Snippets of News - 2014/15

Teachers Complete the San Fran Marathon

Mrs Kennedy and Ms Tallon with their medals in San Francisco.

26 July 2015

Well done to Ms Tallon and Mrs Kennedy who completed the San Francisco Marathon in July 2015.

We are all very proud of their inspirational achievement. They certainly proved '#thisgirlcan'.

Year 6 Leavers

Our Year 6 Leavers.

17 July 2015

On 17th July 2015, we said goodbye and good luck to our Year 6 pupils who are transferring to secondary school in September.

We wish them every success in their new schools and ask you to keep them in your prayers.

Celebrating 100% Attendees

Our 100% Attendees.

16 July 2015

Congratulations to all pupils who achieved 100% attendance in the Summer term 2015.

Huge congratulations to those pupils who achieved 100% attendance for the whole academic year 2014/15.

PTFA Ice Creams

16 July 2015

Enjoying the delicious ice creams.

Thank you to our PTFA who purchased a delicious ice cream for all pupils and staff on the last term of Summer term 2015 as a well done for a fabulous year.


Singing at Local Residential Home

The choir sing for our neighbours.

15 July 2015

In July 2015, our school choir visited a local residential home to sing for our elderly neighbours.

The residents were very impressed with our school choir and have been kind enough to invite us back to sing at Christmas.

Our choir members really enjoyed entertaining our local community.

Choir's Annual Summer Concert

The whole choir impress the audience.

6 July 2015

The culmination of a year of hard work and commitment from our choir is our annual Summer Concert.

Our choir performed a range of religious and pop songs to a very proud audience of parents and grandparents.

Stunning solo singers and harmonies along with talented keyboard players made for a wonderful musical celebration.

Bronze Arts Award Moderation

Congratulations to all 14 of our students.

3 July 2015

We are delighted that in our first year of offering this qualification to students, all 14 passed with flying colours.

Arts Award Bronze is a level 1 qualification offered in partnership with Trinity College London. Children drew on their experiences from the Shakespeare Schools Festival, research of artists who inspire them and their own art studies to complete the qualification.

Our visiting moderator was very impressed with the range of skills demonstrated in the children's extensive portfolios.

Choir Sing at Emmanuel Church

Our choir singing at Emmanuel Church.

2 July 2015

Our school Choir sang at Emmanuel Church in Wylde Green for their annual Flower Festival to parents and members of the congregation.

The Choir shared their faith with the community through song. A variety of music was performed by the choir including, Gospel, Christian Rock and Pop Music.

Thank you Emmanuel Church for inviting our School Choir once again. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Year 1's French Day

Ordering ice cream in French.

22 June 2015

Year 1 took part in a French day as part of their topic ‘Hooray! Let’s go on Holiday!’

During the day the children took part in a French lesson learning the numbers from 1 to 10 and how to ask for an ice cream.

They also got the opportunity to play some typical French sports such as Pétanque (bowls) and Croquet. During the afternoon the children played French games as well as listen to French music and enjoying some traditional food. Some were even brave enough to try snails!

Finally, they got the chance to use their French from the mornings lesson to order their own ice cream.


12 June 2015

Another great turn-out for our Quiz Night.

Thank you to our wonderful PTFA for organising another fantastic fundraising quiz for school.


Chaplaincy Team Commissioned

The Chaplaincy Team and John-Paul.

3 June 2015

Our newly formed chaplaincy team were commissioned in a wonderful service in the Abbey Church planned by the children with support from our visiting trainee priest John-Paul.

Chaplaincy team have had lots of support from St Edmund Campion pupils and were delighted to share Mass with them and then give them a guided tour of our school.

The team are now hard at work planning their next steps as they follow their motto 'Aiming to help others to meet Jesus in themselves and others, and spread the Gospel'.

Year 1 at the National Space Centre

Year 1 at the Space Centre.

3 June 2015

As part of our Topic ‘Hooray! Let’s go on Holiday!' Year 1 went on a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester.

