Snippets of News - 2016/17

Goodbye and Good Luck

Mr Kirke and Mr Poole.

20 July 2017

In July 2017 we said goodbye and good luck to Mr Poole and Mr Kirke.

Mr Poole is continuing his teaching career in Russia. We wish him every success with this exciting new adventure.

Mr Kirke is taking up a 'head of school' position in a one form entry Catholic Primary School within the diocese, as a 12 month secondment.

Please keep both of them in your prayers.

How to Survive Falling into Cold Water

Year 6 on their Safe Swim course.

11 July 2017

As part of our safeguarding and preparing children for life, the children of Year 6 attended a Safe Swim course in July run by the RNLI. They learnt how you can survive if you fall into cold water.

Skills learnt included:

  • How to call for help (arm straight up in the air whilst shouting ‘Help!’)
  • The star float – a good position to lie in and relax if you first fall in the water.
  • The huddle position – linking arms with others in the water and holding your own hands so that the link is difficult to break.
  • The warm position – crossing your arms in front of you to conserve heat.

Working with our Local MP

Meeting with our MP, Jack Dromey.

6 July 2017

On 6th July 2017, our Headteacher and other Erdington Headteachers met with our MP, Jack Dromey.

Jack and local school leaders are standing up against school budget cuts and doing everything they can to raise awareness to the valuable support that will be cut in schools if budget cuts are introduced.

Arts Award Good Practice Centre

4 July 2017

We are delighted to have been awarded Good Practice Centre by Arts Award - one of only ten centres nationally. This accolade recognises the outstanding arts provision provided to pupils at the Abbey.

Throughout the year there will be special celebratory and networking events that highlight the work that we do and to spread the word about arts provision and its importance.

We now have a team of four trained Arts Advisors who deliver bespoke arts courses to children from Year 1 to Year 6 and look forward to the year ahead and the chance to inspire more of our young people.

Sustainable School and Modeshift Stars Awards

Team members receiving their certificates from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

4 July 2017

On Tuesday, some members from the Eco-Club and Travel Team visited the Council House in Birmingham. They attended an award ceremony where they received two awards on behalf of the school.

During the ceremony, the children had to deliver a presentation which was watched by the Lord Mayor and other schools.

Then the Lord Mayor presented the team with their Modeshift Stars Bronze Award. This recognises all the initiatives that have been put in place to encourage sustainable travel.

The Lord Mayor then presented the teams with their Sustainable Schools Award where they achieved the Platinum level which is the highest acolade. To achieve this award, the Eco-Club have worked hard to; reduce the schools energy usage, encourage people to recycle, care for the animals in our local environment and educate the school on being more 'green'.

The award presentation was then followed by a tasty lunch in the banqueting suite. The children had a wonderful time and they can't wait to carry on spreading the sustainable living message!

School Council Meet the Lord Mayor

School Council meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

29 June 2017

School Council had the honour of meeting with the Lord Mayor. They each asked a question around her role as Lord Mayor.

After drinks with her the children had a tour of the Council House.

It was a day they will always remember.

Great Midlands Fun Run

Some of our participants in the Fun Run.

4 June 2017

On Sunday 4th June 2017, pupils, parents and staff from school completed the Great Midlands Fun Run.

The 8.5 mile course was great fun and challenging in parts - we think we know how 'Cardiac Hill' got its nickname.

It was wonderful to see pupils and parents running together. Without exception, all staff got overtaken by some of our fabulous speedy pupil runners. Ms T is claiming it shows the impact of our great sports coaching in school.

Perhaps we can have a bigger team next year? You've got 12 months to get ready...

Year 4 Sports and Activity Day

Year 4 playing tchoukball.

12 May 2017

On Friday 12th May, Year 4 were treated to a whole day of sport and physical activity to immerse themselves into their topic Shaping Up.

Throughout the day, children had the opportunity to work with the fitness company ACE in order to learn an exciting, alternative sport - Tchoukball and a fitness circuit in the afternoon to help them develop their physical literacy.

The children thoroughly enjoyed Tchoukball where they worked hard as a team to score points from the rebounder using both attacking and defending skills.

The afternoon session allowed children to take part in a carousel of fitness stations all focussing on working different parts of their body - both endurance and cardiovascular activities. All the children worked really hard in both sessions and took away fitness activities that they could continue at home to maintain and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Staff vs Parents Football Match

The staff and parent football teams.

