Snippets of News - 2017/18

Welcoming St. Barnabas Visitors

Abbey and St Barnabas friends together.

17 July 2018

In July, we invited the new Headteacher of one of our neighbouring schools, St Barnabas C of E Primary, to visit us.

It was a delight to welcome her and two student representatives to our school and show them around.

We are looking forward to visiting them in October.

Change 4 Life Club

Children enjoying Change 4 Life Club.

16 July 2018

Over the last five weeks, the children in Change 4 Life Club have been very busy.

In each session they have been building their leadership skills whilst learning new games to play. They talked about the importance of exercise and healthy eating and each session involved trying different fruit such as strawberries and raspberries.

The final week involved our favourite game - Not In My Yard followed by a celebration and the making of fruit kebabs, delicious treats made up of melon, strawberries and pineapples.

The group had such a great time and they look forward to leading these games in their own PE lessons as they move into Year 3.

Wear Red for England Day

Face painting on our Wear Red day.

11 July 2018

In preparation for England’s first World Cup semi-final appearance in 28 years the children and staff of Abbey Catholic Primary school held a ‘Wear Red for England’ day.

Everyone had the option to wear Red or White instead of their school uniform providing they made a £1 donation to charity. Face paints were also available for 50p.

We chose to support one of the FA’s official charities and we donated £456.10 to the Bobby Moore cancer research fund.

Despite the disappointment of the evening’s result it was a fantastic day had by the children for a worthy cause.

Arts Award Presentation

Some of the pupils proudly showing their certificates.

9 July 2018

To round off our very successful year as an Arts Award Good Practice Centre, our students were presented with their certificates in front if their parents at a special assembly.

A total of 30 children gained awards in Dicover, Explore and Bronze from classes across the school.

Congratulations to all the children involved.

Betty's Outstanding Contribution Award

Betty and her award.

4 July 2018

We are very proud of our amazing lunchtime supervisor, Betty, who has been awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Education Award by the Local Authoity.

Betty has taken care of generations of Abbey children in all weathers and never misses a day.

We are very proud of our amazing Betty.

Eco Team Make a Stand

Meeting with a representative of our cleaning company.

2 July 2018

On Monday 2nd July 2018 the Chair of our Eco team met with our cleaning company to discuss reducing the amount of single use plastic being used.

It was a very useful meeting and the information can now be shared at our next Pupil Parliament.

Watch this space for future developments in the new academic year!

Annual Abbey Adventure

Children at Sutton Park with our 'journey stick'.

24 June 2018

Families and friends of the Abbey joined together at Sutton Park to take in the second Abbey Adventure.

As we always do when we join together as a Catholic community, the event started of with a reverent prayer service with a focus on children.

Each family spent time praying for children at The Abbey, those involved in conflict around the world and children who are close to our hearts that are going through a difficult time.

Families then created journey stick as they walked through Sutton Park. The journey involved a barefoot walk where parents and children cooled down as they walked through the stream.

Just before the end of the adventure, families had a quiet moment of reflection during 'Sweet meditation'.

Great fun was had by all and we can't wait for the next one!

A Visit from Erdington Fire Service

Year 2 meet the Fire Officers.

5 June 2018

Following our topic on 'Buildings' and study of The Great Fire of London Fire Officers from White Watch at Erdington Fire Station came to visit Year 2.

The Fire Officers helped us to build a street using the model houses which we had constructed from flammable materials just like the buildings from 1666.

We watched with a sense of wonder and awe as the first building caught fire and were amazed at just how quickly the flames grew and spread to the other model buildings. Within minutes the whole model street was ablaze. We then watched at how quickly our modern day Fire Service were able to extinguish the flames.

Following our exciting visit from the Fire Service we talked about fire safety and the dangers of fire and how to keep safe.

Reception's Day at Twycross Zoo

Reception children at the zoo.

5 June 2018

Reception had a fun packed day at Twycross Zoo.

They all enjoyed a session where they learnt about the differences between insects, mammals and reptiles. They were able to stroke a cockroach, rabbit and turtle.

We designated different children to use their map skills to navigate around the park.

The children were all fantastic unlike the cheeky monkeys we saw.

School Council Lead a Sport Surgery

Hearing feedback about sports at The Abbey.

4 June 2018

On Monday 4th June, School Council held our very own Sport Surgery which allowed children to feedback to us about sport in our school.

We really enjoyed hearing all the ideas that our school community have and we are looking forward to feeding back to the school during assembly.

We hope that by listening to pupil voice, School Council can look at implementing some positive changes to sport in school.

Eco Team Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament in action.

22 May 2018

It was the Eco-Team's time to lead Pupil Parliament so they took the opportunity to share a global issue that they were aware of but found too big to solve single-handedly.

