Event - NQT Day of Retreat and Reflection

6 February 2015

On Friday 6th February 2015, our NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) and Headteacher joined 25 other NQTs from across the diocese for a day of retreat and reflection.

The NQTs gathered in our Diocesan mother church, St. Chad's Cathedral, and enjoyed a tour of the Cathedral followed by celebrating Mass together.

The focus of the afternoon was 'passing on the flame'. The NQTs from across the diocese were reminded that we, as teachers, belong to the Mission of the Church. They reflected on the fact that the children we teach are God's children.

The young teachers present were reminded of their dedication as a calling to a teacher. Reminded of their commitment to serve generations of children.

Thanks go to the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership Headteachers Association for coordinating this day.

The flame of Gods love is ready to be passed on through our new teachers.
A tour of St. Chad's Cathedral.

Hearing about the history of Catholic education in Birmingham.
Finding out about the bones of St. Chad.