the word aims to reconnect us all with Gods word, and bring the scripture to life in our daily lives. It was a joyous day that involved learning some new songs with sign language, time to pray and reflect and time spent focusing on extracts of scripture and how they speak to us.

Children also had the opportunity to experience Lectio Divina and reflect more deeply. We came together at the end of the day with a very special closing liturgy led by pupils.

As a school we are looking forward to continuing to celebrate, live and share God's word throughout the coming years.

Year of The Word Community Visit

Meeting some of the residents of the independent living centre.

7 January 2020

As part of the 'Year of the Word' we are called to celebrate, live and share God's word.

Our school community have made links with a local independent living centre where we can reach out to others; through these regular monthly visits, we will be living out God's word through the love, friendship and time we share with those who may be isolated.

For our first visit, eight Year 4 pupils spent the afternoon at the centre with residents creating some Gospel inspired artwork together.

Residents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and the opportunity to talk to our young people, sharing experiences. Afterwards, our pupils shared the following thoughts:

"I really like being able to talk to other people and make them feel happy." - N

"Everyone was really friendly and they helped us with our activities." - O

"One of the residents told us a story and it was really interesting to hear about the war and his life."' - K

We are sure these regular inter-generational afternoons will have a really positive effect on the lives of both residents and our pupils.

Chaplaincy Team Present Thoughts on Refugees

Presenting their thoughts on refugees and asylum seekers.

18 December 2019

Our Chaplaincy team 'Schools of Sanctuary' team had the opportunity to present their thoughts on the plight of refugee and asylum seekers children at a recent meeting.

Also present at the meeting was the Director of Education for Birmingham Diocese and representatives from St Chad's Sanctuary.

Our pupils spoke confidently and eloquently about their feelings and concerns and implored our visitors to consider what the Catholic community and schools can do to help.

We are delighted that as a result of this meeting we have been given the opportunity to present to all Birmingham Diocese head teachers at their annual briefing.

Presenting a Cheque to St Chad’s Sanctuary

Presenting our cheque to St Chad's Sanctuary.

18 December 2019

On Wednesday 18th December 2019 we were absolutely delighted to present a cheque for £145 to St Chad’s Sanctuary.

This money was donated by the wonderful parents, grandparents and friends who came to watch our Reception Nativity Performances.

Our Chaplaincy Team are passionate about ensuring dignity for all and this money will help St Chad’s Sanctuary to do this.

Chaplaincy Team led Staff Meeting

Members of the Chaplaincy Team speaking to the staff.

16 December 2019

Two of our Chaplaincy team planned and delivered a staff meeting this week to all school staff.

The theme of the meeting was Schools of Sanctuary, and our two pupils used this opportunity to share their knowledge about the plight of refugees, the work that we have done so far and what we plan to do next.

They spoke eloquently and passionately about their cause, with staff afterwards saying how moved they were by the meeting.

We are really proud of our Gospel Activisits!

Day of Adoration

Praying before the blessed sacrament.

13 December 2019

Following a wonderful whole school Mass we had a special Advent day of Adoration.

One of our classrooms was cleared to create a peaceful space where pupils and staff could pray before the blessed sacrament.

Throughout the day, children came in as they wished to take time to pray and reflect.

The children showed great reverence as they used this sacred space to prepare for Christmas.

Non-Uniform Day

Non-Uniform Day in aid of Birmingham Dogs Home.

13 December 2019

Our children see themselves as stewards of God's creation, so as part of our Advent fundraising decided that they would like to support Birmingham Dogs Home.

We held a non-uniform day with children donating food and bedding for the home. The Dogs home staff were overwhelmed with the generosity as we unloaded a car full of donations.

Thank you to all of our families for their support.

Chaplaincy visit Local Residential Home

Chatting to some of the residents.

12 December 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team were invited to spread some Christmas cheer at a local residential home.

They started their visit singing some well known Christmas Carol's, then had time to share Christmas cards and prayers they had written with the residents. Children enjoyed a drink and some treats and had lots of time to chat to the residents.

We were reminded that the greatest gift you can give others at Christmas is your time!

Decorating our Christmas Tree

Our beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

10 December 2019

Our Christmas Tree this year has been decorated by Chaplaincy Team with all of the lovely Baubles and Tags made by them.

Our Baubles commemorate some of the 36,000 refugee lives lost in the last ten years and are there as a reminder that we must use this special time of preparation to help others.

The remainder of the decorations feature words associated with Advent and prayers written by pupils.

Chaplaincy visit to Six Ways Baptist Church

Visiting Six Ways Baptist Church.

10 December 2019

Chaplaincy Team were delighted to be invited to Six Ways Baptist Church to take part in their interactive Advent Prayer Space.

We were all given a very warm welcome as we were shown the different activities which invited us to put ourselves into the place of the people in the Christmas Story and consider our thoughts and feelings.

