St. Fiacre's Polytunnel

As part of her work within the School of Formation group, our Headteacher, Ms Tallon, was inspired by the Peace Garden at Corrymeela, Northen Ireland.

As stewards of the Earth, it is important that we inspire our children to be the future horticulturalists, conservationists and ecologists of this world.

From this inspiration our Polytunnel was born.

Utilising our pre-existing garden spot and working with local Social Enterprise 'Roots to Fruit', our children have first hand experience of potting, planting, weeding, harvesting and pest control.

Where did our name come from? Our school chaplaincy team were inspired by the work of St Fiacre - the Patron Saint of gardeners - and proudly dedicated our Polytunnel to him.

Collaborating to lay our seed membrane flooring.
Crumbling soil.

Sieving compost to remove large debris.
Discussing the composition of soil.

Sowing seeds.
Many hands make light work.

It's important to keep our seeds labelled.
Giving our seeds a good water.

Discussing the importance of light, crumbly soil.
Our seed trays are developing nicely.

Our Polytunnel makes for the perfect environment for weeds.
A moistometer supports our decisions on when to water.

Our salad gardens in full bloom.
Preparing the space around our Polytunnel for planting.

Inspecting a flower arrangement before final planting.
Our flower pots in full bloom.

Utilising space around our Polytunnel.
Adding colour around school.

Photos from 2018/19