During the trip, we had the opportunity to take part in a workshop where we created our own Rockets and attempted to fly them to the moon.

We also watched a film about ‘Astronauts’ in the very impressive auditorium.

After lunch we found out all about Planets in the Solar System while exploring the interactive activities. Some of us even managed to make our own weather report!

We now have lots of ideas to share in our independent writing about our fabulous Trip to Space.

Year 6 Boxercise

Year 6 Boxercise.

2 June 2015

Fit4Schools came in to school to teach our Year 6 pupils Boxercise, fitness training based around boxing.

Taking it in turns to use both pads and gloves, Year 6 learned how to jab, upper cut and duck.

A very energetic hour was spent practicing these new skills and completing a rotation of activities, a fabulous afternoon of PE.

Year 5 Pupil Wins Award from The Lord Mayor's Debate

The Lord Mayor presenting the award.

28 May 2015

Following on from our recent Lord Mayor's debate, we received news that one of our Year 5 debate team won an award for 'Best Girl Speaker'.

She was presented her award at a small ceremony in the Lord Mayors Parlor.

Year 5 Mass of Commitment

Commitment Mass in Church.

30 April 2015

On 30th April 2015, we were pleased to welcome the families of Year 5 as we gathered as a school community to support Year 5 in making a commitment to their faith. The Mass of Commitment formed an integral part of Year 5s preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

During the Mass, Year 5 students were reminded of their Baptism. The faith community were blessed with Holy Water and made promises to support the Confirmandi. The Confirmandi were called by name by their respective class teacher, renewed their Baptismal promises and were presented with a contract, which they devised together, to guide their sacramental preparation.

Fr. Gabby reminded the Confirmandi that just as a letter has a stamp that remains with the letter they too have been marked by God and God will remain with them always.

We felt very proud of our Confirmandi and would like to thank Fr. Gabby, the families of Year 5 and our school community for being part of our sacramental preparation.

Goodbye to Miss Mumford

Goodbye to Miss Mumford.

30 April 2015

We say goodbye and good luck to Miss Mumford. After three years in teaching, she is leaving our school to pursue a career in counselling with Childline.

We wish her every success.

Please keep Miss Mumford, and all those she will help at Childline, in your prayers.

Year 3 First Holy Communions

25 April 2015

Refreshments provided by the PTFA.

Thank you very much to all PTFA members involved in the organisation and delivery of fabulous refreshments to celebrate Year 3 First Holy Communions.


Bags2School Collection

Our latest Bags2School collection.

27 March 2015

On Friday 27th February 2015 school held one of the regular 'Bags to school' collections.

Thank you very much to all families who had a clear out over the half term holiday. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Onesie Day

Lots of onesies!

27 March 2015

The Abbey Primary was awash with onesies on 27th March 2015.

As part of our almsgiving throughout Lent, everyone paid to dress up in their onesies for the day.

Everyone agreed it was very comfortable and great fun.

2JM Assembly

Y2JM's assembly.

27 March 2015

On the 27th March 2015, Y2JM kept the whole school enthralled with their wonderful class assembly. Each pupil was fully involved with excellent singing, acting and confident performance.

The prayers shared with the whole school were written by the children during their RE lessons and every one was very impressed.

We are very proud of 2JM and Miss Mumford. Our parent evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone involved.

St Patrick's Day Assembly

Class 1JC perform their assembly.

20 March 2015

On Friday 20th March Y1JC led a whole school assembly for Saint Patrick’s Day. They all performed confidently whilst explaining the story of Saint Patrick, as well as using props to explain the meaning of the shamrock.

During the assembly Year 1 recognised the strength and support they have from friends and families through songs performed.

Congratulation to Y1JC for their class assembly, which included some excellent public speaking, singing, acting and, of course, Irish dancing!

School Council in London

The School Council in London.

20 March 2015

On Friday 20th March 2015, the School Council visited London to study democracy.

