Snippets of News

Hello Yellow Day

Wearning yellow to raise money for charity.

9 October 2020

The whole school enjoyed dressing up in yellow on Friday to celebrate 'Hello Yellow Day' where we were raising money to support the charity Young Minds to help children with their mental health.

By wearing yellow we wanted to show young people that everyone has mental health and that they are not alone if ever they are feeling alone.

We learnt about being resilient and how this can help us overcome challenges. We will be continuing to learn how to do this throughout the year.

Mental Health Team Online Lecture

The online lecture.

14 May 2020

The Mental Health Team had been asked again this year to give a lecture to Newman Uni teaching students on their last day of uni.

This year the Team delivered the lecture visually through Zoom which, was a different experience.

First they talked about adult mental health and then children's. Giving the students valuable resources and strategies to support them in their first year of teaching.

2KR visit Edmund Campion’s Library

Exploring the books in the Library.

13 March 2020

On Friday, 2KR were invited to visit St. Edmund Campion’s school library by their reading buddies. An excellent afternoon was had by all.

Year 2 took part in a treasure hunt where they learned about the organisation of texts in a library as well as sharing books which had been kindly purchased especially for us.

We unwrapped a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books and showed off our reading skills.

We look forward to visiting again soon to learn even more about the library as fantastic reading resource.

WE Charity Visit

Working on our action plans for social justice.

14 February 2020

Years 3 and 6 were lucky to receive a visit from Chloe a member of the WE charity team whose focus is social justice.

For the remainder of the day Year 3 worked closely with Chloe to create an action plan for an issue that affected their community.

Finally they presented their action plan to their peers to see which one we would tackle as a whole school. The votes were counted and will be announced upon our return from the half-term holidays.

It was certainly great to see the children take action against something they are passionate about, we are definitely developing the leaders of tomorrow.

PTFA Discos

KS2 children at their disco.

13 February 2020

In February, we had two wonderful evening discos thanks to our fabulous PTFA and all of the amazing parent helpers.

Thanks go to staff members and their families who also supported the events.

Our pupils had a fantastic evening at the KS1 and KS2 discos and we are very appreciative of the fundraising and dedication of our PTFA.

Reception and KS1 Disco

Our younger children enjoying their disco.

6 February 2020

Our Reception and KS1 success was a roaring success this evening.

Thank you to our brilliant PTFA for your continued support.

Schools of Sanctuary Network Meeting

Network meeting at the Abbey.

4 February 2020

It was a pleasure to host the annual Network Meeting for schools part of the Birmingham Schools of Sanctuary initiative.

Speakers from the Medaille Trust and Stories of Hope and Home project offered inspiration for future projects and shared the work they are doing. There was also time to reflect on good practice and discuss ideas.

Many thanks to everyone who attended from Primary and secondary schools all across the city.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Learning all about mental health.

3 to 7 February 2020

During this week, all classes talked about what Mental Health is and the importance of looking after our Mental Health.

Different well-being top tips were shared:

  1. Go for a walk in nature
  2. Compliment someone
  3. Meditate/pray
  4. Eat healthily
  5. Drink plenty of water
  6. Do a random act of kindness
  7. Set a fitness goal

All these top tips are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on our mental health including reducing stress and anxiety.

On Friday, all pupils (and staff) dressed in their pyjamas. This reminded us that sleep is very important and it affects our mental health.

Running Club welcome Birchfield Harriers

Running Club and special guests.

29 January 2020

On Wednesday 29th January 2020, Running Club were very excited to welcome Birchfield Harriers to our school.

We welcomed two Abbey Alumni who are now members of Birchfield Harriers who started their passion for running in our running club!

We also welcomed one of the Birchfield Harriers coaches who was talent spotting and promoting the fabulous opportunities available for pupils in Years 3 to 6 at Birchfield Harriers on a Saturday morning.

Building the Kingdom

St Judith leads our workshop.

28 January 2020

We were delighted to welcome Sr Judith and our neighbouring Catholics schools on 28th January as we work on developing our Abbey Curriculum within our Catholic story.

Sr Judith has inspired all those who attended Building the Kingdom training day to reflect upon and develop school curriculum with a renewed vigour.

As a result of this training we are looking forward to celebration of Mardi Gras. Watch this space as we continue continue our training and enhance our curriculum to build our children of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

Welcoming the Chicks

Our newly hatched chicks.

27 January 2020

On Monday 27th January, staff and pupils were excited to receive some fertilised eggs from the Happy Chick Company.

With a live link, we were able to watch the eggs hatch and we delighted to welcome nine chicks! Over the next few days, Twitter live enabled us to watch as the chicks grew. We were surprised at how quickly their feathers started to change!

Many pupils developed their scientific skills as they made great observations of how the chicks were changing. Some of the chicks will be staying with us and they will be slowly integrated to our coop in the playground.

A Visit to the BETT Show

24 January 2020

Mrs Wilde and Miss Reidy travelled down to the ExCel Centre in London for the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape.

They got to see many exciting advances in technology from computer systems, robots and lego. It was an inspirational day that left the pair full of ideas about how they can utilise more new technology to the Abbey School in the near future.

School Council visit the Council House

School Council children at the Council House.

23 January 2020

School Council went on a visit to the Council House.

