Snippets of News - 2015/16

Brilliant Attendance

100% attendance winners.

21 July 2016

These children were in school for 100% of the time for the whole school year from September 2015 to July 2016. Well done children.

Attendance over the year at our school continues to be above the national average for Primary Schools across the country.

The children at Abbey School have been in school for 97.79% over the year from September 2016 to June 2017.

PTFA Ice Creams

20 July 2016

Lollies courtesy of the PTFA.

Thank you very much to the PTFA who funded a delicious treat of ice cream or lollies for all children and staff.

A wonderful end to our school year.

Choir Perform for the School

Choir members in fine voice!

19 July 2016

On Tuesday 19th July 2016, our wonderful school choir performed to the whole school. They sang a mixture of contemporary and spiritual songs.

We are really proud of our choir and very grateful to Mrs Adamo for giving up so much of her own time to lead them.

New Reception Shared Lunch

Sharing lunch together.

18 to 20 July 2016

Over three days from we welcomed our new Reception pupils and their parents for a shared lunch experience. During this time our new Reception pupils have enjoyed meeting the new Reception staff team and exploring their new learning environment.

Whilst pupils were busy doing this, our new parents had a tour of our exciting forest area. After this, our new Reception pupils joined their parents and Year 5 buddies to share lunch together.

We are very excited to welcome our newest Abbey Family members and look forward to them joining us full time in September.

Dogs Home Collection

Inspecting your kind donations!

18 July 2016

On Monday 18th July 2016 we were very proud to deliver our collection of dog food, towels, blankets and toys to the Birmingham Dog's Home.

Huge thanks to Mrs Barton for co-ordinating the collection. Our school dog started his life at Birmingham Dog's Home, so it is a place close to our hearts.

Thank you everyone for your generous donations.

School Council go to City Serve

School Councillors with City Serve staff.

15 July 2016

School Council had a fantastic day at City Serve. They learnt about healthy eating and looked at different fruits and vegetables.

The children all got to make their own Pizza and knickerbocker Glory.

The City Serve staff made staff and children very welcome and it was a great way for the children to end their time as a School Council member.

CBSO Shakespeare Workshop

Shakespearean actors.

12 July 2016

Children in Year 6 enjoyed a full day workshop to start their Shakespeare journey.

The focus of the day was 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and children were immersed in the play through music, story telling and drama. Children learned how to use movement and space to tell a story, and music to set the mood.

At the end of the day Year 6 performed their piece to an enthusiastic audience from Year 5 and Year 7.

Music Ministry and Choir

End of Year Summer Concert.

8 July 2016

Our School Gospel Choir performed to parents and parishioners for the End of Year Summer Concert.

A variety of contemporary and spiritual songs were sang. Children had the opportunity in showcasing their talents of playing instruments, singing solo and performing as a choir unit using strategies such as harmonies and rounds.

Christ is always at the centre of our Music Ministry as we aim to bring others closer to God through song.

Brass Band Performance

Our talented musicians.

27 June 2016

On Monday 27th June 2016, all of Year 4 and 5 joined together with their brass instruments to perform to a packed hall of parents and relatives.

It was evident that Mrs Miller and Mr Gifford, our brass instrument teachers, had done a wonderful job with our students this year.

We are very proud of our investment into the arts and supporting all pupils in Years 4 and 5 to play a musical instrument.

We apologise to the neighbours of all Year 4 and 5 pupils who have been practising hard at home.

Euro 2016 England v Wales

England v Wales Football Match.

16 June 2016

Football fever hit the Abbey Catholic Primary this afternoon when Years 1 to 6 gathered in the school hall to cheer on our National team for their Euro 2016 game against Wales.

Not everything went to plan as the Welsh took a shock lead, however by the time our pupils were home the English lions had roared to victory.

It was a particularly heart-felt moment when our eldest pupils stood for an impromptu rendition of the National Anthem.

Film Club's Own Movie Premiere

Members of our Film Club.

15 June 2016

Film Club were extremely privileged this week, when they attended a viewing of their very own film at the MAC theatre.

Film Club have worked alongside 'IntoFilm' and an independent filmmaker, in order to film, edit and produce their own film.