They visited the London Eye, The changing of the Guard, The Supreme Court and finally the Houses of Parliament.

A wonderful day was had by all, and the children were a credit to their parents and our school.

Gold EU eSafety Label

The Gold eSafety Label

17 March 2015

The school has been awarded the EU eSafety Gold Label.

This eSafety Label highlights where our school stands in terms of responsible ICT use and how we are developing optimal empowerment and safety for all our pupils and staff.

St Patrick's Day Shenanigans

Dressed in green for St Patrick's Day.

17 March 2015

As Irish people all over the world celebrated St Patrick's Day on 17th March 2015, children and staff from Abbey school joined in, too.

Everyone wore green clothing to honour St Patrick's Day and to reflect on the strong Irish heritage of our parish, school and local area.

Mother's Day Mass

One of our Mother's Day cards.

15 March 2015

On Sunday 15th March, Reception and Year 2 children led the Mother's Day Mass in Church.

All children were exceptionally well-behaved and read eloquently and clearly.

At the end of the Mass, children sang their Mother's Day song to their Mums and presented them with a bunch of daffodils, along with a hand-made Mother's card.

All children were a credit to the school - well done Reception and Year 2.

Mother's Day Assembly

2HD perform for the whole school.

13 March 2015

On Friday 13th, children in Y2DH led a whole school assembly for Mother's Day.

They all performed confidently and thanked their Mums for everything they do for them.

Each mother was presented with a gift of Daffodils as a token of appreciation.

Get Running for Cancer Awareness

Fund raising success in aid of Breast Cancer.

11 March 2015

Following on from our fundraising for Breast Cancer Care, two members of staff were inspired to do something else to continue fundraising for such a worthwhile cause.

Mrs Kennedy and Ms Tallon are running the Brighton Marathon in support of Breast Cancer. They are hoping to match the £386 that was raised in school. We are very proud of them.

School was delighted to send off the cheque for £386 on 11th March. Although in reality, we sent a much smaller cheque than the one in the photograph!

Year 5 Debate at the Council House

The Year 5 team at the Council House.

10 March 2015

On Tuesday 10th March, twelve children from Year 5 attended the Lord Mayor's debate at the Birmingham Council House.

They spoke confidently for and against the motion 'That every Saturday, pupils and their teachers should volunteer to return to school to pick up litter and rubbish in the streets around their school in order to be good citizens'. When all the schools had finished debating, the children used an interactive voting system. It was decided that children and their teachers should not have to return to school on the weekend to pick up litter!

The children then had a tour of the Council House and we donated some money to the Lord Mayor's Charity.

This was a wonderful opportunity for children to experience democracy in action.

KS2 PTFA Disco

Disco fever.

6 March 2015

Thank you to our amazing PTFA who organised a fabulous disco for Years 4, 5 and 6 on Friday 6th March 2015.

Our DJ's, Mr W and Mr McT, were brilliant and kept everyone dancing all evening.

Thank you very much to all parents and staff who made the evening possible.

Raising Money for Breast Cancer Charity

Wearing pink in aid of Breast Cancer Charity.

13 February 2015

On Friday 13th February 2015 our school building was awash with pink as pupils and staff wore pink instead of everyday 'school clothes'.

In exchange for wearing pink, a donation was given towards Breast Cancer Charity fundraising.

Spelling Bee Competition at Kingsbury

Spelling competitors.

13 February 2015

On Friday 13th February, four children from Year 6 and 5 went to a spelling competition in Kingsbury School and Sports College.

Four schools were there and the teams had to spell some tricky words. It was a challenging afternoon and it was great to meet children from other local schools. We were runners-up in the competition.

Class 5EH Assembly

5EH's Assembly.

16 January 2015

In anticipation of Peace Sunday, 5EH led a whole school assembly on Friday 16th January. The assembly prayer was that peace would begin with each one of us and that all persons would be gifted with great inner and lasting peace.