Pupil Parliament began with the pupils and their team leaders watching a snippet of David Attenbrough's Blue Planet where we were upset to learn of the disastrous consequences of plastic on marine life.

All teams then discussed what the world, the UK and 'The Abbey' could do to combat this problem. Each team worked together to discuss what they could do and then created an action plan to put our ideas into action.

Watch this space as each of the school councils work towards reducing the amount of plastic waste within our school and Parish.

New Books for Key Stage 2

A selection of our new books.

22 May 2018

Thank you to all of the families who supported our Book Fair that took place back in March.

We are delighted to receive our first batch of books from Scholastic from the commission earned on sales. There is a range of fiction for Key Stage 2 from classics such as Jane Ayre up to a new release from Malorie Blackman (Chasing the Stars).

Year 5 'Explore' Arts Award

Some of our Year 5 artists.

9 May 2018

Some of our Year 5 students have been hard at work creating and exploring a variety of different arts and art forms, compiling all their evidence in a portfolio. Pupils sampled visual arts, music and drama and also looked at artists and arts organisations and their role.

The 'Explore' qualification is an 'Entry Level Award in the Arts' on the Regulated Qualification Framework and is worth four credits.

Following a successful moderation from Trinity College London, ten of our Year 5 students gained their qualification. We look forward to celebrating their success formally later in the summer. Well done!

Year 6 Bronze Arts Award Moderation

Our talented artists at work.

9 May 2018

Each of our Arts Award students has compiled a detailed portfolio of evidence documenting their work in a variety of arts over the last six months.

Children have created a diverse range of art work based on their studies of Matisse and Kandinsky and have enjoyed puppet making and a trip to a classical music concert.

The students also planned and delivered a drama workshop to younger students, sharing the skills they have developed through participation in the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

This 'Bronze Arts Award' qualification is a 'Level 1 Award in the Arts' on the Regulated Qualification Framework (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G), and is worth 6six credits. As well as developing skills and knowledge the children have learned to reflect on their experiences and become more analytical, finding creative ways to communicate their ideas to others.

After six months of hard work, our Year 6 students faced the final challenge as their portfolios were externally assessed by a moderator from Trinity College London. We are delighted to say that all nine students passed and are looking forward to their celebration event later in the summer.

We are really proud of you all!

Year 2 Trip to St Barnabas Church

Year 2 studying the Church building.

3 May 2018

On Thursday 3rd May, Year 2 became artists for the afternoon to enhance their learning through their Buildings topic.

After a lovely, sunny walk through Erdington admiring many buildings, Year 2 arrived at their destination - St Barnabas Church.

With clipboards, paper and pencils at hand, the children were able to observe the church from different angles and start drawing.

They were able to spot different shapes before adding detail to their drawing whilst appreciating the mixture of old and new materials used to create the building.

A great time was had by all!

Pupil Voice Feedback

School council members sharing their views.

1 May 2018

On Tuesday 1st May 2018, School Council members met with our Headteacher to share information from pupil surveys and the School Council surgeries.

School Council are concerned about the amount of litter being left by children. The Council are going to share this problem with the whole school in our next whole school assembly and will also share their suggestions for solving the problem.

We are very proud of our pupils who are concerned about stewardship of God’s creation.

A Birthday Surprise for Mr Harris

Mr Harris ready to blow out his candles.

25 April 2018

What a surprise was in store for Mr Harris when he visited the Diocesan Education Service on Wednesday 25th April.

The diocese had heard that Mr Harris had celebrated his 30th birthday that week and surprised him with a delicious birthday cake and a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to you’.

We are very blessed to be part of the family of schools within the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Reception's Trip to Plantasia

Reception enjoying their day out.

17 April 2018

Reception visited Plantasia to learn about seeds as a start to our new topic ‘Plants and Flowers.’

The children played a fabulous interactive game to help them understand that seeds need air, water, sun and soil to grow.

The adventure continued as they problem solved how to find the centre point of the various mazes and more importantly how to find the way out!

After feeding and watering themselves the children had the opportunity to feed the free-range chickens and stroke the very inquisitive donkeys and llama.

Luckily the rain kept off and an amazing time was had by all!

Arts Award Bronze

April 2018

Our Year 6 Arts Award pupils are continuing to explore different art forms and working hard as they reach the end of their course.

Children have researched the work of Matisse and Kandinsky and have had a go at puppet making.

Most recently the group hosted a drama workshop for our Year 5 students, planning and delivering the session with great success.

You can read more about their latest exploits in our most recent blog post:

Pupil Parliament in Session

The Parliament in session.

27 March 2018

On Tuesday 27th March our Pupil Parliament joined together for their second meeting.