All of the films produced by the children were of a high quality and film club were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the films produced by other schools in the area.

Reception visit Twycross Zoo

Reception at the zoo.

10 June 2016

Reception vistited Twycross Zoo to start off our new topic of Animals.

We saw a variety of different animals and had the opportunity to learn about habitats. Those brave enough also stroked a cockroach and a tortoise!

A great day was had by all.

Reception (Red and Yellow) Class Assembly

Reception children at their assembly.

20 May 2016

The children confidently told the story of Farmer Duck and how it is important for us all to work together just like our School Moto says 'Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our Friends, family and Parish.'

All of Reception sang 'Go do something beautiful' with actions to the delight of the audience. Staff and Parents were very proud.

Headteacher Retreat Day

Retreat Day display.

20 May 2016

We were really proud to be involved in organising the headteacher retreat day at St Paul's Convent provided by the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership Headteacher Association.

Year 6 at Drayton Manor

Enjoying Drayton Manor.

16 May 2016

Year 6 enjoyed a fun filled day of freedom to reward them for all their efforts during SATs week.

The sun was shining and we all had a fantastic time trying out all the rides.

Welcome to our School Budgies

Introducing Angel and Gabriel.

11 May 2016

In May 2016 the stressful SATs week was brightened by the arrival of two budgies.

The beautiful birds, in Abbey colours, arrived in school and are now welcoming visitors from their new home in our top corridor.

Our budgies are called 'Angel' and 'Gabriel' and are a delightful addition to our school team.

Father Kieran on Mission Week

Fr Kieran teaching sign language.

10 May 2016

Father Kieran came to school to talk about the Mission week which will be happening later on in the year.

He taught us the sign language for 'Jesus loves you' and reminded us that we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

We are looking forward to celebrating with the Parish later on in the year.

SATS Week Breakfasts

Enjoying a good breakfast before SATs.

9 to 12 May 2016

Year 6 started each morning of SATs week by sharing breakfast with their friends in school.

Father Gabby led us all in prayer, helping us to remain positive and remember what is really important in our lives.

Huge thanks to our super school cook Helen for cooking breakfast for us every day.

1JC Class Assembly

Year 1 presenting their assembly.

6 May 2016

Year 1 provided us with a very informative assembly all about World War 2.

They took us back in time to some of the key events such as the declaration of the war, the invasion of Normandy and the building of Anderson shelters.

The assembly included a rousing rendition of ‘Pack up Your Troubles/It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ and a reflection of those who lost their lives whilst singing ‘I Vow to Thee My Country’.

Mrs Evans' Baptism

A celebration for Mrs Evans.

12 April 2016

The staff joined together to welcome Mrs Evans to the family of God.

Mrs Evans was baptised into her local church on Easter Sunday.

Reception's Day at Plantasia

Enjoying our day at Plantasia.

12 April 2016

On Tuesday 12th of April Reception had a fantastic day at Plantasia.

The children learnt about seeds and how they are dispersed by air and animals. They had to be squirrels and hide their seeds for the winter and later in the day go back and find their seeds.

After lunch the children went through the mazes and attempted to find the middle.

Thankfully the weather was great and we came home with dry but muddy children.

Race for Life

Everyone ready for the off!

26 March 2016

On Thursday the 26th of March the whole school took part in a race for life where we did laps of the playground or laps of the church yard. This was all to raise the money for cancer research.

For every lap you did someone who singed your sheet would pay a certain amount of money. Sports council had a very important role in this special event we had to stamp pieces of paper every time someone completed a lap.

We also painted everyone’s face pink and blue, which are the race for life colours.

Parents were also invited to this event; some parents were running as well! This event was set up by Mrs Marks who did a great job!

Sports council and Mrs Marks would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who participated in this amazing opportunity and supported us in raising over £1400.

School Council's Trip to London

School Council outside 10 Downing Street.

18 March 2016

On 18th March School Council had a fantastic fun-packed day in London with Mrs Small, Mrs Howard and Mr Kirke.

The children started off by going to 10 Downing Street and having their photograph taken outside the famous door.