One of the activities invited us to make our own star as we prayed for guidance, as the wise men may have done. Another invited us to celebrate with instruments and song, just as the first visitors to Jesus may have done.

We are really grateful for this wonderful opportunity to deepen our faith.

Archbishop Bernard's Anniversary Mass

At the Archbishop's Anniversary Mass.

9 December 2019

Two of our Chaplaincy Team members were very honoured to be present at a Mass for our Archbishop. The Mass was a celebration of Archbishop Bernard's 10 year Anniversary here in Birmingham.

There were many Priests, Deacons and Religious Sisters present as well as parishioners from all around our Diocese. Beautiful music from the resident organist accompanied by the Cathedral Choir also added to the occasion.

Our pupils were excellent ambassadors for our school as they gave thanks for all the wonderful work His Grace has done in the last ten years.

A Visit to St Chad's Sanctuary

Two of the Chaplaincy Team at St Chad's Sanctuary.

9 December 2019

Two of our Chaplaincy Team members visited St Chad's Sanctuary to deliver all of the Christmas donations from our generous families. All of these gifts will be distributed next week to children and families and we are sure they will be very gratefully received.

Whilst we were there we were lucky to have a full tour of the sanctuary and learn about all of the amazing work they do to support Refugees and Asylum Seekers. We were amazed to learn that the Sanctuary have supported families from over 100 different countries around the world!

At Christmas we are reminded that our Saviour was a refugee, we are all called to do whatever we can to help these vulnerable people and in doing so we encounter Christ.

Choir Sing at Parish Fayre

Singing at the Parish Fayre.

7 December 2019

A choir made up of our dedicated Chaplaincy Team provided some musical entertainment at our Parish Christmas Fayre.

Children sang lots of Christmas favourites, all of which remind us of the message of the season - love, hope, peace and especially joy!

Postcards of Kindness

Some of our Postcards of Kindness.

3 December 2019

Children were pleased to have several replies from Care Homes who received our friendship cards.

Each card sent was focussed on a Bible story about friendship as we think about sharing God's word during this special 'Year of The Word'.

To hear that our cards have brought joy to the recipients is wonderful, we are pleased that our small act of kindness has had such a positive impact.

First Week of Advent

Our display on Hope.

1 December 2019

For the first week of Advent we have a new interactive display in school that invites pupils to reflect on times when they feel Hope.

Children can take time to reflect and then add their idea to the large letters to be shared with others. We hope that this will encourage us all to think more deeply about the message of Advent and how we live this in our own daily lives.

Launching the Year of the Word

Reading gospel stories.

29 November 2019

On Friday 29th November 2019, just before Advent began and getting ready to launch the Year of the Word.

One of our mission team took time to read Gospel to stories to local senior citizens living at a nearby residential home. We are really proud to be involved in promoting and sharing the Good News.


First Pupil Parliament of the Year

Our first Pupil Parliament session.

25 November 2019

Our first Pupil Parliament of this academic year was led by a small group of our Chaplaincy Team.

We were pleased to have representatives from all of our Pupil Voice groups in attendance: Chaplaincy Team, Sports Council, School Council and our newly formed Mental Health Ambassadors.

The session was completely planned and prepared by Chaplaincy Team on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers. We are working towards becoming a School of Sanctuary and hope this was our first step towards sharing news of the work we are doing within our school community.

We are really proud of the Year 6 pupils who spoke so eloquently and compassionately about this issue.

Six Ways Baptist Church

Six Ways Erdington Baptist Church.

25 November 2019

Representatives from our Chaplaincy Team were happy to have the opportunity to meet with Gerard Goshawk, the Pastor of Six Ways Baptist Church.

The church has very recently been awarded 'Church of Sanctuary' in recognition of all the fabulous work they do to support and welcome refugees and asylum seekers.

At our meeting we were able to share the ideas we have for future projects and discuss ways we can work together in the future.

Chaplaincy Team Christmas Decorations

One of our special decorations.

19 November 2019

Chaplaincy Team stayed after school on Tuesday to create some very special decorations ready for our school Christmas Tree.

Our current focus is the plight of refugees and asylum seekers, as we work towards becoming a school of sanctuary. Part of our mission is to raise awareness, and our pupils thought that using our Christmas tree would be an excellent way to do this.

Our baubles draw attention to the lives of some of the 36,000 refugees lost over the last 20 years seeking a place of safety. Each decoration carries the flag of the country of those fleeing, along with the number of lives lost. In this small way we are commemorating those lives as we journey through Advent.

Encounter at St Chad's Sanctuary

A display from St Chad's.

15 November 2019

On Friday, Mrs Lonergan experienced the most privileged encounter as she met and worked alongside the staff and volunteers at St Chad’s Sanctuary for the day.

This amazing place of hope and safety offers support to some of the most marginalised members of our community. Here, refugees and asylum seekers receive welcome, friendship, advice and practical support.

The staff and volunteers work tirelessly with compassion and a powerful spirit of friendship and family as they actively seek to transform the lives of those they encounter.