All pupil groups attended: Chaplaincy team, School Council, Sports Council, Eco team and Travel Team.

Each Pupil Voice Group shared their action plan and fielded questions from the other groups.

We have identified that all pupil voice groups are doing fabulous work but that we do not share their successes enough in the public forum. We are looking at ways to improve this.

At the next Pupil Parliament in May, the groups will be sharing their ‘RAG rated’ action plans.

Thank you to all pupils and staff who give their time to ensure our school is the very best it can be.

Fun Friends Parent Workshop

Parents learning about the programme.

26 March 2018

In March we hosted a fabulous parent workshop sharing the ‘fun friends’ programme.

Parents of pupils working on the programme joined together for an informative workshop sharing tips and ideas as well as having a go at some activities themselves.

Thank you to all parents and staff involved. Your positivity and enthusiasm ensured this was a superb afternoon.

Year 4's Condover Hall Residential

The team at Condover Hall.

20 March 2018

On Tuesday 20th March 2018, Year 4 set off on their first school residential to Condover Hall. Everyone was extremely excited about the two days of activities that were awaiting them.

Having stopped off for a pizza for lunch, the children were fully fuelled for the first afternoon of activities. They enjoyed a tour of the Hall's grounds and facilities before meeting their new group leaders for the next 24 hours.

The children had a wonderful experience throughout their time there - challenging themselves and showing their team spirit, resilience and perseverance through a variety of activities: Team Challenge, Gladiator Wall - where the children had to climb a vertical wall with many different obstacles in their way, Tunnelling and Orienteering - that demonstrated their map reading skills as well as collaboration.

Year 4 also had a Silent Disco on the Tuesday evening where great fun and dancing was had by all! We ended the evening with a tranquil payer service and had the opportunity to reflect on the day's achievements.

After a delicious lunch, we set off on our return to school - knowing that everyone would take away with them memories that would last forever!

Award of the Music Mark for Education

20 March 2018

At the Abbey we are proud to have become members of the UK Association for Music Education and have been awarded the Music Mark.

We recognise the value of music education as part of a broad and balanced school curriculum. Our brass instrument lessons continue to be enjoyed throughout Years 4, 5 and 6. Our choir is well respected in the local area and have represented our school throughout Birmingham.

Phonics Model School Open Morning

Attendees at the phonics open morning.

19 March 2018

On Monday 19th March 2018 we were delighted to welcome headteachers, deputy heads and Phonics leaders from a variety of schools.

We were very proud to host an open morning and tour of Phonics teaching in partnership with Ruth Miskin Phonics and Oxford University Press.

It was a real honour to share the fabulous work of our pupils and staff. We are very proud of being a RWI Model School.

Jigsaw Teamwork

The completed jigsaw puzzle.

9 March 2018

How often do children just stop, turn off electronic devices and simply talk? We aimed to promote this in February 2018 through a simple table in the entrance hall with a 1,000 piece jigsaw.

We were overwhelmed by the number of children (and adults) that stopped and took a few moments to find a missing piece.

By all working together we completed the picture. A bit like everyday life really...

The next jigsaw (a much trickier one) is now in place, pop in and see if you can add a piece to the big picture.

World Book Day

All dressed up for World Book Day.

1 March 2018

Our annual event was not damped by freezing conditions outside. We had wrapped up princesses, Harry Potters, Wallys and many other characters all celebrating their favourite books.

The theme this year was #ShareAStory, staff swapped classes to read with other pupils.

A fabulous day!

Safer Parking Campaign

Members of the Travel Team outside the school.

28 February 2018

Travel Team came in to school extra early on Wednesday to start their Safer Parking Campaign.

They spent half an hour on the school drive and car park speaking to parents, giving out leaflets and answering questions.

It is Travel Team's aim to get more children and families travelling to school sustainably, and where they do have to drive to make sure that they are parking in a safe and considerate manner.

The Jungle Book

Watching The Jungle Book.

28 February 2018

Pupils from Key Stage 2 were joined by their friends from Osborne to watch M and M Productions perform a singing and dancing spectacular performance of The Jungle Book.

Laughter filled the air and pupils sang along with the classics such as ‘I wanna be like you’ and ‘I’m the king of The Jungle’.

Music for Youth Primary Prom

The Prom at Symphony Hall.

26 February 2018

On Monday 26th February, Year 5 pupils were joined by our Arts Award students to attend the Music for Youth Primary Prom at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham City Centre.

It is hoped that this wonderful event will inspire a new generation of young people to take up music and develop their musical potential.

Further information can be found at

Explorer Dome Visit

Experiments with the Explorer Dome.

24 February 2018

Year 1 and Year 6 had a great start back as they both took a trip to the Parish Hall where the Explorer Dome was set up!