They were lucky enough to have Cllr Moore join them on the tour. The children were fascinated to learn about the job of the Lord Mayor and to visit his chambers. They learnt about the role of a councillor and discussed some ideas with Cllr Moore that they want to implement in school.

The children had lots of questions for Cllr Moore about his role and how he began on his vocation.

It was thirsty work so the morning was finished off with a hot chocolate.

2KR Class Assembly

2KR presen their assembly.

20 January 2020

On Monday 20th January, 2KR entertained the school with the class assembly on the theme of our current virtues: loving and compassionate.

Through drama, song and confident public speaking, 2KR allowed the attentive audience to consider how they can show love and compassion in their everyday lives.

Little actions can make big changes and remember, all you need is love!

Year 4's Roman Day

Enjoying some Roman inspired snacks.

16 January 2020

On Thursday 16th January 2020, Year 4 came dressed to school in Roman outfits ready to immerse ourselves in our new topic The Romans and the impact on Britain. The range of outfits were amazing and we all looked fantastic!

Our day started by studying different Roman events that included those BC as well as AD. We learnt a lot about what the Romans brought to Britain and how many of these things are still used and enjoyed today.

We looked at how The Romans decorated their homes and buildings with mosaics and we had the opportunity to create our very own - which was tricky and intricate work - but great fun!

The highlight of the day was when we re-created a Roman feast. We prepared and ate a variety of Roman inspired dishes and snacks and toasted our banquet with a glass of grape juice!

We cannot wait to learn more about The Romans and how they helped shape the way we live today.

Year 6 SATs Parents' Meeting

Year 6 Parents' Meeting.

15 January 2020

On 15th January 2020 our school hall was full of Year 6 students and parents.

Our Year 6 staff team shared top tips and helpful web links to help prepare pupils for the Key Stage 2 tests.

If you need further help supporting your child, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Growing Club

Growing Club's first meeting.

13 January 2020

Growing club met for the first time this afternoon and have already started to make a difference to the flower beds outside the main entrance.

We are super excited to be preparing these beds ready for our first crop of vegetables.

Watch this space to see how our green fingers develop and what we have planned for our produce.

Reception Multi-Faith Week

Reception at the Abbey Church.

10 January 2020

During Multi-Faith week Reception focused on Poland and the Catholic faith.

They used mapping skills to locate Poland and the United Kingdom. The children also used art skills to create the National flag of Poland and the United Kingdom using a variety of different media and materials and discussing the similarities and differences between them.

Great fun was had learning and performing a traditional Polish dance.

We visited the Abbey Church and were given lots of information about the religious artifacts used during the celebration of communion.

Year 4 at the Multi Faith Centre

Year 4 children at the Multi Faith Centre.

9 January 2020

During Multi- Faith Week, Year 4 focused on The Gambia as their country.

We located the country in atlases and on globes and learnt about the climate - which we found was perfect for growing peanuts!

We compared school life there and in Erdington and discussed similarities and differences. We enjoyed looking at artefacts that people would use there everyday - to keep their homes clean and utensils to cook with. We particularly enjoyed sampling some local dishes that were rice based accompanied with a tomato like sauce and thoroughly savored this in true Gambian style - sitting on a rug on the floor - eating with our hands!

We finished the week by studying Islam - looking at the five pillars and enjoyed learning more about the faith - we even had the opportunity to try on some traditional clothing. Year 4 were also fortunate enough to hear from a parishioner who originated from the African coast - who shared what it was like being a Catholic in the African continent and how it differs to here in modern day Britain.

Year 2 Visit Pizza Express

Enjoying our pizzas at Pizza Express.

8 January 2020

On Wednesday 8th January 2020, both Year 2 classes ventured out on public transport to Pizza Express in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham City Centre to kick start their new topic, ‘Is there enough for everyone?’.

Through making their own margarita pizzas, our Year 2 pizza chefs developed their understanding of where ingredients are grown. Did you know that there are 186 Italian tomatoes and 3 basil leaves in each tin of passata?

After enjoying their delicious pizzas for lunch, Year 2 now look forward to considering in school whether everyone in our world is as fortunate as us to have food, water and shelter.

Year 3 visit the Synagogue

Year 3 at the Synagogue.

7 January 2020

This week Year 3 explored the Faith of Judaism and the Middle East.

They visited the Synagogue in Birmingham and attentively listened to how the Jewish community in Birmingham live out their faith in Modern Britain. We thought about the religious tolerance of people and whether the tolerance has changed over time. Children were excited to explore a different country and their faith experiences.

We were also active in exploring traditional dance and food of the country, Israel. Children have been enthused and gained a deeper understanding of conflicts that some are still facing in the world today.

At the end of the week Year 3 reflected again upon Pope Francis' question on whether 'religious tolerance in good for society?' It was interesting to see the chnaging views of the children and the debates it brought to the classroom.

"I was upset that Britain took the land without asking"

"The Middle east was tolerant before Britain took the land"

Year 2 at the Buddhist Peace Pagoda

Outside the Buddhist Pagoda.

6 January 2020

Year 2 spent multifaith week learning all about Buddhism and religion in China. We travelled to Ladywood to visit the Buddhist Peace Pagoda.

Year 2 listened with eager anticipation as we learned all about the Buddhist way of life and how it teaches followers to be peaceful and loving.

We explored this holy site with reverence and respect and even had a go at meditation and clearing our minds of thoughts and distractions.