5 May 2017

On Friday 5th May 2017 the inaugural staff vs parents football match took place.

Spectators paid £1 towards our Lenten charities collection. This was the final drive in our Lenterprise fundraising.

The parents team were victorious. Everyone had a wonderful time and celebrated with refreshments afterwards.

Thank you to all involved. We are already planning further matches to fundraise next Lent.

Peer Mediator Training

New Peer Mediators in training.

2 to 4 May 2017

24 children in Year 5 have under gone training to become qualified Peer Mediators.

These children were voted for specifically by they classmates as children who would do a good job of mediating conflicts amongst peers during break and lunchtimes.

The training included being able to take the blame out of an argument, advise children to listen to each others points of view and find a solution themselves to their problems.

These Peer Mediators are now responsible for supporting staff in dealing with conflicts on the playground.

Reception trip to Plantasia

Reception enjoy their trip to Plantasia.

4 April 2017

Reception had a fabulous time at Plantasia learning about seeds. They found out that seeds need air, water, sun and soil to grow.

The children had fun in the mazes and managed not to get lost!

Second Science Breakfast Meeting

Our second Science Breakfast Meeting.

29 March 2017

On 29th March children and parents attended the Abbey's second Science Breakfast Meeting.

Miss Haynes shared the science vision that has been developed by the staff, governors and parents. Then everyone took part in some simple but exciting experiments using things we can find at home.

Finally, a super Science selfie competition was revealed. Wow! We can't wait to find out who will win the best Science selfie!

Warwick Castle Science Fair

At the Big Bang Science Fair.

24 March 2017

On Friday a group of children from Year 5 and 6 visited Warwick Castle where they were hosting the Big Bang Science Fair.

Whilst they were there the children watched a range of shows including 'Fire and Ice' by Atomic Science and 'Really Ugly Animals'.

There were several stalls that the group visited. They measured how fast they could kick a ball, made a helium balloon hover in mid-air and they looked inside their eye using an iPhone.

We can't wait to book for next year!

St Patrick's Day Fun

Going green on St Patrick's Day.

17 March 2017

On Friday 17th March 2017, the Abbey Primary turned luscious shades of emerald as all children and staff wore green.

To commemorate the Irish heritage of our parish and to raise funds for our Lenten charities, members of our school community exchanged wearing green for £1.

The 17th March is St Patrick's Day and as well as wearing green, some pupils wore colours of the Irish counties where their parents or grandparents were born.

Céad míle fáilte to all.

Science Day

Exciting projects on Science Day.

16 March 2017

On Thursday 16th March, the whole school took part in a thrilling Science Day during the national 'Science Week'. As part of the British Science Week, the school pledged to hold a 'demo day'.

The theme was Changes and we looked at changes that we seen in our everyday life from the weather to materials and energy.

At the start of the day, there was a hands-on assembly with some really exciting experiments that can be done at home. Miss Haynes, along with some willing members of staff, made ice cream and fruit slush in a plastic bag. Then we looked at some materials that have been invented recently. At the end of the assembly, two pupils let Miss Haynes pour coffee and squash over their t-shirts. The results were surprising!

Back in the classroom there were lots of exciting experiments for all the pupils to get involved with. We can't wait for the next Science Day!

Year 1 Meet the Hedgehogs

Year 1 meet some hedgehogs.

7 March 2017

Year 1 were visited by three hairy friends this week, as we managed to welcome hedgehogs to our classroom.

We learnt about where they live; what they eat and how they survive.

Thank you to our visitors and Mr McTernan for arranging the visit!

Bags2School Collection

Lots of bags collected.

1 March 2017

On Wednesday 1st March 2017 we had another wonderful response to our bags to school appeal.

It's a great opportunity to have a clear out at home and raise funds for school with minimum effort.

Thank you for taking the time to fill a bag with unwanted clothes.

Watch the weekly newsletter for details of our next collection.

Year 4's Tudor Workshop

Year 4 enjoying their Tudor workshop.

2 February 2017

On Thursday 2nd February, Year 4 children took part in a Tudor workshop in conjunction with Round Midnight Theatre Company as part of our immersion day.

Children came to school dressed as a Tudor and sampled what life was like in the Tudor times through Dance, Singing and Drama. They explored what life was like for the rich and poor people during the reigns of Henry VII and VIII as well as the history surrounding Henry's wives.