Jim, the dome expert, told Year 1 all about electricity and light. He had a really cool plasma ball that he showed us.

In the afternoon, Year 6 had the opportunity to go into the dome to start off their 'Mission to Mars' topic. Jim, showed real images of the planets and Year 6 learnt all about the different star constellations. Jim showed the Year 6 pupils a brilliant globe which displayed the different images that we can see if we use our imagination when we look at the stars.

All pupils loved the experience and can't wait to start their new topic!

Chamber Music Festival

Children playing in the Chamber Music Festival.

17 February 2018

We were very proud of members of our brass band who were invited to take part in the Birmingham Chamber Music Festival.

Pupils from Upper Key Stage 2 performed in front of a packed audience, demonstrating their musical talents.

School invests a lot of money into all Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils getting weekly music lessons. We are passionate that the children of Erdington get these performing arts opportunities. We are very appreciative of the families who mirror our enthusiasm and passion and enthusiastically grasp the opportunities presented to them.

Year 4 trip to Harvington Hall

Year 4 at Harvington Hall.

15 February 2018

On Thursday 15th February 2018, Year 4 were fortunate enough to visit the beautiful Harvington Hall near Kidderminster.

Whilst touring around the historic hall, we discovered the history about the families who lived there and how the hall became restored to what it is today.

We also learnt about how Nicholas Owen created 'hides' for priests in order to keep them safe and had the opportunity to feel what it was like to hide from the King's men!

A great time was had by us all.


14 February 2018

On 14th February 2018 we were absolutely delighted to attend a performance of Grease, the musical, put on by our local Secondary School: St Edmund Campion.

Year 5 pupils all got to attend the performance with other Year 5 pupils from other local primary schools. The secondary students presented a splendid performance and we were particularly thrilled to see some of our ex-pupils on the stage.

Key Stage 2 PTFA Disco

KS2 children enjoying their disco.

8 February 2018

A wonderful evening was had by KS 2 pupils on 8th February 2018.

As pupils arrived in their finest party outfits, it was clear that the evening was going to be a success.

Our amazing PTFA organised dancing , refreshments, glow-sticks and temporary tattoos ensuring everyone had a fabulous time.

All money raised is going towards the £9000 facelift to our reception outdoor learning space. The awesome PTFA have already raised £3000.

Thank you to all involved for you incredible support.

Safer Internet Day

Considering how to stay safe online.

6 February 2018

The whole school considered how to keep safe on the internet, through games, discussions and practical activities.

Children displayed a wide knowledge of the rules of enjoying the Internet in a safe and controlled manner.

First Pupil Parliament Meeting

Members of our Pupil Parliament at their first meeting.

6 February 2018

On 6th February 2018 our Pupil Parliament met for the very first time.

Pupils from School Council, Chaplaincy team, Sports Council , Travel team and Eco team met for over an hour to share ideas and decide how to move our school forward.

Each pupil voice group shared their role within school and shared ideas for further improvement.

Whilst each Pupil Voice group meets regularly , the entire Pupil Parliament will meet once a half term.

At the next Pupil Parliament each group will be sharing their two year action plans.

We are very proud of our pupil leaders and the staff who give up their time to support them.

Phonic Workshops for Green Groups

Enjoying the workshops.

2 and 12 February 2018

Now children are reading storybooks, parents were invited in to see how they can further support their child at home. Some of the activities the children showed their parents were:

  • How to read Set 2 Sounds speedily
  • How to read Story Green words and Speedy Green words
  • How to read tricky Red words
  • How to follow/track the text with their eyes whilst the teacher is reading and 'jump in' with the tricky words
  • How to use Fred Fingers to help with spelling
  • How to hold a sentence in their head and write it down

Parents were very proud of how much their child has progressed since September. A big whoosh to both parents and children for all working so hard today.

Chess Club Challenge

Chess masters deep in thought.

1 February 2018

Year 6 challenged their friends at Chess at this first meeting.

The tension was palpable in the air as they worked strategically to master the game and keep their king.

PTFA Reception and KS1 Disco

Having a great time at the disco.

1 February 2018

On Thursday 1st February 2018 the Abbey school hall vibrated with the funky tunes being played for our youngest pupils.

Our resident DJs played a selection of popular hits requested by the Reception, Year 1and 2 pupils.

Staff members stunned the tiny audience members with their acrobatic dance moves.

Thanks go to our amazing PTFA volunteers for all their efforts in organising the event.

Speech and Language Workshop

Speech and Language Workshop in progress.

30 January 2018

On the 30th January 2018 we welcomed everyone to join the Speech and Language Workshop.

Our focus was to explain how to encourage children to use language as well as understand it better. Practical ideas and activities were provided.