Throughout the week we reflected upon Pope Francis’ teaching that religious tolerance is good for society and how, as Catholics in modern Britain, can show tolerance to all people. We finished our week with many reflections, we learned that it is important to show respect and tolerance to all people in our society so that we can live in peace and love.

Christmas Jumper Day Fundraising

Here with our cheque for Good Hope Hospital.

19 December 2019

On Thursday 19th December children were very excited to wear their Christmas jumpers in support of Good Hope hospital. £218.89 was raised.

Good Hope quoted; "A huge thank you goes to Abbey Catholic Primary School for raising an incredible £218.89 for the Christmas appeal at Good Hope Hospital!

The money that you have raised by taking part in Festive Jumper Day helped us to provide wards and departments with a festive hamper for staff and patients to share over the Christmas period, and presents for children and activities for our older patients who were in hospital over the Christmas period.

Without your help and support we wouldn’t be able to provide these added extras that help us go ‘over and above’ what the NHS can fund, so thank you for your amazing support!"

Staff Enjoy Some Festive Fun

The staff in their Christmas jumpers.

19 December 2019

On Thursday 19th December 2019 our staff got to enjoy Christmas jumper day and shared a Christmas lunch.

Everyone had a fabulous time sharing the delicious school Christmas lunch and exchanging Secret Santa gifts.

A Visit from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham visits Abbey General Election

Ms Tallon meets the Lord Mayor.

17 December 2019

In December 2019, the Lord Mayor of Birmingham took time out of his very busy schedule and accepted our invitation to visit our school.

The Lord Mayor spoke to children and parents and said really lovely things about our school.

It was an honour to welcome the Lord Mayor to Abbey Catholic Primary School.

The Abbey General Election

Ready to vote in the election.

11 December 2019

On Wednesday 11th December, children at the Abbey took part in a general election to vote for who they would like to run the country.

During this week, the children were exposed to the manifestos of the four major parties in England: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. After reading through these manifestos, each class discussed and debated the similarities and differences between the policies and which policies would most benefit them and the country, in their opinion.

On Wednesday afternoon, the votes were counted and verified and the results read as follows:

  • Labour: 129 votes
  • Liberal Democrats: 71 votes
  • Green Party: 65 votes
  • Conservatives: 55 votes

Y3JH Class Assembly

Y3JH Class Assembly.

25 November 2019

Year 3 were active in explaining the meaning of Advent to the school in their faith -filled class assembly. They discussed what we believe are important things to wait for. Inspiring us to think about the true meaning of Advent and what we, as Catholics are waiting for.

All children were involved and they showed us their many talents, whether that was through singing, acting or public speaking they all proved themselves to be eloquent members of our school community

As their assembly came to an end, they challenged us to Go Forth and write a prayer to Jesus, telling Him about a gift they will give back to him this Christmas season.

PTFA Quiz Night

A packed hall of quiz participants.

22 November 2019

Thank you to our wonderful PTFA and to Mr and Mrs Tierney, our excellent quiz masters, for a fabulous evening.

The school hall was packed on Friday 22nd November with parishioners, parents, past-parents and staff.

Thank you to everyone who helped the night be such a success, all money raised is going towards kitting out our new book bus.

Shakespeare Schools Festival

On the stage of the Old Rep.

8 November 2019

On Friday 8th November, Year 6 pupils had a taste of life on the stage as they performed at the Old Rep Theatre in front of a packed auditorium. Family and friends were treated to amazing performances of 'A Midsummers Night Dream' and 'Romeo and Juliet'.

We are very proud of all our students and the mature professionalism they displayed as they wowed their audience with comedy and tragedy.

Thank you to all at The Old Rep and SSF UK for such a wonderful opportunity.

Here are some reflections, written by the children, about their experience:

  • "Before the performance, I felt very nervous but once I started acting I was fine. I am proud of myself for making the audience laugh."
  • "After this experience, I feel confident to do things like this in the future."
  • "I really enjoyed this opportunity; it was a great experience."
  • "Finally, all the hard work paid off!"
  • "I felt nervous and excited to perform; it was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed watching the other performances by other schools."
  • "I feel really proud because we worked really hard by putting our own ideas into the play. We made it as funny as we could and I think the audience found it funny by all the laughs we heard."

Reception visit Highbury Theatre

Reception children at the theatre.

2 October 2019

Reception children had an exciting train journey to Highbury Theatre today. They were greeted by Andrew, one of the theatre staff who also prepared the stage lighting for them.

The children then showed off their God given talents by performing on the stage. They excelled themselves by confidently singing and adding actions to a number of nursery rhymes.

Andrew was very impressed and suggested that some may return to the stage as a career when they are older.

A wonderful experience was had by all!

Year 2 at the Black Country Museum

Year 2 back in time at the Black Country Museum.

5 Septemer 2019

On Thursday, Year 2 visited the Black Country Museum to experience life in the past and compare it to life nowadays.

Through total immersion, Year 2 learned how people used to live without electricity and reared animals such as chickens and pigs.

At Victorian school, they saw many differences from their own classrooms such as blackboards and being split into boys and girls for all activities.

In the afternoon, we discovered house boats that would also transport coal, learned that it took 6 men, 6 hours to make 1 chain link for the Titanic and that cinemas were built in people's sheds! A fantastic day was had by all.