5EH told of the recipe for true Christian living given by Jesus Himself, the King of Peace, in the Beatitudes which are in Matthew’s Gospel. The Beatitudes were reflected upon and the connections with peace were explored.

Links were made to topics covered. The Christmas Truce was re-enacted. Photographs and memories were shared of the Football match between Years 5 and 6 pupils held to commemorate the centenary of the Christmas Day Truce.

Significant events of World War II were presented in a timeline. Photographs and memories of the end of topic VE day celebration party were shared. Also, waltz dancing skills were demonstrated.

The prayer of St Francis of Assisi was led by 5EH. A song reminding us that ‘Jesus is our Lighthouse’, who leads and supports us, concluded the assembly.

Congratulations to 5EH for a superb assembly which demonstrated excellent public speaking, acting, dancing and singing. Thank you for spreading the Gospel with Joy.

Year 2 Learn Pizza Making

Year 2 learn about making pizzas.

6 January 2015

As part of the IPC topic 'We are what we eat', Year 2 visited Pizza Express in Birmingham and Sutton and learnt all about the art of Pizza Making!

The children found out about the ingredients of Pizzas and their origins and created their very own delicious Margherita Pizza which they ate for lunch.

100% Attendees for Autumn Term

Gold attendance certificate recipients.

5 January 2015

A fabulous start to 2015 as the whole school celebrated the achievements of all children who attended school for every single day during the Autumn term.

So many children had outstanding attendance and were awarded gold certificates that they had to go onto the playground for a group photograph as they couldn't fit at the front of our assembly.

Well done to our 100% attenders and their families. Great examples to us all.

Silver Attendance Certificates for Autumn Term

Silver attendance certificate recipients.

5 January 2015

We are very proud of our children who strive to be in school every day. Our students requested a Silver certificate for those students who miss 100% attendance by one day.

Well done to all students for excellent attendance during Autumn term 2014, they are all aiming for Gold in the Spring term.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa meets the children.

18 December 2014

On Thursday 18th December 2014 the sound of sleigh bells filled the corridors as a very important visitor came to school. Santa Claus took a quick break from his very busy schedule to visit Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children in their classrooms.

Santa was very kind and gave each child a gift. The children were delighted to meet Santa and hear his jokes:

'What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? - A Christmas quacker!'

'What do monkeys sing at Christmas? - Jungle bells, jungle bells'

Thank you to the PTFA who helped Santa with gift purchasing and wrapping.

Choir Sing at Highclare School

The choir making their guest appearance.

17 December 2014

Following their fabulous Advent service, our wonderful school choir were invited to perform at a neighbouring school for their end of year assembly.

On 17th December 2014 our choir performed at Highclare private school where Father Gabby was leading their end of year assembly and reminding everyone about the true meaning of Christmas.

We are very proud of our choir and thankful for the huge support given by our choir masters: Mrs Adamo and Mrs Lonergan.

Choir at the Parish Fayre

Choir singers.

6 December 2014

On Saturday 6th December 2014 our fabulous school choir entertained parishioners at the Abbey Parish Fayre in the Parish Hall.

Huge thanks to all choir members and to Mrs Adamo, Mrs Lonergan and Ms Tallon for giving up their Saturday morning to support school - parish links.

Advent Refreshments

2 December 2014

PTFA members serving refreshments.

Thank you very much to our wonderful PTFA members for the refreshments at our Advent Service.

PTFA members gave up their time to prepare and serve a selection of seasonal delights including mulled wine and mince pies to families coming to hear our wonderful choir.

We wish all PTFA members and their families a happy, holy and restful Christmas break.


Friends Week

Our cheque, to be presented to the charity.

21 November 2014

For the first of our themed weeks, 'Friends Week', Year 2 and Year 5 worked together on several projects.

One of them was that we baked cookies together then sold them on Friday to the rest of the school. Over £100 was raised, we are proud to send this to the charity - Send my friend to school - a fitting reminder of those who are not as fortunate as we are.