Following the success of the workshop and the positive feedback, we will endeavour to run similar workshops next year. From your constructive feedback we will split the sessions in to two separate workshops, one focusing solely on speech and the other on language.

Thank you to all who attended.

Year 2 Maths Inspire Workshop

Year 2 families enjoying their maths workshop.

29 January 2018

On Monday 29th January, Year 2 pupils were excited to welcome members of their families into school, to join them for a Maths Inspire Workshop.

The focus of the workshop was to share the written methods Year 2 pupils use for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations. Year 2 pupils really enjoyed working through a range of calculations, and sharing the written methods they have been taught with their families.

Year 3 Maths Inspire Workshop

Year 3 families working together.

24 January 2018

The Year 3 children gathered together with their parents to learn the grid method of multiplication in a fun workshop.

Everyone had a lovely time exploring maths together. Why not have a go at home?

Modeshift Stars Silver Award

Our hardworking Travel Team.

24 January 2018

After months of hard work and commitment from our dedicated Travel Team we are delighted to say that we have been awarded the Modeshift Silver Award. This recognises all of the work we do in school around sustainable travel and the ongoing commitment of our school to develop this even further.

The team are already planning our next round of initiatives along with our annual Bike Fortnight and after school clubs, as we work towards our Gold award.

Year 4 Maths Inspire Workshop

Year 4 Inspire Workshop.

23 January 2018

On Tuesday 23rd January 2018, Year 4 had a fantastic Inspire Mathematics Workshop.

We welcomed family members to join in with the array of activities that were on offer and great fun was had by all.

Our focus was the importance of learning our times tables rapidly and fluently as well as looking at factors.

Year 5 Maths Inspire Workshop

Year 5 families and children working together.

19 January 2018

On Friday 19th January 2018, Year 5 children welcomed their family members into school to join them for a morning of fun Maths activities.

The focus was fractions and pupils and their families enjoyed working together on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions.

Year 6 SATs and Maths Workshop

Year 6 parents and children in the workshop.

17 January 2018

On Wednesday 17th January 2018 we welcomed Year 6 parents to join their children in the school hall for a SATs and maths workshop.

Parents and pupils worked together to see how they could improve their mathematical skills, with particular focus on using and applying skills to reasoning problems.

Thank you to all staff and families involved in the wonderful morning.

Year 4's Tudor Day

Year 4 learning about the Tudors.

16 January 2018

On Tuesday 16th January 2018, Year 4 were treated to a whole day immersing themselves into their new topic - The Tudors.

We were lucky enough to have the theatre company Round Midnight come in and work with both classes to learn about the Tudors through Dance, Singing and Drama.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the War of the Roses and how Henry VIII came to the throne. We also had the opportunity to act out what life was like for both the rich and poor Tudors.

The children ended their fun packed day by performing what they had created to their families!

Communication Commitment Award

15 January 2018

As a whole school we work very hard to ensure that every child has their needs met to the best of their ability. It is important that children can speak clearly, have the correct language to do so and communicate their needs as well as to interact with their peers and teachers.

We were delighted to receive a certificate from The Communication's Trust in recognition of our hard work here at The Abbey. This certificate of achievement is awarded to schools who show they work together to ensure that every pupil is supported to communicate to the best of their ability.

Year 5's Italian Dancing

Year 5 dancing the Tarantella.

12 January 2018

On Tuesday 12th January, Year 5 finished off Multi-Faith week with a bang, by learning the 'Tarantella', which is an Italian dance.

The children worked together to learn the dance in stages, before adding instruments to the mix.

This was an amazing opportunity and they all had a fantastic time.

Autumn Term Attendance Award Winners

Our fabulous attendance winners.

12 January 2018

Congratulations to all of the children who received an attendance award for the Autumn term this afternoon.

Those who were in school for 98%+ last term received a silver, Excellent attendance award. Those who were in school for an 'Outstanding' 100% last term received our Gold 100% attendance award.

It is always a delight to have the challenge of squeezing so many 100% attenders into a photograph. Can you make it even trickier for the teachers this Spring term by earning even more 100% attendance awards?

Reception at St. Barnabas Church

Reception children at St Barnabas Church.

11 January 2018

Reception had the pleasure of visiting St Barnabas Church during Multi-Faith week.

Rev Freda showed us around her beautiful church and shared with us some similarities and differences between the C of E and Catholic faith.

Our visit ended with lighting a candle and saying a prayer together for Fr Gabby.

Reception visit a Polish Shop

Reception go shopping!

10 January 2018

During Multi-Faith week Reception found out lots of information about the Polish culture and traditions.

To extend their learning about Polish food they had the opportunity to visit one of our local Polish shops. They were enthusiastic to look around at the different types of food and how different the information on the packaging looked.

