School Improvements

New Welcome Sign

Our new welcome sign.

July 2017

Each Summer holiday, we aim to add something to enhance our wonderful school for our children.

This Summer, thanks to support from our fabulous PTFA fundraising, we have installed a new sign signalling the entrance for children to enter school each morning.

Thank you PTFA for funding this superb addition to our school exterior.

School Hall Freshen Up

April 2017

Our school hall gets used every single day as a lunch hall, a gymnasium, a dance studio, a drama workshop space and much more.

During the Easter holiday, April 2017, our fabulous site manager has given the hall a freshen up with a cheery yellow paint make over.

We thinks it looks fantastic.


Classroom Improvements

August 2016

Part of providing the best provision for our pupils involves ensuring that all teaching areas are the best they can be.

Working in a building that is over 100 years old with its various additions over time can have its challenges.

As part of our rolling programme to improve our school building, this Summer we have removed walls in a classroom that were limiting its full potential as a learning space. We have also replaced the flooring and installed new storage cupboards.

We look forward to using this improved area.


Speech and Language Room

July 2016

Due to the ever increasing speech and language needs of our pupils, we realised that we needed a dedicated teaching space for this very important intervention and support work.

During Summer term 2016, we identified an area that could be revamped into the Speech and Language room. We knew we wanted to make it a place that was quiet and homely. We wanted it to feel like a living room with lamp lighting, a sofa and a soft, fluffy rug. We knew we needed to be clever with the use of space so our plan was to utilise every area of the room. Creating a feature wall meant that we were able to create a working wall which is displays both ‘speech’ and ‘language’ information.

The wonderful Mrs Rice designed in a flip down table, with foldable chairs and two storage area’s for resources. We were also able to include an assessable wipe board and a small box of toys for the children to use during speech and language sessions.

The photo comparison shows just how far this room has moved away from a clinical meeting room! But most importantly the children love it.


Digital Learning Hub Makeover

April 2016

Our ICT Suite was looking very jaded and did not reflect the amazing work taking place inside.

In April 2016 the ICT suite was renamed the Digital Learning Hub. We installed a large window so people in the corridor could see all the fabulous work going on, repainted the room, installed cool colour changing lights and a funky ceiling feature.

Everyone is very pleased with the Digital Learning Hub and agree it is a learning space that even the Google offices would be proud of.


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