It was a fantastic opportunity for all the children -developing dance, music and drama skills - discovering new talents and a thirst for performing.

Year 6 Parents' Workshop

Families working together.

18 January 2017

On Wednesday 18th January 2017 we welcomed Year 6 parents to join their children in the school hall for a writing workshop.

Parents and pupils worked together to see how they could improve individual writing.

Thank you to all staff and families involved in the wonderful morning.

Abbey's Amazing Chefs

Our award winning team.

16 January 2017

We are very proud of our amazing team of school chefs who were presented with a Special Recognition Award by Citiserve for all of the fabulous work they do.

Congratulations to Helen and her amazing team.

Year 2 Visit Pizza Express

Year 2 making pizzas.

10 January 2017

On Tuesday 10th January 2017, Year 2 visited Pizza Express as part of our new topic 'We are what we eat'.

The children learnt how to make a Pizza and even took their own individual Pizza back to school for lunch.

Christmas Jumper Day

Lots of children in their Christmas jumpers.

23 December 2016

The whole school supported School Council's Christmas Jumper Day.

The children and staff all looked amazing. School Council were delighted that we have raised £279.49 for the SVP charity.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Reception children meet Santa Claus.

22 December 2016

On Thursday 22nd December 2016 Father Christmas visited our Reception pupils to deliver gifts from our wonderful PTFA.

Thank you very much to our active PTFA members for their tireless fundraising.

Thank you to Santa for taking time to visit us at a very busy time of year.

Festive Lunch

Serving up our Christmas dinners.

21 December 2016

On Wednesday 21st December 2016 our school hall was decked with holly and it was most definitely the season to be jolly.

Our amazing school chefs presented a beautiful festive lunch of roast turkey and all the trimmings.

Everyone enjoyed the thoroughly delicious meal. Thank you very much Helen and team.

Supporting Those Less Fortunate During Advent

Part of our collection of Christmas gifts.

14 December 2016

During Advent 2016, families have been very generous in supporting our annual appeal for Christmas gifts for children less fortunate than our pupils.

The charity 'Brushstrokes' were delighted with the generosity of our families when they collected the gifts at our annual Advent Carol Concert.

If you would like to support 'Brushstrokes' further, you can contact them directly via their website.

Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Perks

Mrs Perks cutting her retirement cake.

12 December 2016

On Monday 12th December 2016 the staff of the Abbey said a fond farewell to Mrs Perks as she took early retirement.

Mrs Perks didn't want a big fuss or assembly and wanted to slip out quietly. The staff respected her wishes but couldn't resist a surprise buffet and cake to wish her all the best.

Mrs Perks had taught at the Abbey for many years and has taught several of our current parents. She would like everyone to know that she has taken EARLY retirement.

Please keep Mrs Perks in your prayers.

School Council Surgery

School Council's first surgery.

8 December 2016

School Council held their first surgery session where children could bring suggestions and queries to council members.

Lots of children came and were greeted with drinks and snacks. All ideas were recorded ready to discuss in the next meeting.

School Council can't wait till their next surgery session as they all enjoyed it.

6JC Class Assembly

The children from 6JC in their assembly.

19 November 2016

Year 6 worked extremely hard to produce an informative and comical assembly all about the links between Disney and the Bible.

The children acted out the stories of both David and Goliath and the Prodigal Son in addition to singing family famous songs such as, a Whole New World from Aladdin and Hakuna Matata from the Lion King.

They concluded the assembly giving us time to absorb some inspiring message that Disney teaches all those who watch their films.

“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.”

Years 4 to 6 PTFA Disco

Having fun at the disco.

10 November 2016

Another great event, hosted by the PTFA - lots of children attended this after school disco. Having fun, dancing and socialising.

Many parents came to help to support this event. Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 were in attendance.

Reception Maths Workshops

Parents and children working together.

9 to 11 November 2016

Fun was had in Reception with parents coming in to work with their child.

Firstly the children sang the 'Days of the week' song followed by counting hot cross buns to demonstrate taking away.

Parents were then set the challenge of helping their child make a board game to take home and play with their families.

It was fabulous to have so many parents in school to support their children.

2SH Class Assembly

Class 2SH's assembly.

4 November 2016

Year 2 worked extremely hard to produce a brilliant assembly about all the special events that have happened recently.