An Abbey Romance

Congratulations to the happy couple.

2 August 2019

On Friday 2nd August 2019 our very own Miss Marks said 'I Do' to a familiar face.

Miss Marks and Mr Ferris met whilst working at the Abbey Catholic Primary School.

Miss Marks will return to school in September 2019 as Mrs Ferris. We ask you to keep the newlyweds in your prayers.

Ecclesiastes 4:9: Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?

All Abbey staff, governors and children wish Mr and Mrs Ferris a very happy life together.

New Reception Play and Stay Sessions

Reception Play and Stay sessions.

15 to 17 July 2019

It was a pleasure to invite our New Reception children into school this week.

The children enjoyed a story session in class and were introduced to their Year 5 buddy. The adults explored our forest area and learnt about the exciting things that happen in there.

We then came together to share our lunchtime meal. The Year 5 buddies did an amazing job of supporting the younger children during lunchtime.

We are very excited for the children to start their Abbey journey in September!

Roots2Fruit Plant Sale

The very busy plant sale.

15 July 2019

Our collaboration with Roots2Fruit has come to an end for another year with the hugely popular Year 4 plant sale.

Our ‘new’ Year 4’s have been honing their husbandry skills throughout the summer term and their hard work bore fruit today as they sold-out of plants on the school playground.

It was excitement abound as parents, grandad parents and parishioners flocked to the stall and every single item was purchased by a happy customer.

This years Root2Fruits highlights include:

  • Year 1 installing their very own sensory garden in their outdoor learning space.
  • Year 2 building and installing a ‘puddle’ in the Forest area, this water feature is already teeming with water based life, a real plus not only for our curriculum but also for the local eco-system.
  • The ever popular Year 4 husbandry sale.

Abbey cannot wait to begin their collaboration again with Roots2Fruit 2019/20. Plans are already underway for next year’s projects.

Railway Safety

Learning about railway safety.

11 July 2019

Our new Year 7 pupils received a special assembly from Network Rail to promote safety around the railways.

We hope that by raising awareness, our children will stay safe as they venture out into the world with more independence at Secondary School.

Visit from Blue Cross Education Team

Children learning about dog safety.

8 July 2019

We were delighted to welcome a visitor from Blue Cross to deliver an assembly to the whole school about how to stay safe around dogs.

By learning to recognise the signs and triggers in a dog's body language we grew in our knowledge of how to treat these amazing animals in the way that they deserve and in order to remain safe and build positive relationships with God's creatures.

The vision of the Blue Cross is that every pet will one day enjoy a healthy life in a happy home. By educating the pet owners of the future we can play our part in achieving their goal.

Hosting a Visitor as a Read Write Inc Model School

Welcoming our visitor from Malta.

19 June 2019

On the 19th June, we welcomed teachers all the way from Chiswick House School in Malta, to see Phonics in action.

As a RWI Model school, we welcome visitors who are interested in developing their Phonic provision.

Reception Year Group Assembly

Reception children presenting their assembly.

17 June 2019

Reception parents were in for a delight this afternoon as the children looked back on their first year at the Abbey.

First we had the Parable of the Mustard seed. This reminds us of how we are like little seeds when we start our journey in Reception and will continue to grow during our time at school.

Children confidently demonstrated their talents by singing, dancing and reading showing how much they had grown in just a year.

What a busy year we have had! Super learning and great friendships have been made.

Gardeners World Live

At the Gardeners World Live exhibition.

14 June 2019

A group of children were delighted to be given the chance to visit this prestigious exhibition.

They were excited to visit the Root for Fruits exhibit as part of the School’s Out for Summer display and were delighted to learn that Adam and his colleagues had won best in show and one of only two platinum awards.

We were inspired by the amazing flowers and produce on display; in addition to sampling some of the delights in offer at the Good Food Show! Yum!

Reception's trip to Twycross Zoo

Reception watching one of the chimps.

12 June 2019

Reception had a fun packed day at Twycross Zoo despite the weather conditions!

We found out lots of information about different animal groups and used our detective skills to identify insects, mammals and reptiles as we travelled around the zoo.

We even got to stroke Alan the cockroach and Perth the Lizard!

Ms Cope Leaves for Pastures New

Saying goodbye to Ms Cope.

24 May 2019

Our fabulous School Business Manager enjoyed an assembly recounting her time at the Abbey, including the many clubs, trips and events that she has been part of over the years.

She is so much more to us than the School Business Manager.

She will be sorely missed - but luckily she won’t be too far away and we look forward to working with her in the future as she takes up her new role.

Mental Health training at Newman University

The team at Newman University.

16 April 2019

Our Mental Health team were invited to deliver training for trainee teachers at Newman University.

The session was split into two sections: adult mental health and children’s mental health.

The university students took part in activities that staff at The Abbey have previously completed regarding their own well-being. Also, students were shown strategies that they can use to support children in developing positive mental health.

Stewardship Team Assembly

The Stewardship Team's assembly.

1 April 2019

Our Stewardship Team introduced our Monday assembly this week, sharing news of their most recent activities and successes.

We received lots of feedback from parents at our information stall during parent's evening and the main points were shared with school.

The team also shared details of their latest initiative 'Wands for Wildlife'. Stewardship Team are asking that children bring in used, clean mascara wands that can be used by wildlife sanctuaries for cleaning and grooming injured and abandoned wild animals.