On the London Eye they learnt about some of the landmarks that they could see.

At The Houses of Parliament the guide gave the children a real insight to what the job of the Politicians entails.

The day was finished off with a meal at a Tapas Bar before finally heading home. A very exciting day was had by all.

The Unsung Hero Award

At the awards ceremony.

17 March 2016

On Thursday 17th March 2016, Miss Marks, Mrs Banner and myself were nominated for the Unsung Hero award.

Previously, Ms Tallon and Mr Crowhurst kindly nominated me for an award named unsung hero. It is an award you receive for being a good role model with regards to sporting activities. Luckily, all three of us reached the final two which we were both really proud about and this meant we had to go to an awards ceremony to find out whether we had won!

When the day finally came for the awards ceremony, I was buzzing with excitement and I couldn’t wait.

When we got there, there were hundreds of people there and a giant stage. We were the last award so we got to listen to loads of other awards to do with different competitions and leadership things for both children and adults. We also got to watch some amazing talents like gymnastics, dancing and singing.

Mrs Banner and Miss Marks were first. They WON! Ms Tallon and I went wild. After that, it was me. They read out some things from my application like how I am confident and often I write reports for the website and the Sports council board. Then they read about the person I was up against. She was a very timid reception child and then she went to a para football competition and became more confident. She was clearly a worthy winner having a positive impact on all the peers in her school.

Written by our own nominee for the award

Holy Week Celebrations of Faith

Holy Week daily celebrations.

21 March 2016

During Holy Week, all children from Reception to Year 6 gathered together for a daily celebration of faith.

All children listened reverently and respectfully to the Easter Story.

Each class was given an item to remind them of the story told that day, for example, Palm Sunday was remembered with each class receiving a palm for their prayer table.

Mother's Day Mass

Mother's Day Mass in Church.

6 March 2016

On Sunday 6th March, Reception and Year 2 children led the Mother's Day Mass in Church.

All children were exceptionally well-behaved and read eloquently and clearly.

At the end of the Mass, children sang their Mother's Day song to their Mums and presented them with a bunch of daffodils, along with a hand-made Mother's card.

100 Days at School

Spelling out '100' in children!

3 March 2016

Year 1 and Reception celebrated it being 100 days since starting school in September.

The afternoon was full of fun learning activities related to the number one hundred! These activities included counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, playing snakes and ladders and designing the number 100 out of objects found in the forest area.

Year 1 Visit Waterstones in Birmingham

Year 1 at the Bull Ring in Birmingham.

3 March 2016

For World Book Day Year 1 went on the train to visit the Waterstones book store in Birmingham.

During the exciting trip, Year 1 got to look at their favourite books around the store, created their own stories and even got the chance to buy their own book to take home.

The children were brilliantly behaved for the trip and were a credit to the school. Well done!

PTFA Quiz Night

26 February 2016

A busy hall full of quizzers!

On Friday 26th February 2016 our school hall was full of quiz masters at our PTFA quiz night.

Mr and Mrs Tierney led another fabulous quiz, whilst our amazing PTFA members organised everything else.

Thank you very much to everyone involved. We look forward to welcoming you to the next one.


Guides/Scouts Founder's Day

Our guides and scouts in their uniforms.

22 February 2016

On 22nd February National Scout Associations throughout the world celebrate the Scout's Founder's Day. It is celebrated as a very special day in the scout's calendar, as well as an opportunity to learn more about Baden Powells life and his writings which remain inspiring to many and incredibly on phase with our times.

The Scouts celebrate the day by doing a host of outdoor activities and by helping support their local communities. Scouting has developed over the years to ensure it continually helps young people learn for themselves in both a safe and challenging environment.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world also celebrate February 22 as World Thinking Day or just Thinking Day. It is a day to think about the meaning of Guiding and Scouting and about other countries and cultures.

We are very proud of our Rainbows, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides and were very happy for them to wear their uniforms on Founders Day.

Y6CW Class Assembly

Year 6's assembly.

5 February 2016

Year 6 entertained us with fabulous singing and dance routines, as they shared their message of how working together is better than trying to do it alone.