The children returned to school with some exciting purchases ready to share with each other during snack time.

Year 5 at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

Watching a jewellery maker at work.

9 and 11 January 2018

As an introduction to their new Abbey Curriculum Topic, Year 5 visited the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, which is built around a perfectly preserved jewellery workshop offering a glimpse of working life in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the guided tour; watching live demonstrations at the jewellers bench and even having the opportunity to make their own jewellery.

Happy 80th Birthday Betty!

Wishing a very happy birthday to Betty.

13 December 2017

Our wonderful lunchtime supervisor Betty has worked at our school for over 25 years!

We were delighted to celebrate her 80th birthday in December 2017 by surprising her with a delicious birthday cake handmade by our wonderful head chef.

Staff presented Betty with birthday gifts, including a basket filled with delicious treats from her country of birth: Ireland.

Betty was thrilled with the surprise and has had a wonderful birthday celebration.

Brass Orchestra Concert

Our wonderful brass orchestra.

13 December 2017

On Wednesday 13th December our 180 piece brass orchestra performed to a large audience.

Our brass instrument teacher, Mr Gifford, coordinated a fabulous performance from pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Everyone was very impressed with the great progress that has taken place throughout the Autumn Term.

Reception Collect their Christmas Trees

Choosing our Christmas trees.

29 November 2017

Reception had a very exciting afternoon preparing for Advent.

First we walked to the post box to send Santa our Christmas letters. We then had a lovely walk to collect our class Christmas tree.

After having a good look around at all the different size trees available the perfect tree was found and brought back to school. Great fun will be had now by decorating them.

We now look forward to the count down to the Birth of Jesus.

Arts Award Journey

27 November 2017

Our first blog post about our Arts Award Journey as part of our Good Practice Centre status this year has gone live. You can ready our blog post here:

Maths Gifted and Talented Workshop

Gifted and Talented Mathematics workshop.

23 November 2017

On Thursday 23rd November 2017 we joined pupils from across Erdington at Court Farm Primary School for a Mathematics Gifted and Talented Workshop.

It was a fabulous opportunity for our pupils who are most passionate about maths to work with others who share this enthusiasm.

We were delighted to receive praise for the attitudes and learning behaviours if our pupils.

A wonderful morning - thanks to all involved.

First Pupil Parliament with Cllr Rice

Councillor Rice with the children.

16 November 2017

The Abbey School Council held the first Pupil Parliament bringing together all the different groups within school to make up a pupil voice.

As it was Parliament Week they invited Cllr Rice to discuss his role. The children were keen to ask lots of questions.

Osborne School were able to join us and all the children throughly enjoyed the experience.

Key Stage 2 PTFA Disco

Children clearly enjoying the disco.

16 November 2017

On the 16th November 2017 the Key Stage 2 pupils gathered together to bust some moves on the dance floor (aka the school hall).

The wonderful parent volunteers arranged an array of fabulous opportunities including delicious snacks , juices and temporary tattoos.

Year 2 Light Night

Year 2 exploring the dark.

15 November 2017

On the evening of 15th November 2017, Year 2 returned to school under the cover of darkness to take part in Light Night to celebrate the start of their new topic, Seeing the Light.

After a year group prayer in the school hall, Year 2 split into four groups to enjoy four 15 minute activities: watercolour painting of sunset scenes, eating delicious smores around the fire in the Forest Area, safely having fun with sparklers on the playground and even dancing along to a glow stick disco in the classroom.

Year 2 had a great time doing all the activities, with some saying they didn't want the evening to end!

Many thanks to all the staff who gave up their time to support this fantastic event.

Y1LH Shared Lunch

Families and children playing together after lunch.

15 November 2017

Y1LH enjoyed their shared lunch when parents and family members joined us in sharing our delicious dinner and scrumptious puddings.

After our plates were cleared we went outside and enjoyed playing badmington, hockey and chalking pictures on the playground floor.

We all enjoyed spending time with our loved ones and sharing school routines.

Thank you to all those family members who joined us.

Y2DD Class Assembly

Y2DD presenting their assembly.

13 November 2017

Year 2 taught us many fascinating facts about light in their recent class assembly.

We were reminded of how we first received the light of Christ into our lives when the children re-enacted a Baptism. There was joyous singing, beautiful prayers and many shining candle lights to brighten up everybody’s afternoon.

Year 2 then challenged our Abbey Family to go forth and find opportunities during ‘Friends Week’ to share the light of Jesus with others.

Finally they presented each class with the gift of a special candle to use in their ‘Friends Week’ Prayer Service. This special candle will be a reminder to us all throughout the year that we need to seek ways of sharing the love and light of Jesus with others.

Years 1 to 3 PTFA Disco

Having a great time at the disco.