The children talked about Diwali, Saint Winifred's feast day, Bonfire night and Mrs Wilde's birthday!

2SH acted out the incredible story of Saint Winifred and shared how they celebrated her feast day. The assembly was full of beautiful singing, energetic dancing and delicious birthday cake.

Years 1 to 3 PTFA Disco

Disco time for Years 1 to 3.

3 November 2016

On Thursday 3rd November 2016, pupils in Years 1 to 3 enjoyed themselves in the wonderful PTFA disco.

Saint Winifred Feast Day

Celebrating our class feast day.

3 November 2016

2SH celebrated the feast day of their class Saint by re-telling her incredible story.

During a special prayer service they reflected on her life and her dedication to God. Together, they talked about how her story and message could help them develop as Christians.

Then they decorated and enjoyed eating delicious cakes. Happy feast day!

Science Breakfast Meeting

Amazing science experiments at breakfast.

3 November 2016

Parents and children attended the very first Science breakfast meeting! It was very exciting! Miss Haynes explained how Science is developing at the Abbey through the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM).

To help make Science better, we need a vision that the Abbey staff, governors and parents have created together. The parents were asked to share their ideas on when Science is great. All the ideas were collected and rated.

Miss Haynes then demonstrated a really cool experiment using two straws - the children loved it and couldn't wait to show it to their friends at playtime. Then everyone had a go at an experiment using skittles. This was a great and tasty experiment!

Staff, parents and children had a great morning, we can't wait for the next Science breakfast.

Year 2 Inspire Workshop

One of the books used in the workshop.

2 November 2016

On Wednesday, Year 2 parents joined their children in a Literacy Inspire workshop. Mrs Wilde, Miss Haynes and Mr McTernan shared ideas for supporting reading and writing at home.

Children and parents worked together on a range of Literacy activities. Some children even acted as the teacher, telling the parents what to do!

English Inspire Workshops

One of our busy Inspire Workshops.

1, 2 and 4 November 2016

Workshops for English have been taking place, with many parents taking the opportunity to work along side their children completing reading and writing activities.

Reading is at the heart of becoming a good writer.

We, at the Abbey, really appreciate the support we get from the parents of our pupils.

Supporting the Missionaries of Charity

Almsgiving in modern Britain.

18 October 2016

Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor.

Mother Teresa was considered one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century, Mother Teresa was canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.

Our school are very proud to support the local order of the Missionaries of Charity and in October 2016, donated a whole car boot full of groceries and toiletries to the local Sisters.

Please keep the Missionaries of Charity and the people they support in your prayers.

Donating Food for Those in Need

Food donations for the needy.

13 October 2016

On Thursday 13th October 2016, families in our school generously donated food to be shared between a local food bank and a local house run by nuns.

Our families have been generous and helped us to remember our duty to look after our neighbour and those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are remembering that when we feed the poor, we feed Jesus Christ himself.

Please pray for all of those who are suffering from hunger.

Y4JB Families Sharing Lunch

Families and children enjoying lunch together.

11 October 2016

On Tuesday 11th October, Y4JB had their shared lunch where family members were able to dine with their child at The Abbey.

Many mums,dads and grandparents attended - to sample the delicious food on offer and have a lovely time sharing lunchtime at The Abbey together.

Many thanks to all that came to this special occasion.

Young Active Travel Summit

Some of Year 6 in the council chamber.

7 October 2016

Representatives from Year 6 attended a day of presentations led by Cllr Bridget Jones to consider the impact of active and sustainable travel.

They were able to meet representatives from Birmingham Cycle Revolution, West Midlands Police, National Express and many more.

Following this, children were invited into the Council Chamber to take part in a debate and vote on the issues raised. Our next step is to look at the issues raised and how we can help to address them in our local community.

Year 6 Shakespeare Workshop

Year 6 at the Old Rep.

5 October 2016

In preparation for their upcoming performance, Year 6 took part in a cast workshop at the Old Rep Theatre.

We had the opportunity to work on the stage and practice some of the skills we have been developing.

A very useful afternoon was spent working on our voice projection and stage craft.

Reception visit Highbury Theatre

Reception in the auditorium.

5 October 2016

Reception went on their first ever school trip to Highbury Theatre.

They walked to the train station and caught the train to Chester Road.

On arrival at the theatre they were shown up to a room where each group was able to have a last minute practise of their nursery rhyme. Each group performed to their peers and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. To the delight of the children even the teachers and helpers got up on stage and sang!