We considered what it is like to be a community, not only caring for environment, but for other people too.

Key Stage 1 Disco

Lots of fun at the KS1 disco.

4 February 2016

Resident DJ's Mr H and Mr McT returned on the 4th February to rock and roll at the Key Stage 1 disco.

After some great dance moves and a nail biting dance-off, it is safe to say the Abbey has finished the half term off in style!

A huge thank you to our PTFA staff for their organisation.

Key Stage 2 Disco

Excited faces at the disco.

28 January 2016

On the 28th January 2016 there were a few excited members of our school community, as Years 3 to 6 put on their dancing shoes for the disco.

Resident DJ’s Mr H and Mr McT took requests for the children’s favourite chart toppers and the atmosphere was buzzing.

There were a few show stopping dance moves being thrown by pupils and teachers. Miss M took on the worm and Mr OC did his favourite ‘Dad dance’.

A fantastic night had by all. Thank you to our wonderful PTFA!

International Week

Year 6 visit the Greek Orthodox Church.

5 to 8 January 2016

Year 6 enjoyed a week packed full of learning all about Greece.

Father Sozomenos welcomed us to the local Orthodox Church of St Constantine and St Helen where children found out all about the faith and traditions and enjoyed looking around the Church.

Children also studied the history and culture of Greece and decorated their own pots in the Greek style.

Our week concluded with a visit from the chefs of Eleon Greek restaurant who bought in a selection of delicious meze for the children to taste.

Speaking About the Islamic Faith

Learning about Islam together.

6 January 2016

On Tuesday 5th January 2016, Year 4 welcomed several children from St Francis Catholic Primary School, Handsworth, to come and speak to them about the Islamic faith.

The children spoke beautifully about what it was like, as a child, living in Modern Britain as a Muslim and shared the practices that they do.

All children were eager to learn about the various traditions and customs from Islam and how the Primary children fitted these in around the school day. Thank you to all the children!

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas jumpers as far as the eye can see!

17 December 2015

On 17th December 2015 the Abbey School was awash with festive fun as all pupils wore Christmas jumpers to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Well done to everyone involved, we raised over £300!

Visiting the Lord Mayor's Parlour

Children with the Lord Mayor.

14 December 2015

School were honoured to receive an invite to the Lord Mayors Parlour in the Birmingham Council House.

Pupils and staff received a warm welcome and enjoyed a fascinating tour of some of the splendid building.

Lord Mayor's Christmas Card

At Grand Central with Santa.

14 December 2015

There was great excitement when we were invited to be featured on the Birmingham Lord Mayor's Christmas Card.

A group of 30 children travelled into the splendid new train station, Grand Central, in Birmingham City Centre. Imagine our surprise when we were greeted, not only by Birmingham's Lord Mayor, but by Santa too!

Santa generously gave each child a gift to say thank you.

Sisters of Mercy

A visit from the Sisters of Mercy.

11 December 2015

On 11th December, The Sisters of Mercy from Handsworth visited school to teach us about their order and about The Year of Mercy.

We learnt about what it means to be a sister and how the nuns currently living in the convent are carrying on the important work started by their founder Venerable Catherine McAuley in Dublin in 1831.

One of our pupils had the opportunity to dress up as a Sister of Mercy.

VE Day Street Party

Remembering VE Day.

23 November 2015

Years 1 and 5 gathered together to celebrate the end of their World War 1 and 2 learning with VE Day celebrations.

During the afternoon, the children rotated around a number of activities to involving learning about rationing, making gas masks and learning some typical 1940s dances.

To finish our afternoon, we all gathered together to reflect on the sacrifice of all countries during the war through a prayer service.

Well done to all the children who made amazing World War projects, as well as for their fantastic outfits they wore for the VE Day party.

Years 1 to 3 PTFA Disco

A hall packed with excited children, and a few excited adults, too!

19 November 2015

On the 19th November 2015 the school hall was rocking as Years 1 to 3 bounced, bopped and boogied the evening away to the latest disco tunes. Everyone had a fabulous evening.

Teachers were spotted leading the dance moves encouraged by the super DJ's: Mr O'C, Mr C, Mr P and Mr H.