Big School Clean Up

Our team after the big clean up.

28 March 2019

The Stewardship Team are always thinking about the responsibility we all have to look after our world.

After noticing rubbish in areas around the perimeter of our playground and forest area, our pupils signed up to take part in 'The Big School Clean Up', a national campaign by Keep Britain Tidy.

Staying after school, our faithful Stewardship team filled ten bags with rubbish. The session was such a success, we are already planning our next event.

Shine a Light Awards in London

Our staff members with Sally Phillips.

21 March 2019

Our Speech and Language Lead and SENCo were honoured at the opportunity to attend the Shine a light Award ceremony in London as a finalist in the Primary School of the year category.

This award recognises and celebrates innovative work and excellent practice in supporting children and young people’s speech, language and communication development.

The Abbey Catholic Primary School received a Highly Commended award presented by the comedian Sally Phillips.

Speaking about the winners, Sally said: "As a nation, it is vital that we ensure that all children have the opportunity to express themselves, particularly when this ability has a profound impact on our future life chances. The amazing winners and highly commended finalists of the Shine a Light Awards prove what a difference we can make if we become informed, impassioned and engaged in the speech language and communication needs of those around us.

"These inspiring individuals and teams don’t just change the lives of one person, their tireless work impacts entire communities in their region, across the UK and for some, across the world. I have seen for myself the huge difference expert intervention and support provides for children, like my son Olly particularly at a time where we face a nationwide shortage of speech and language therapists."

Also presenting at the awards was Britain’s Got Talent Winner, Lee Ridley (known as Lost Voice Guy), who has cerebral palsy and uses AAC, via voice software on his IPAD to communicate and express himself, said: "I may not be able to speak but I most certainly have a voice. It is heart-warming to know there are so many teams and individuals across the country that are dedicated to ensuring children and young people’s voices are heard and I am pleased they were recognised at the Awards."

Swedish Headteacher Visits for a Week

School leaders with our Swedish guest.

10 March 2019

During the week beginning the 10th March 2019 we welcomed a Swedish Headteacher on a work shadowing opportunity through the Erasmus program.

As part of the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership we welcomed several Swedish school leaders to our city.

We were delighted to show our visitor, who is from a school in Vastaras, Sweden, around our school and city.

We found time after school to take our visitor for traditional English afternoon tea and fish and chips!

She had a wonderful week. We look forward to continuing relationships with our two countries and schools.

International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day.

8 March 2019

Today was International Women's Day.

As a school we celebrated through class discussions and activities, before joining as a whole school for a celebration assembly.

The day was about joining together and remembering the women who fought for equality in our world. The theme of the day was about balancing and children actively took part in pretending to be the scales of society and showing how in modern Britain we are striving to have a balanced world for all individuals.

Some of the responses children gave about the day are as follows:

"I believe everyone is equal and that girls should have the choice to be what they want when they grow up."

"I really enjoyed looking at strong women who I can look up to, in my school, at home and celebrities."

Thank you to all the adults who helped make the day a success.

Year 1's trip to Waterstones

Year 1 children at Waterstones.

7 March 2019

Year 1 enjoyed their journey into town to Waterstones.

Whilst they were there they enjoyed sharing stories with their friends, having a tour of the book store and choosing a classroom reader.

Each child in Year 1 chose their very own book to buy with their world book day voucher. Needless to say it was a quiet journey home.

Canvassing Pupil Voice

Pupils working on their interesting ideas.

6 March 2019

Abbey Catholic Primary School are very proud that leadership at all levels is fully embedded throughout school. This includes pupil leaders.

In March 2019 our Year 6 pupils were involved in a review of our school. Pupils worked collaboratively to decide which aspects of school they would like to keep, improve, start and stop.

Lots of interesting ideas were shared and some of these will be included in the school improvement plan for 2019/20. Some ideas were fabulous but unfortunately beyond budget capabilities. This was also an area discussed with pupils.

The next stage is for two of our pupil ambassadors to lead a school review with Pupil Parliament.

Comedy Night Fundraiser

Enjoying one of the comedians.

1 March 2019

On Friday 1st March 2019 our PTFA organised a fabulous night of comedic entertainment to raise funds for school.

Parents were entertained by three excellent comedians and enjoyed a relaxed evening’s entertainment with refreshments and great company.

The evening was a great success. Many thanks to all who organised and supported.

Modeshift Stars Regional Awards

Receiving our Modeshift Stars award.

28 February 2019

We were thrilled to receive the award for Best Primary School from Modeshift Stars, which was presented at Birmingham Council House by Councillor Jayne Francis.

This award recognises all our initiatives towards encouraging safer and more sustainable travel as a school community.

Stewardship Team attend 'Brum Breathes' Summit

Members of the Stewardship Team at the Council House.

28 February 2019

We were happy to be invited to take part in the Brum Breathes summit at the Council House.

The summit took place in the Council Chamber, where we heard from many speakers who explained passionately how important it is that we deal with the issues around pollution.

We took notes, asked questions and came away with lots of initial thoughts about how we can do our bit to help. We also got the chance to meet with other schools and talk to them about their initiatives.

We are planning our next steps as Stewards of God's creation.

Rail Safety Assembly

Learning more about trains and railways.