10 November 2017

On Thursday 10th November 2017, our amazing PTFA organised a disco for pupils in Years 1, 2 and 3.

Our resident DJ’s MC Harris and MC McTernan responded to song requests playing a mixture of favourite party tunes and up to date hits.

Everyone had a fabulous evening.

Thank you very much to all parents who gave up their time planning and organising the event.

Y2KR Shared Lunch

Families enjoying school lunch together.

8 November 2017

On Wednesday 8th November it was Y2KR's turn to be hosts and invite their families to share lunchtime together.

After a delicious lunch in the hall, families were able to make the most of all the wonderful activities put on by our amazing lunchtime staff. Big favourites were the loose parts and creating space rockets out of a variety of materials.

Thank you to all parents, grandparents and family members who were able to attend and also to all the staff who made this fantastic lunchtime possible.

Reception Maths Workshops

Children and parents working together.

7 to 9 November 2017

Reception children were excited to welcome their parents into school to support them with a maths workshop.

First the children showed parents how they are learning the days of the week with their song.

Next they demonstrated taking away by singing the currant bun song.

Then it was the parents turn to join in and they worked with their child to make a board game, following the instructions.

It was great to see so many parents supporting their children. Great fun was had by all.

Pupils Meet Gold Medalist

Pupils at Kingsbury CIC.

2 November 2017

On Thursday 2nd November 2017 some of our pupils represented our school at a wonderful sports event hosted by Kingsbury CIC.

Our pupils had a wonderful time with Jenna Downing the Gold medal winning inline skater. Our children were inspired by Jenna designing her own line of skates with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Charities.

Erdington Headteachers Fight for Funding

Headteachers meet with the Schools Minister.

16 October 2017

On 16th October 2017 a delegation of seven headteachers travelled to the Department of Education to meet Schools Minister Nick Gibb.

The headteachers from Abbey Catholic Primary, Birches Green Infants, Brookvale Primary, Osborne Primary, Paget Primary, Slade Primary and Twickenham Primary represented Erdington constituents and schools with their MP Jack Dromey.

The group discussed issues around assessment, accountability and funding, with particular emphasis on services which will need to be cut if school funding is not increased.

An honest and frank discussion took place with the Schools Minister stating that the department were ‘on the side of the (teaching) profession’ he also stated that ‘...people forget how severe the financial crash was...’

Following discussions around a call for austerity in education, Nick Gibb reinforced: ‘I didn’t call for austerity, I’m faced with the consequences of the treasury not having enough money.’

Jack Dromey MP shared that the delegation of headteachers were ‘magnificent’ and ‘gave powerful testimony on the impact of government cuts on local schools.’

Y3EH Shared Lunch

Parents and children enjoying lunch together.

11 October 2017

We were delighted to welcome our Y3EH families to join us for shared on Wednesday 11th October.

With the Autumnal weather being particularly warm it was fantastic to see our parents sampling the variety of fit and healthy activities our children experience daily.

Thank you to all who were able to support this event.

Reception visit Highbury Theatre

Reception children at the theatre.

4 October 2017

Reception had an exciting morning visiting Highbury Theatre.

They travelled by train and enjoyed an Autumnal walk discussing the changing of season.

Each group confidently went on stage and sang a nursery rhyme they had been practising in class.

A great time was had by all.

Creative Writing Workshop

Writing their own suspense story.

3 October 2017

A group of Year 5 pupils got the opportunity to work with children from three other schools in the local area in a creative writing workshop. The theme was... Suspense!

They looked at the differences between suspense and horror and learnt the key ingredients in order to hook their reader. Then they wrote a story of their own - thoroughly chilling!

Y4JB Sharing Lunch

Families enjoying lunch together.

27 September 2017

On Wednesday 27th September, parents, grandparents and other relatives were invited to join Y4JB to share lunchtime together.

It was a lovely occasion where children could show their family member where they had their lunch and were also able to sample what delicious food we have on offer!

As the weather was glorious too, some of our guests enjoyed eating ' al fresco 'and socialising outside.

Thank you to all who attended and to the wonderful dinner team for making this possible.

Year 6 Workshop at the Old Rep Theatre

Year 6 at the Old Rep.

26 September 2017

In preparation for their upcoming performance, Year 6 took part in a cast workshop at the Old Rep Theatre.

We met Anja and Lucy who will be supporting us on the performance evening. We also had the opportunity to work on the stage and practice some of the skills we have been developing. Each cast rehearsed a scene from their play and got some top tips!

A very useful afternoon was spent working on our voice projection and stage craft.

Reception Phonics Workshops

Enjoying the phonics workshop together

25 to 28 September 2017

From the 25th to 28th September 2017, Reception Parents joined their children as their 'perfect partner' in a RWInc Phonic lesson.

