Event - Abbey School and Parish Confirmations

15 May 2012

After weeks of preparation, the day of Confirmation finally arrived.

Year 5 eagerly awaited the arrival of Bishop Pargeter. Once he arrived he met the Candidates for Confirmation from the School and Parish whom he questioned about their knowledge of the Sacrament. The pupils were able to confidently respond to all of the Bishop's questions and were a credit to their school.

Later that day, the Bishop, supported by Frs Gabby and Dickenson, Confirmed the candidates. It was a beautiful, reverent cermony. The church was filled with the sounds of children's voices as they sang in praise and celebration.

Thank you to the staff and catechists who prepared the children so well for this wonderful occasion.

Church display.
Bishop Pargeter questions the candidates.

Year 5 meets Bishop Pargeter before the Confirmation.
Confirmation children from the parish.

The choir perform with actions.
Confirmation 2012 Celebrants.

Y5OC Confirmation class.
Y5G Confirmation class.