25 February 2019

On Monday we had an assembly presentation from Network Rail which was all about how to stay safe around the railway.

Lisa gave us lots of interesting information about trains (they weigh as much as 80 elephants!). We were shocked that it takes the length of 20 football pitches for a train to stop. Now we know about all the hazards we know how to keep ourselves safe.

Network Rail have a special story book called 'Stay Safe with Thomas', you can download it for free at

Ambassadors Shaping the Future

Two of our school ambassadors with Ms Tallon.

12 February 2019

In Spring term 2019, two of our school ambassadors evaluated their own roles in school and came to the conclusion that they weren’t being proactive enough. As a result of this, they booked an appointment with the Headteacher and have drawn up a plan of action for how they can take a lead in important decisions for our school.

So far they have been involved in a review of lunchtime provision with lunchtime staff, have ordered gold ties for our new reward system and have booked in a staff briefing session where they will be presenting ideas to staff.

We are incredibly proud of these young people and the positive strides they are taking to make the Abbey a better place for everyone.

Chamber Music Festival

Some of our musicians at the Chamber Music Festival.

11 February 2019

On 11th February 2019, representatives from our 180 piece Abbey brass band attended the Chamber Music Festival.

We are really proud to work with Services for Education to be a part of this city wide Chamber Music Festival.

As school budgets are increasingly reduced, we are thrilled that, for now, we are still able to provide brass instrument lessons for all pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 at no cost to families.

Photography Club Exhibition

Opening our Photography Exhibition.

6 February 2019

During the Autumn term, children from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the first photography club, held at the Abbey.

The children looked at how to set up a background, use lighting, use the rule of thirds, take a portrait of someone and photograph inside the Abbey Church.

The children chose their favourite three photos to be displayed in school. Parents and family were invited in to open the exhibition.

Writing Moderation

Moderating writing standards.

6 February 2019

On Wednesday 6th February 2019 teachers from Wylde Green Primary School joined us at Abbey to moderate writing.

Teachers from every year band compared pupils written work against age related standards.

Everyone found the opportunity very supportive and we look forward to repeating this again in the Summer term.

Continuous Improvement of Lunchtime Provision

Sharing ideas on improvement.

29 January 2019

On 29th January 2019 we met with lunchtime staff and pupil representatives to review lunchtime provision.

Everyone worked incredibly hard discussing what we wanted to keep, improve, stop and start during lunchtimes.

We are very proud of our amazing lunchtime staff and the fabulous leadership at all levels that constantly strives to ensure provision at the Abbey is the very best.

Young Voices Concert

Choir at the Resorts World Arena.

22 January 2019

Choir have spent the last term learning lots of new songs and some dance routines ready for taking part in the Young Voices Concert.

Our concert was at the Resorts World Arena, where we were part of a choir of 6000 children! We were supported by lots of professional singers including Tony Hadley and the Urban Strides dance group.

We had an incredible day and were delighted so many parents and family members came along to watch and support us.

Year 4 Maths Workshop

22 January 2019

On Tuesday 22nd January, children in Year 4 welcomed their family members to a Maths Workshop based around times tables.

Many different techniques to learn times tables were shared with the families and the children taught their families an exciting finger trick to help them learn their 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. The session ended with children accessing Times Tables Rockstars on tablets so that they can continue practising using this at home.

Thank you to everybody that came along to support the children and for your continued support at home.

Year 3 Maths Workshop

21 January 2019

A crowd of families gathered together to join their children in a maths workshop based around times tables. They played games and used tablets to access resources in the internet in order to make learning tables more fun.

Keep up the hard work Year 3!

Year 6 Parents' SATs Meeting

Year 6 parents in school.

16 January 2019

On 16th January 2019 our school hall was full of Year 6 students and parents. Our Year 6 staff team shared top tips and helpful web links to help prepare pupils for the Key Stage 2 tests.

If you need further help supporting your child, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Year 6 visit from Kenneth (Youth Worker)

Year 6 learn from the visiting youth worker.

15 January 2019

Ken, who is a youth worker in Erdington, spoke to Year 6 pupils about anti-social behaviour.

He explained what this was and what happens when young people are referred to him.

The Year 6 pupils asked many interesting questions and were really engaged in the topics being discussed.

2KR Visit Pizza Express

2KR about to enjoy making and eating pizzas.

9 January 2019

2KR had a fantastic morning at Pizza Express in Birmingham to start their new topic - We Are What We Eat.

After an exciting bus journey into the city centre, the eager pizza chefs entered the restaurant.

After washing our hands and putting on hats and aprons, Year 2 stretched dough, spread on tomato sauce and sprinkled on cheese before the expert chefs placed them in the pizza ovens. Year 2 were then lucky enough to eat their own pizzas at lunchtime.

Thank you so much to Pizza Express and our parent helpers for making this possible!

Reception visit a Polish Shop

Reception children at the Polish shop.

8 January 2019

During Multi-Faith Week Reception found out information about Poland. They visited a Polish shop to buy food and juice for snack time. The children found it fascinating to see different types of food and also the different lettering on packaging.

Each group purchased an item to share, this include Polish sausage which was a very popular choice.

Many children were eager to take their parents there to buy some of the food they had sampled.

Reception Watch 'Rudolph' Production

Reception children at the MAC.

19 December 2018

Reception had an amazing time at the MAC theatre production of Rudolph.