Parents were shown how we teach saying the letter sounds purely (not letter names). How to hold the pencil correctly and how to form the letters.

Lastly, children showed their parents how good they were getting at making words on their magnetic boards, then using their finger pointed and said each sound before sweeping their finger underneath to blend the sounds together and read the whole word eg. m-a-t = mat.

It was fabulous to have so many parents in school supporting their children - Whoosh!

Learning to Shape Birmingham Conference

At the conference.

22 September 2017

Our Headteacher joined other Headteachers from across Birmingham on Friday 22nd September 2027 at the Birmingham Education Conference which focused on 'Learning to shape Birmingham'.

The conference covered latest government policy and inspirational speakers focused on navigating the challenges ahead.

Severn Trent Water Assembly

Severn Trent Assembly.

21 September 2017

On Thursday afternoon, the whole school attended an assembly led by Justin from Severn Trent Water.

As part of our Sustainable Schools Award Justin showed us, with some handy helpers, where our water comes from and what happens to it when we have used it. Then our handy helpers showed us how we can save water instead of wasting it.

The Eco-Team worked with Justin after the assembly to create a water saving action plan. Watch this space for more exciting water news!

Year 6 Shared Lunch

Families enjoying lunch together.

20 September 2017

On Wednesday 20th September 2017, parents of Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to join their children to share lunchtime together.

Shared lunches are now an embedded event in our annual school timetable and are enjoyed by both parents and children.

Several parents lamented that as their child was in the final year of primary school, this would be their last shared lunch.

It was lovely to receive so much positive feedback and thanks from parents during and after the session.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirates as far as the eye can see!

19 September 2017

The whole school joined in this annual event when we transform to become pirates. Ahoys and Aarghs rang through the air as we stood to attention as the Cap'n approached.

Some great descriptions of dastardly pirates were created and even some treasure was found!

The recreation of a fearsome battle was created through dance and messages in bottles were spotted.

Year 5 at Lunt Fort

At Lunt Fort.

8 September 2017

On Friday 8th September, Year 5 enjoyed a historical trip to Lunt Fort, Coventry, in order to get a first hand experience of Roman battle.

The visit enabled the children to gain an understanding of Roman life, which will support their new topic 'The Big, the Brave and the Bold'.

A fantastic day was had by all, with the children 'becoming' Roman recruits for the day: learning Latin commands, checking defences and taking part in battle drills.

Year 4 trip to Cadbury World

Year 4 at Cadbury World.

8 September 2017

On Friday 8th September, Year 4 went to Cadbury World to kick start our exciting new topic - Chocolate!

We learnt about the history of Cadbury's chocolate, the manufacturing of their products, advertising and even explored some chocolate tasting - which of course was delicious! The difficult thing was which topping to choose!

The fabulous tour also included a visit to their amazing 4D experience - which was truly exhilarating.

Before heading home, we finished off in the classroom where we had the opportunity to look, touch and smell real cocoa pods and cocoa butter - as well as try on some of the uniforms that staff at the factory have to wear!

A fantastic day was had by all.

Year 3 Rock Up Adventures

Year 3 indoor rock climbing.

7 and 8 September 2017

We saw great courage and sporting dexterity from our Year 3 pupils when they attended the indoor rock climbing adventure course - Rock Up.

Pupils climbed safe in the knowledge that they were perfectly safe as they were attached by harnesses and were following the guidelines that had been given in the safety briefing. This then allowed pupils to push their boundaries and overcome any fears.

We saw everyone 'have a go' and many improved and were soon fearless - conquering the walls with ease.

Year 1 visit the Black Country Museum

What interested children in the 1920's? Sweets of course!

7 September 2017

Year 2 travelled to Victorian Britain for the day today as they visited the Black Country museum.

We visited a variety of houses and thought about how life was different for children 90 years ago.

We look forwards to exploring more people of the past during the Autumn term.

Year 1 at the Thinktank

Year 1 at the Thinktank.

7 September 2017

On Thursday 7th September, Year 1 visited the Thinktank in Birmingham to explore the delights of the Science museum.

We were all captivated to learn all about our senses and we even listened to each other's heartbeats!

We then explored the other exhibits the museum has to offer including the interactive science garden.

Road Safety Sessions

Checking the speed limit of local road users.

6 and 7 September 2017

Our local PCSOs visited our school in the first week of term to run workshops for Years 3, 4 and 5 on the importance of Road Safety.

Pupils learnt all about how to stay safe on the roads. Then they were put to work with the speed camera! Children captured many cars that were driving above the legal speed limits. One was even exceeding the limit by 13 miles per hour.

These sessions were really enjoyable and informative.