Curriculum Intent

'Following in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and parish'

Our curriculum is designed to educate and form, with a mission to transform all children, for the transformation of society. As they journey through the Abbey school, it is our vision that our children will become advocates for social justice, fighters for sustainability, seekers of equality and leaders seeking to become "builders of a new humanity" (Pope Francis).

Through the delivery of an enriched, broad and balanced curriculum, our children will develop resilience and resourcefulness, becoming reflective reciprocal learners. Our Curriculum is delivered through our Catholic story, deepening the understanding of their own story – to know where they have come from, their aspirations for the future; to become closer to the person God has called them to be. Our shared Catholic beliefs and values are woven through the curriculum to inspire and unify the children.

A rich provision of opportunity is provided through immersion points, experiences, educational trips and school visits. This ensures that the Abbey child is receiving a quality of experience that is a sacred endeavour of discovery. With this each child will become a curious and active learner, seeking to discover and experience how "The world is charged with the grandeur of God" (Gerard Manly Hopkins).

In providing a progression of skills and knowledge we aim to ensure that our children are ready as independent, critical thinkers for their next stage of learning.

Through a creative, innovative and diverse curriculum our school seeks to meet the needs of the whole child developing spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and emotionally.

Building the Kingdom

Information about Abbey Catholic Primary School's curriculum can be found on each individual year group page. There you will find our Building the Kingdom overviews and information on our Big Questions for each topic.