The children watched with excitement as the characters were brought to life on stage. They had the opportunity to interact with the characters throughout the performance.

What a fantastic experience this was for all children!

KS1 Enjoy Pinocchio at the Old Rep

18 December 2018

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed an afternoon of laughter and music as they watched Pinocchio at The Old Rep theatre.

The children were excited to join in with the dancing and clapping and Year 1 sang along to the song they learnt during their theatre workshop ... Blue like the sky, blue the seas. Blue like the moon and blue dungarees.

What a wonderful afternoon!

A Visit from the Lord Mayor

We welcomed the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

18 December 2018

In December 2018 we were thrilled to welcome the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and her consort to our school.

The Lord Mayor enjoyed the Reception pupils Nativity and spoke to parents and grandparents. The Lord Mayor reminded parents how quickly time passes and urged them to enjoy the time whilst their children are young.

Choir Christmas Celebration

The choir in their Christmas Celebration.

17 December 2018

Our wonderful choir came together to mark the end of the year with a Christmas celebration.

Children have worked really hard learning and performing songs for our Advent Carol Service and enjoyed this was an opportunity to celebrate their success.

We enjoyed a Christmas Karaoke and some treats and are looking forward to the New Year and more singing!

Collecting for the Dogs Home

Some of our donations for the Dogs Home.

14 December 2018

On Friday 14th December 2018 pupils wore their ‘own clothes’ to school and donated dog and cat food for Birmingham Dogs Home.

Thanks to Mrs Barton for coordinating this and thanks to our families for their generosity.

'Bee Yourself' Tapestry Workshop

Working on our tapesty projects.

27 November 2018

We are delighted to be one of a handful of schools chosen to participate in an exciting new community art project 'Bee Yourself'.

30 of our pupils spent the afternoon working with professional Tapestry artist Tina Francis to create their own unique bee.

Next summer, all of the individual bees will be displayed together as a celebration of the unique talents and diversity of the people of Birmingham. The art work will be displayed at The Hive centre in the Jewellery Quarter.

Pupil Voice at the Council House

In the city council chamber.

22 November 2018

Our Pupil Voice groups visited the Council House. Pupil Voice is made up with School Council, Sports Council, Eco Team, Chaplaincy team and Travel Team.

Each group shared their action plans for this academic year.

We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the Council House by Julie. Councillor Moore joined us and took lots of questions from the children. The children even got to sit in the Lord Mayors chair!

A fabulous time was had by all.

RWI Phonics Model School Training

Meeting with Ruth Miskin.

15 November 2018

On Thursday 15th November 2018, our RWI Phonics leader and Headteacher travelled to Manchester to spend the day with the author of our excellent Phonics programme: Ruth Miskin.

We were very proud to celebrate the hard work and commitment of our pupils, staff and parents.

Reception Maths Workshop

Working together in the workshop.

14 to 16 November 2018

Reception children were very excited to welcome an adult into school this week to share in their Maths Workshop.

The children started by sharing the ‘Days of the Week’ song. This demonstrated Maths concepts such as sequencing of time, before and after and counting.

They then used their beautiful singing voices to sing and act out ‘5 Currant Buns’ showing how simple songs and rhymes can support addition, subtraction and turn taking.

Together with their adult the children then designed and made a maths board game, this was then taken home to share with their families.

Great learning and fun was had by all!

Year 2 'Little Pigs' Houses Construction

Year 2 in their construction gear.

8 November 2018

Year 2 enjoyed a fun day of designing and building new houses for the three little pigs linked to our work, What’s it made of?

We thought carefully about our designs so the houses wold be strong, stiff and stable; ready to withstand the huff and puff of of the Big Bad Wolf.

What a fun day we all had!

Year 4 Visit Osborne Primary School

Year 4 at Osborne Primary School.

24 October 2018

On Wednesday 24th October we were delighted to visit Osborne Primary School.

Our Year 4 pupils accepted an invitation from Osborne Primary Year 4 to watch their class assembly. We were delighted to share their excellent performance as well as visit them in their brand new school.

We are very proud of our strong links with our neighbouring primary school.

Flossing 4 Funding

Flossing 4 Funding.

19 October 2018

On 19 October, we joined people all over the country taking action against school funding cuts... we were flossing 4 funding.

The aim was to show Phillip Hammond, Nick Gibb and Damian Hinds just how many parents, carers, and grandparents, like Heads, Teachers and Governors, are deeply concerned about the school funding crisis and the damage it is doing to our children.

There have been 8% cuts to pupil funding since 2010, our schools and children are suffering. Headteachers say "there’s nothing left to cut!"

Let’s hope that this light hearted action brings attention to a serious subject.

PTFA KS2 Disco

Having a great time at the disco.

18 October 2018

On Thursday 18th October 2018 our pupils and staff from Years 3 to 6 partied the evening away thanks to our fabulous PTFA.

The school disco was a fabulous evening and raised money for our school.

Visiting a Local Primary School

Visiting one of our local primary schools.

18 October 2018

On Thursday 18th October, our Headteacher and School Ambassadors visited another local primary school.

We were delighted to visit St Barnabas Church of England school, a return visit from their visit to us in the Summer term.

We were delighted to tour the school and share fabulous ideas with each other.

Thank you to everyone at St Barnabas who made us feel very welcome.