Live tweets were broadcast by our very own media team member, Katie.

Thank you very much to our wonderful PTFA for organising such a tremendous evening.

We Will Remember

Remembering those who laid down their lives for us.

19 November 2015

This week School Council travelled into Birmingham to lay our class wreaths on the Memorial.

We took the opportunity to silently pray for all those who have died in War for us. It was a very moving experience and School Council were honoured to represent the Abbey.

Free Radio Christmas Stars Competition - Round 2

The choir sing for Free Radio.

16 November 2015

We are all very excited that our choir have been successful in reaching the on-air round of the Free Radio Christmas Stars competition.

Free Radio came into school to record choir singing 'Sing Noel', the song chosen for our entry.

The winner of the competition will receive £200 worth of music equipment for their school and will have their song played on Free Radio on Christmas Day. We hope that all our friends will get behind us and vote for us.

Year 4, 5 and 6 PTFA Disco

A disco frenzy!

12 November 2015

On Thursday 12th November 2015 the school hall was full of music, dancing and great fun as Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed their PTFA disco.

The music was expertly played by Mr McT and Mr H with support of Ms H and an army of wonderful moms and dads looked after the children and arranged refreshments.

Thank you to all staff and parents who made the event possible. Another wonderful evening!

Free Radio's Choir Competition

Free Radio recording our choir.

12 November 2015

Great excitement was in the Abbey school in November 2015, as 'Free Radio' visited school to record our Gospel Choir for the annual school choir of the year competition.

Due to radio station rules, only 35 pupils were allowed to be in the competition entry. Our choir has over 70 members, after a tense 'draw' out of a large envelope, the lucky 35 were selected. The remaining choir members congratulated their peers and wished them every success.

Thanks to Mrs Adamo and Mrs Lonergan for the amazing work they do with our Gospel choir. Fingers crossed for a successful outcome for our choir in the upcoming competition.

Year 5 Meet Local Parishioners

Year 5 children talking to parishioners.

11 November 2015

After the Remembrance Day service, children in Year 5 were very fortunate to have an opportunity to listen to stories shared by Parishioners about their experiences of the War.

It gave them a real insight to the feelings of people who were evacuated during the war or even had to use Anderson shelters during an air raid.

We would like to thank all the Parishioners who joined us for our service and stayed to discuss the war with us.

Reception Maths Workshops

Parents and children working together.

9 November 2015

Throughout this week Reception children enjoyed having parents into class for their Maths Workshop.

They enjoyed sharing the days of the week song to show how they are learning about seasons, weather and place value.

To demonstrate how we take away by one, we sang 'Five Currant Buns' and children acted out being the buns. Then it was time for the adults to get involved! together they had to follow the instructions to make a board game and die to take home and play with their families. Some even managed to play a few games before the session was over.

Great fun was had by all.

Congratulations to Miss Duggan

Miss Duggan in graduation dress.

October 2015

We are very proud of Miss Duggan who officially graduated from Newman University College in October 2015.

We are honoured to have her on our team and proud that she chose the Abbey Catholic Primary School to start her teaching career.

KS2 Visit from the Ambulance Service

Modelling our slings!

30 September 2015

On Wednesday 30th September, Andy Jeynes from West Midlands Ambulance Service came to talk to us about his job

He showed us an ECG machine that he uses to monitor patients heart beats and we had a competition to see who was the best at making a sling for a patient!

All children in Years 3 to 6 thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Reception Welcome Disco

A busy dance floor at the Welcome Disco.

25 September 2015

On Friday 25th September at 6pm the Abbey School Hall was the centre of excitement for Reception children.

We welcomed the children and their families to a Welcome Disco to get to know each other and our staff.

The dance floor was constantly full as our resident DJ's MC Harris and MC McTernan displayed some serious 'jocking' skills.

Everyone had a wonderful evening. Thank you to all Abbey staff who made the evening possible.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

A busy morning in aid of Macmillan.

25 September 2015

On 25th September 2015 we joined in with thousands of people across the UK by being involved in the worlds largest coffee morning.

