Event - Year 6 PGL Isle of Wight

September 2019

A fantastic week was spent in beautiful surroundings as Year 6 faced their fears and encouraged each other in a wonderful display of teamwork.

The glorious weather set a marvelous scene as they were challenged to take on activities including dragon boating, tunnel trailing, trapeze, Jacob's ladder and collaborating on the sensory trail.

This trip will go down in Isle of Wight history due to the unexpected 'sickness incident'. Despite this, all staff and pupils made many wonderful memories. Here are some of their comments:

  • My favourite part of the Isle of Wight was the giant swing because I got to fight my fear and it also gave me the most adrenaline.
  • My favourite thing about the Isle of Wight was when we did Jacob's ladder because it took a lot of perseverance and I overcame my fears.
  • The best thing was the evening game of 'Ambush' which was like a massive game of 'hide and seek'. It was really fun playing in the dark!
  • The best part was when we did the climbing activities because we got to test ourselves and push ourselves to prove that we could do it. The most fun thing was the trapeze because we climbed up a tall pole with little steps on it and we had to jump out and grab a hanging bar!
  • I enjoyed the dragon boating because it was really fun to race against the other boats.
  • I loved all the activities because it gave me a different type of experience!
  • My most enjoyable part of the Isle of Wight were the prayer services as it gave us an opportunity to praise God in a different environment.
  • Despite feeling really poorly for a couple of days my favourite part was having a go at all the different activities. Also, all the staff looked after me really well- even when I was sick on Mr Brine's fleece!