We spent time considering our friends, all over the world.

Year 4 Meet the Fire Service

Year 4 meet the Fire Service.

18 November 2014

On Tuesday 18th November, Erdington Fire Service came to visit Year 4.

Children learnt about the importance of smoke alarms, what to do when there is a fire and analysed scenarios for potential hazards.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the talk and are ready to take what they have learnt into their everyday lives.

The Skills Show

Year 6 at The Skills Show.

13 November 2014

On the 13th November 2014, 17 Year 6 pupils traveled to the NEC Skills show.

They asked questions to various organisations including the army, hospitality and science and technology industries. This was organised to help pupils consider future career choices and prepare them for life in Modern Britain.

Lest We Forget

Remembrance at The Abbey.

11 November 2014

We were proud to share the money we had raised selling poppies in school.

We all wore our poppies with pride and honoured a two minute silence to remember those who have fallen.

Proud to be a Read Write Inc School

Our Read Write Inc certificate.

24 October 2014

During October 2014 we were delighted to receive our certificate showing that we are a Read Write Inc trained school.

All staff have worked very hard to ensure all children leave our school as confident readers.

Well done to all children, staff and parents for all of the hard work and effort that goes into developing reading at the Abbey school.

Fundraising for CAFOD

Thank you from CAFOD.

24 October 2014

In October 2014 we had several assemblies and a non uniform day raising awareness of the wonderful work carried out by CAFOD.

We would like to thank our families for their wonderful support. We are very proud of raising £311.33 to support CAFOD supporting others in need.

Mr Crowhurst's Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations Mr C!

21 October 2014

We are very proud of Mr Crowhurst who attended his Graduation Ceremony in the Symphony Hall on Tuesday 21st October 2014.

Mr Crowhurst shared his special day with our very own Travelling Ted.

Serving our Local Community

Thanks from the Food Bank.

20 October 2014

During October 2014, children and staff in school have been reflecting on what it means to live the Gospel value of 'Service'.

As part of our service as followers of Christ in our local community, families have generously contributed food for our local food bank.

The Erdington food bank have shared a lovely thank you letter with us; thanks go to all families for supporting our neighbours in need

PTFA Key Stage 2 Disco

Excited children from Years 4, 5 and 6.

17 October 2014

On Friday 17th October 2014 the school hall was full of music, dancing and great fun as Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed their PTFA disco.

The music was expertly played by Mr McT and Mr H and an army of wonderful moms and dads looked after the children and arranged refreshments.

Thank you to all staff and parents who made the event possible. Another wonderful evening!

PTFA Disco for Years 1 to 3

Excited children from Years 1, 2 and 3.

10 October 2014

There was great excitement around the lower school corridors on Friday 10th October 2014 as the question "Are you coming to the disco tonight?" echoed around the hallways.

Years 1, 2 and 3 arrived at school for the 6pm opening of their wonderful disco. Mr H and Mr McT were excellent DJs while the fabulous team of parents supported the PTFA with refreshments and organisation.

Everyone had a wonderful evening. Thank you to all involved who made it possible.

Year 5CW Assembly

Year 5CW's assembly.

10 October 2014

Year 5CW led the whole school assembly on Friday 10th October 2014 on the theme of sight.

They reinforced that we must not take the gift of sight for granted and acted out stories from the Bible and history to emphasise this point.

Their skills in public speaking, singing and drama were superb. The whole school and their parents, were very proud.

Charitable Giving

Pupils working together in the workshop.

1 October 2014

At Abbey Catholic Primary School, we are very proud that our children are developing an understanding of the importance of supporting others through charitable giving.

We were extremely proud to send a cheque to Macmillan Cancer for £373.85. Thank you to all families for supporting this worthwhile cause.

Initially, we struggled to find an envelope as big as our cheque (see photograph) but were delighted to discover that this giant publicity cheque was replaced with a much more 'post box friendly' version.

