Forest School

Mr McTernan Level 3 Practitioner Accreditation

Disappearing behind the playground hedgerows the children of the Abbey Catholic Primary School enter our very own Forest area.

All children at the Abbey visit and use our Forest area for either specific forest school activities or focused subject based learning.

We welcome visitors to our Forest Area.

Forest schooling is an ethos driven rather than an activity based approach to learning. We recognise the importance of the holistic development of the child.

In order to develop holistically children must be given positive opportunities to:

  • Play and Explore with what they already know.
  • Learn actively though perseverance, enjoyment and concentration.
  • Think creatively and critically by having their own ideas, making links to prior knowledge and by having opportunities to make their own choices.

At Forest School we do this together, in a woodland setting, meeting the individual needs of the child and inspiring them to be confident life long learners.

Whilst undertaking Forest school sessions the children at the Abbey Catholic Primary school develop:

  • Bush craft skills such as; fire lighting, cleaving wood and sawing timber.
  • Creative skills utilising the natural environment and resources available to them.
  • Specific scientific knowledge such as the difference between flowering and non-flowering plants.

By allowing children to freely choose their own activities children are able to become engrossed in things that interest them and undertake a deep level of learning. By managing their own risks in all they do we are equipping children with the tools needed to thrive in challenging and potentially dangerous environments.

Nature Watch

During the Easter break in 2017 the Abbey Forest Area had a delivery of four wild hedgehogs. We hope they find our Forest Area a suitable home, what wildlife will we spot investigating our feeding station?



Our Forest Area before we began.
Parents hard at work preparing the area by removing rubbish and nettles.

We always dress appropriately for Forest activities.
Our School Council meeting to discuss the area.

Co-operating to build a shelter.
Exploring sounds with the Music Tree.

Testing our know tying skills.
Cleaving wood using a Bill Hook.

Branches for walking sticks help us scale inclines.
Developing communication skills whilst panning for Forest treasure.

Independent learners undertaking a multitude of Forest activities.
A beautiful things piece of artwork.

Forest faces.
Another smiley Forest faces.

A beautiful things piece of artwork.
  A collection of beautiful things artwork from our Forest Area.