Event - Class 3PB's First Holy Communion

14 May 2011

On Saturday 14th May we celebrated our First Holy Communion.

Whilst we were getting ready in the morning we felt both excited and nervous. When we arrived in Church with our families we waited with Mrs Pawley and Mrs Bhogal ready to start. We processed onto the altar whilst singing our hearts out and once on the altar we sang as loud as we could.

We all had a special part in The Mass. When we received the Body of Christ for the first time we felt happy. To finish our Mass we all joined hands to show that we are all 'One Family' which happened to be the name of our final song.

We then went over to school to have our Communion breakfast. We had our photographs taken. The boys looked very handsome and the girls looked beautiful.

We all had a lovely time with our friends and we would like to say a special thank you to Amith who shared our special day and to all our friends who supported us during preparations.

After we left and all had special celebrations with our family and friends. We would like to thank all those who helped us during this important time in our lives.

Special celebration cake.
Delicious party treats.

Tucking in.
Having a great day.

Families relax together.
Parent helpers keep everyone topped up.

Staff serve parents and parishoners.