Hosting a Visitor as a Read Write Inc Model School

Demonstrating our RWInc practises.

4 October 2018

On 4th October 2018 we welcomed an English leader from a neighbouring primary school to show our RWI Phonics Systems.

As a RWI Model School for the second year running, we welcome visitors who are interested in developing their Phonics provision.

Reception at Highbury Theatre

Reception children at the theatre.

3 October 2018

On Wednesday 3rd October Reception visited Highbury Amateur Theatre. The children travelled by train and were very excited when they arrived at the Theatre.

Each class performed a selection of Nursery Rhymes to an audience of their peers.

The children had a wonderful opportunity to experience not only performing on a Theatre stage by also the atmosphere of the dazzling theatre spotlights shining on them.

It was a wonderful experience for our youngest pupils.

Year 5's Viking Day in the Forest

Year 5 enjoying forest-based activities.

1 October 2018

On Monday 1st October, Year 5 donned their forest clothes and entered the forest area, where they learnt about similarities and differences between the Viking’s and modern Britain.

Children tried their hand at making scrumptious oat bread (which they then cooked on an open fire), weaving and constructing their very own game of chequers by sawing pieces of wood.

Whilst this was happening, the outdoor classroom was a hive of activity with children exploring artefacts, experimenting with Viking runes and curling up with a good old non-fiction book.

Children had a fact-filled, exciting day and persevered with all the tasks they faced.

City Serve's 100th Anniversary

27 September 2018

On Thursday 27th September, 12 children from the Abbey Catholic Primary School went on an amazing trip to City Serve. City Serve is an organisation that serves over 600 over the West Midlands.

The Abbey was picked to go and celebrate their 100th Anniversary, on the same day they were launching their reducing sugar programme. We got to make and try their new beetroot and spinach recipe for Pizza bases. The pizzas were for our lunch, they were served with sweet potato fries – the healthier option to normal fries.

The news were there and were filming us for the lunch time Midlands Today show. The people who were fortunate enough to get interviewed were actually shown on the news.

Did you know, a bottle of Lucozade contains 16 tea spoons of Sugar?

by Ashton and James

Reception RWI Phonics Session

Parents and children working together.

24 to 27 September 2018

During this week, Reception Parents joined their children as their 'perfect partner' and took part in a RWInc Phonic lesson.

Parents were shown how we teach saying the sounds purely, how to hold a pencil with the correct grip and how to form the letters.

Lastly, children showed their parents how good they were becoming at making words on their magnetic boards, then use their finger to point and say each sound before sweeping underneath to blend the sounds together and read the whole word e.g. m-a-t = mat.

It was fabulous to have so many parents in school supporting their children - whoosh!

PCSO Promotes Safety

Ms Tallon and our PCSO.

20 September 2018

We were delighted to welcome our local PCSO at the start of the academic year 2018/19.

We have booked her in for lots of sessions across school throughout the year to talk to different classes about internet safety, being good citizens in the community, road safety and the dangers of knife crime.

All sessions are age appropriate and supported by class teachers.

We are very appreciative of all of the hard work of our local officers and PCSOs.

Pirate Day

Some fearsome looking pirates.

19 September 2018

On 19th September 2018 the Abbey Catholic Primary School was overrun by Pirates!

All pupils and staff dressed as pirates for the annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day and great fun was had by all!

Year 3 trip to Lapworth Geology Museum

Meeting Roary the Dinosaur.

10 September 2018

Year 3 had the chance to find out all about rocks and the history of the earth when they visited Lapworth museum.

They investigated the permeability, the hardness and sorted different rocks into their relevant categories of: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

They studied Roary the Dinosaur and used their detective skills to deduce how he may have died.

100% Attendance for Whole Year

Our attendance certificates.

10 September 2018

On Monday 10th September 2018 we were absolutely delighted to present gold certificates to those pupils who had achieved 100% attendance for the whole academic year 2017/18.

We are incredibly impressed with the attitude to learning of these pupils which will prepare them well for life in modern Britain.

Year 2 at the Black Country Museum

Outside the school room at the Black Country Museum.

6 September 2018

Year 2 spent the day living like Victorians at the Black Country Museum.

Dressed as chimney sweeps and scullery maids, the children had an excellent day visiting rich and poor houses, different shops and playing Victorian games in the street. They also experienced Victorian school, complete with slate boards and a very strict headmistress

We think the whole of Year 2 agreed that they much prefer school now to Victorian school.

Year 4 at Cadbury World

Year 4 at Cadbury World.

6 September 2018

On Thursday 6th September 2018, Year 4 went to Cadbury World in order to immerse themselves into our new topic - Chocolate!

We learnt about the history of Cadbury's chocolate and how it developed over the years. We explored how the cacao beans are grown in Ghana and the journey that they go on to become one of our many favourite chocolate bars.

One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the 4D experience - which was truly exhilarating! However, the best part of the trip was when we were able to sample to delicious melted chocolate in the factory with a selection of toppings!

Year 1 Bodies Workshop at the Thinktank

Year 1 at the Thinktank.

6 September 2018

On Thursday 6th September Year 1 enjoyed a visit to the Think Tank museum as part of their topic Who am I?

They took part in an amazing bodies workshop where they learnt all about their body parts and their five senses.

We look forward to finding out more about how we use our senses in our science lessons.


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