Event - Harvest Celebration

9 October 2014

A wonderful collection of supplies, including tins, dried goods and toiletries were donated by our families and delivered to the Erdington Food Bank to support those in our local community who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

Year 1 and their Year 6 buddies came together to lead a whole school Mass giving thanks for the bountiful Harvest.

Father Gabby celebrated Mass during which we were proud to be joined by school councillors from three other schools. Representatives from Hollyfields, Whitehouse Common and Osborne Primary schools joined in our praises.

During Mass we thought about those who do not have enough food to eat. One in eight people throughout the world go hungry every day. We are thankful for everything that we have.

To support the work of Cafod in this area, a non uniform day was held that raised £331.11. This will be used to help support this cause.

Children from different schools gathered together.
Harvest food donations.