Staff were very proud of the excellent behaviour from all the children.

4OM Families Sharing Lunch

4 October 2016

Children in 4OM invited a member of their family in to join them for Shared Lunch. Families enjoyed either a hot dinner or a packed lunch and ate this wherever the child normally chooses to.

Following this, the children took their family member out onto the playground to enjoy all the fabulous lunchtime activities provided.

Thank you to everyone who attended - a great time was had by all.

Governors Attend our Open Morning

Our Governors at our Open Morning.

4 October 2016

On Tuesday 4th October 2016 we welcomed our Governors to the first of three Open Mornings being held throughout the year.

Our Governors were very generous with their time and spent the morning visiting lessons, sharing data and observing Pupil Voice conversations.

We are very proud of our Governing Body and the support they give to our school and Parish community.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Raising money for Macmillan.

30 September 2016

On Friday 30th September 2016, we were very proud to support the Macmillan Coffee morning.

Our kitchen team provided delicious cakes for people to purchase whilst local company Midland Plant Training and Testing Ltd sponsored the event, ensuring all money went directly to Macmillan.

Pupils and staff also wore green for the day to raise awareness of Macmillan and raise further funds.

Thank you to everyone who contributed - we raised £650.

Code Breakers Workshop

Trying to crack the codes.

27 September 2016

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a morning of cracking codes at a workshop hosted by Court Farm School.

Using mathematical reasoning a logic strategies, students developed their problem solving skills.

Books for Cameroon

Donating books for Cameroon.

27 September 2016

Abbey Catholic Primary School are proud to support our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world.

We have aided Father Cornelius from the Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon by providing high quality books for the children in Catholic schools in his diocese.

This is all part of our journey supporting our pupils to be faithful as they reflect on their impact in the world and show love and compassion for others.

Year 6 Online Safety and Maths Workshop

Parents at the Year 6 Workshop.

23 September 2016

In this increasingly digital world, it is crucial that our children are safe online and that they know what to do when something goes wrong.

Parents were shown an invaluable website that provides support in helping to protect our children. The website gives practical advice and a helping hand in discussing issues of online safety with your child. This includes step by step instructions on how to set content filters at home, dealing with cyberbullying and how to set privacy settings on social media platforms.

The Maths curriculum for Year 6 children was shared with parents along with examples of the expectations for children at the end of the year.

Mr Barr spoke about the national test papers in May and ways in which parents can support their child in the coming months. Parents were reminded of the importance of children having quick recall of the times tables facts and the need to be fluent in the four operations. Examples of the reasoning questions (worded questions) were shared as well as the website MyMaths, that takes parents and children through lessons and example questions to further enable parents to support their child's learning at home.

As always, there was a tremendous turnout from our parents which clearly demonstrates the fantastic support that our parents give.

Y2DH Assembly

One of Year 2's 'dream jars'.

23 September 2016

On the 23rd September 2016, Year 2 performed their class assembly about 'The past, the present and the future'. The children all spoke, sang and danced confidently in front of the whole school.

The children presented their parents with 'dream jars'; each coloured layer representing a different dream for the future.

Year 4 trip to Cadbury World

Ready to taste the chocolate!

9 September 2016

On Friday 9th September, Year 4 went to mesmerising Cadbury World.

We had the opportunity to tour the factory, sample the delicious chocolate with a variety of fillings and went on the the thrilling 4D experience.

After a delicious lunch, we gathered in the George Cadbury room to investigate how chocolate develops from a bean to a bar!

The children were a credit to The Abbey and a great day was had by children and adults alike.

Happy Puzzle Event

Having fun problem solving.

9 September 2016

After a fabulous morning problem solving, Year 6 reflected:

"I learnt to persevere when I'm very frustrated." - William

"I discovered that when I collaborate with others and share ideas we have fun!" - Jennifer

"We are all different and can help each other in different ways" - Timmy-Joe

"The challenges we did as a team showed me we all have different strengths." - Katie

Year 2 at the Black Country Museum

Year 2 in Victorian dress.

8 September 2016

On the 8th September, Year 2 travelled back in time to the Victorian era at the Black Country Living Museum.

They investigated people of the past by playing games, visiting different houses and even watched a silent movie in the cinema!

The highlight was a visit to St. James' school where Mr Griffiths taught us Victorian handwriting and maths!