Pupil Voice

School Council

School Council members
School Council members 2019/20.

The aim of the School Council is to give the children of the Abbey School a voice and representatives of their opinions.

One of the government's important initiatives is Every Child Matters and through the School Council, we are able to put this message into practice.

The School Council has many aims. Its first priority is to the children and how we can make our school a safer and happier place. This is achieved through School Council Surgeries where children can come and share ideas we then act upon the feedback.

Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Team members

Our mission is to help spread the Gospel message of love and charity through our actions towards others.

A lot of the work in Chaplaincy Team is centered around promoting and supporting liturgy and prayer life both in and out of school.

We also organise many charitable events through the year, raising money for local, national and international groups.

Sports Council

Sports Council members

Sports Council is a pupil voice group that is dedicated to improving the health and the fitness of the children in our school.

We work closely with our peers, to ensure that they are inspired to try new sports and activities, whilst encouraging them to be responsible for taking part in their active 30 minutes every day. In order to do this, Sports Council hold regular surgeries where children can voice their opinions, furthermore they work together to ensure that where possible these ideas are actioned.

Sports Council have plans this year to work on improving extra-curricular activities throughout play times and after-school provisions. So far, this has seen the implementation of play leaders, who provide alternative games and activities during break time which has provided extra opportunities for all children.