Staff set up our al fresco coffee morning on the school drive. Our wonderful cook, Helen, provided the beautiful cakes whilst a parent sponsored the tea and coffee.

We are very proud of how our school community all join together to support others.

Thank you to all families who supported our fundraising for Macmillan, helping us raise £500.

School Council Visit Grand Central Station

The School Council in Birmingham's new shopping area.

24 September 2015

On Thursday 24th September, the School Council travelled to visit the new Grand Central Station and shopping centre in Birmingham.

They explored the shopping centre and thought about how to prepare for job interviews.

They had their shoes polished, found their signature scent and Ethan and Mr Harris were interviewed by BBC Radio WM!

Y2DH Assembly

Y2DH class assembly.

18 September 2015

On September 18th, children from Y2DH performed their class assembly.

The assembly compared the past to the present and we presented our parents with a keepsake about what we want to be when we are older.

Year 2 at the Black Country Museum

Year 2 in the Victorian era.

9 September 2015

As part of our 'People of the Past' topic, Year 2 visited the Black Country Living Museum and enjoyed a week long immersion into Victorian life.

The trip enabled us to gain an understanding of what life was like for people during Victorian times, in particular the expectations placed on children during this era.

We enjoyed visiting houses, potential jobs and in particular the Victorian games and silent cinema. To ensure that the trip was memorable Mr. H even received the cane!

Throughout the immersion week, Year 2 experienced Victorian handwriting, our National Anthem, chalks and blackboards and Victorian teachers. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this era.

Reception Welcome Mass

Year 5 and Reception pupils together.

9 September 2015

On Sunday 13th September 2015, we gathered at the Abbey Church, in faith, to worship God, Our Father, Jesus His Son; and the Holy Spirit we prayed for God’s blessing on all pupils this new school year.

During this Mass, we prayed especially for the sixty pupils who have joined the Abbey Catholic Primary School in the Reception Classes this new school year.

Our prayers were for the Reception children to settle and be at ease in our school community; to make friends with one another; to work well and do their best in every lesson; to learn about their faith and to make time every day to pray; to be and do good and to make themselves and their parents proud. We pray that as the Reception children begin their school journey at the Abbey Catholic Primary School that they may always remember to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with their friends, family and parish. Each Reception child was presented with a set of Rosary beads.

Thank you to Fr. Gabby for celebrating Mass and to our Year 5 pupils who led this Mass.

Year 1 at the Thinktank

We know all the senses in the body.

9 September 2015

As part of our topic 'Who am I?' Year 1 had a very exciting visit to the Thinktank in Birmingham.

During the trip, we had the opportunity to visit Kids’ City where we had the opportunity to role play jobs we might do when we grow up to be adults.

After lunch, we learnt all about different parts of the body as well as finding out the five different senses we have.

We now have lots of new ideas and information that we can share during our work at school!

Year 4 Explore Chocolate at Cadbury World

Hooray for chocolate!

8 September 2015

On the 8th September Year 4 went to Cadbury World to kick start their exciting new topic - Chocolate!

We learnt about the history of Cadbury's chocolate, the manufacturing of their products, advertising and even explored some chocolate tasting.

We finished our fabulous day with a visit to the new 4D experience - which was truly exhilarating experience! A lot of fun had by all!

Year 5 Myths and Legends Day

Year 5 dressed as characters of myths and legends.

7 and 8 September 2015

To celebrate the start of our Abbey Curriculum unit of work on Myths and Legends, on 7th and 8th September respectively, classes 5EH and 5JD came to school dressed as a variety of mythical creatures and characters.

The children participated in a catwalk where they shared information about the mythical creatures or character that they had dressed as.

Year 5 also enjoyed participating in their first workshop provided by The REP Theatre, as part of a Toy Theatre Project, where the pupils will work with a REP Drama Practitioner and a Visual Artist to create a play script.

One Life Music Religious Retreat

Altar in school for the religious retreat.

4 September 2015

On 4th September, the staff joined together with One Life Music to participate in a religious retreat.

They learnt new songs for mass and then celebrated mass with Fr. Jonathan Veasey from the Archdiocese of Birmingham.