Gifted and Talented Workshop

Pupils working together in the workshop.

30 September 2014

On Tuesday 30th September 2014 we were delighted to welcome students from Osborne Primary, Yenton Primary and Court Farm Primary schools to work with some of our children as part of a Gifted and Talented Workshop.

Students from the four schools collaborated together solving a variety of challenges that helped them to realise that challenging maths doesn't necessarily mean dealing with large numbers.

We are very proud to work closely and collaborate with other schools in the Erdington Consortium.

Reception Family Welcome Disco

Enjoying the Reception family disco.

19 September 2014

Reception children have started their school life at the Abbey Catholic Primary brilliantly. They are already demonstrating the skills of being independent, resilient young learners.

After completing two full weeks in school, it was time to celebrate! All Reception children and their families joined together on the evening of Friday 19th September to enjoy a special family disco.

As Mr McTernan and Mr Harris assumed the roles of DJ, Reception children, parents and staff bopped the evening away. Travelling Ted was spotted busting some moves on the dance floor too!

Everyone had a wonderful time and all funds raised will be spent on additional resources for the Reception area. Thank you to all families who supported this event and thank you to all staff whose commitment and generosity ensures that these events can take place.

Reception Families Clear the School Garden

The hard working team.

17 September 2014

On Wednesday 17th September our newest parents and their Reception children stayed behind after school to help clear our garden ready for the new academic year.

Reception will be undertaking gardening throughout the year as part of their continuous provision.

It was fantastic that so many parents, pupils and siblings were willing to give some of their time to help clear the overgrowth from over the summer and we are all very excited to begin working in our garden this academic year.

Miss Turvey celebrates her 21st Birthday

Miss Turvey gets a birthday surprise.

17 September 2014

On the 17th September there was a lot of whispering and furtive glances around the staff room as staff tried to sneak in delicious snacks for Miss Turvey's surprise birthday buffet.

Miss Turvey was indeed surprised as a resplendent feast was unveiled to celebrate her momentous birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Miss T.

Year 6 Learn about Lourdes

Year 6 and their guest look at artefacts from Lourdes.

11 September 2014

As part of their RE studies this year, Year 6 are learning about pilgrimage.

To support us in our studies, one of our parishioners very kindly came into school to talk about her experiences.

Year 6 children were able to see some artefacts and holy water bought back from Lourdes. After lots of questions and discussion we enjoyed a well earned cup of tea and a cake with our guest.

Reception Welcome Mass

Father Gabby talks to the children during his sermon.

7 September 2014

On Sunday 7th September 2014 the Abbey Parish welcomed our new Reception children and their families at the Parish Family Mass.

Each Reception child was presented with a set of Rosary Beads that had been blessed by Father Gabby during our celebration of Mass.

We hope that reception families will share the Rosary together as a family.

Father Gabby was delighted to see such a packed service and reminded us all of the importance of the special relationship between school, home and Parish.

Year 2 at the Black Country Museum

Year 2 in the Victorian classroom.

4 September 2014

On the 4th September 2014, Year 2 went back in time to explore life for Victorians at The Black Country Museum.

We learnt about sweet making, clothes washing and even had a school lesson where we learnt how to say our alphabet backwards!

Year 4 trip to Cadbury World

Year 4 at Cadbury World.

3 September 2014

On the 3rd September Year 4 went to Cadbury World to kick start their exciting new topic - Chocolate!

We learnt about the history of Cadbury's chocolate, the manufacturing of their products, advertising and even explored some chocolate tasting.

We finished our fabulous day with a visit to their brand new 4D experience - which was truly exhilarating and well worth a visit!

Year 1 at the ThinkTank

Year 1 at the ThinkTank.

3 September 2014

Year 1 had a fantastic time during their trip to the Thinktank.

They learnt all about their amazing bodies and what to do to keep them healthy. We will be using everything we have learnt during our topic ‘Who am I?’.

All the children were a credit to the Abbey throughout the day.