To be alongside these families, to hear about their hopes and dreams and to witness the dignified and loving way they are welcomed and supported was a powerful experience. Our faith calls us to action, as a school we will be continuing to support these families to allow them to flourish.

Postcards of Kindness

Some of our postcards.

11 November 2019

During Friends Week, every child in school created a 'Postcard of Kindness' and wrote a thoughtful message of friendship based on a Bible story or extract.

Pupils had time to read and reflect on the Word of God and think about how they could put the message into action.

Our 400 postcards have been distributed to Care homes and Day Centres all around the UK.

Harvest Donations

Loading up your generous donations.

25 October 2019

Chaplaincy team had their work cut out packing up all of the generous donations we have received as part of our Harvest appeal.

The donations of food items were collected by Brushstrokes, who work with families in need, including asylum seekers and refugees.

Your gifts will gave a real impact in those in need. Thank you to all our Abbey family!

Sacrament of Confirmation

Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation.

15 October 2019

Our Year 6 pupils received the Sacrament of Confirmation on the evening of 15th October 2019.

We welcomed Canon David Evans to confirm our pupils. Canon David, Father Elias and Father Dickinson wore red vestments to symbolize the red tongues of fire seen hovering over the heads of the apostles at Pentecost.

Reflection on receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, the pupils shared:

  • "I really enjoyed the Mass service when we renewed our baptismal promises and I love my Confirmation badge as it is a symbol and reminder of the special gifts I received from the Holy Spirit."
  • "One of my most memorable moments was singing 'We are the Rock' as it made me think of being the future of the church."
  • "I loved seeing so many of my friends and family in church. It was packed with people!"
  • "At my Confirmation Mass, I felt very honoured and proud to be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I enjoyed the homily that Canon David Evans delivered. I am full of pride when I wear my confirmation badge. it makes me feel proud to be a confident catholic."

Please keep our Confirmandi in your prayers.

A Visit from Canon David Evans

A visit from Canon David.

15 October 2019

On 15th October 2019, Canon David Evans visited Abbey Catholic Primary school to meet our Confirmandi.

Father David was welcomed by representatives from our Pupil Chaplaincy team who then guided him around school.

Father David was very impressed by how well Year 6 had been prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

It was an honour to welcome Canon David Evans to our school and Parish.

Macmillan Fundraising

Our cheque from Macmillan fundraising.

7 October 2019

Chaplaincy team were delighted to present a cheque to Macmillan Cancer Support raised by staff and pupils.

Money was raised from a non-uniform day and a very successfully coffee and cake sale before school.

Thank you to all our families for their support.

Mission Month Assembly

Chaplaincy team members.

7 October 2019

A group of Year 6 Chaplaincy team members planned and presented a fantastic assembly to introduce Pope Francis' extraordinary month of mission.

Our 'secret agents' explained what mission is, told us about their mission and invited us to think more deeply about what we can all do.

Our team are truly witnesses to Pope Francis' view that 'Young people are the hope of mission'.

Cafod Assembly

Our Cafod Assembly.

2 October 2019

To inform and prepare the whole school of our fundraising plans, Year 6 Chaplaincy Team led a whole school assembly.

Focussing on the work of Cafod, the assembly looked at the vital work Cafod do in providing for the basic human needs of children around the world

Our team were happy to give up their lunchtimes to plan and prepare and they delivered a clear and confident presentation. Let's hope we raise lots of money!

Chaplaincy Commissioning Service

Our Chaplaincy Team commissioning service.

23 September 2019

After school today our new and existing Chaplaincy Team members were commissioned for their new year of mission.

Our service was held in the Abbey Church and led by Deacon Owen. We listened attentively to the word of God and prayed for the Lord to support and guide us in the year ahead. Deacon Owen blessed us, and presented certificates and badges to symbolise the promises made.

We were delighted to see so many family members in attendance to share this special service.

We are all committed to go out joyfully, for as we heard in our reading - 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news!'.

Reception Welcome Mass

Our Abbey welcome cake.

15 September 2019

On Sunday 15th September 2019 our new Reception families joined the Abbey Parish for the 9.15am Celebration of Holy Mass.

Parishioners were thrilled to welcome new families from school and at the end of Mass each Reception child was presented with a simple set of Rosary beads as a symbol of their faith and the faith of our school.

Families assembled in the school hall after Mass for a shared Faith Breakfast. Each family donated a plate of food which was shared amongst everyone. We were delighted that one family baked an Abbey cake for everyone (the sponge inside was yellow and blue, like our school uniform).

Please keep our new Reception pupils and their families in your prayers.

Postcards of Kindness

Staff writing postcards of kindness.

2 September 2019

During their first day back at school, staff took some time to write postcard to care homes.

This new national initiative called 'Postcards of Kindness' aims to help people reach out to make connections and address isolation.

As Jesus taught us, often the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. We hope that our little messages bring a smile to someone.


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