Travelling Ted - 2010/11

Travelling Ted

Travelling Ted is a very valued member of our school community. He spends time each week with families from school and writes about his adventures in his diary.

Travelling Ted likes to join children on exciting adventures both in and out of school.

He loves to have his photograph taken and share all of his adventures with his friends.

If you are going somewhere exciting or unusual, why not invite Travelling Ted along? As long as you write a report with a photograph for his webpage - he'd love to join you.

Travelling Ted in Greece

August 2011

During the Summer Travelling Ted was fortunate enough to visit many places - this time he travelled to Greece with two of our pupils and their family. He loved the different food and there was lots to see and do. Most of all he enjoyed sunbathing on the beach.

Ted on the beach.
Phew! Some shade.

Ted 's Bulgaria Holiday

August 2011

Travelling Ted visited Bulgaria during the Summer with one of our lucky families. He loved going on the plane but his ears popped they were so high! He enjoyed playing on the beach, but most of all he enjoyed playing in the pool.

Ted having fun in the pool.
Ted relaxing on the water.

Ted on Holiday in Dubai

August 2011

Ted had a big surprise during the Summer – a surprise trip to Dubai - what a surprise! Throughout the holiday Ted took part in all activities, Ted's favourite part was the water park, I think that is everyones to be honest. The heat was unbelievable some days, so we relaxed on the beach in the morning when it wasn't so hot, collecting shells and playing in the sea. And by the pool during the afternoons. Ted loved relaxing, in and out of the water. Ted enjoyed the hotel so much there were some fantastic restaurants and great food, but Ted liked the breakfast most of all, chocolate fountain with dipping marshmallows yummy. We all had a great time and didn't want to leave.

Ted at the chocolate fountain.
Ted, with the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in the background.

Ted at the British National Irish Dancing Championships

Ted with the dancers.

August 2011

Ted firstly knew he was going to be lucky to see something new in Irish dancing - it wasn't just solo dancing it was a team dancing in the British Nationals Championships.

Ted was buckled up in his car seat and set off for Manchester. On the morning we were all so nervous but Ted cheered us on and said it would be fine.

The team came second in the championships and Ted thought we were great and celebrated with us.

Ted goes Camping in the Peak District

Ted finds a small enough pony for him.

August 2011

Travelling Ted went camping in the Peak Distrct and found a small pony - just the right size!

Travelling Ted in Ireland

August 2011

Travelling Ted met Irish Legend Sean Kelly at the end of the 85 mile ride around County Clare in Ireland.

Ted in Ennis, Ireland.
Ted meets Sean Kelly.

Ted in Las Vegas

August 2011

As part of his Summer fun, Ted visited Las Vegas in the USA. Ted had a really super time. It was very, very hot in Las Vegas as it is in the middle of the desert. When Ted went out exploring, he had to make lots of visits to shops to cool down and enjoy the air conditioning.

Ted did lots of exciting things in Las Vegas. He particularly enjoyed seeing the amazing acrobats at the Viva Elvis show. He also really enjoyed the fountains outside the Bellagio hotel, they danced in time to music; it was truly magical.

Ted spent some time writing postcards to his friends. Ted really enjoyed his Summer adventures but is looking forward to going back to school to see all of his friends again.

Enjoying the fountain show with Paris hotel in background.
Ted thoroughly enjoyed the water fountain show in front of the Bellagio hotel.

Ted honours the King of Rock and Roll.
Ted felt very fancy in his Elvis shades, thank you, thank you very much.

Ted wonders if this is available in his size?
The Cirque du Soleil show was breathtaking.

Ted relaxing outside his hotel.
Ted took some time to relax in the sun next to the hotel pool.

Ted visits Miami, Florida

August 2011

During the Summer holidays, Ted spent some time exploring parts of the United States of America. He had a super week in Miami. It was lovely and sunny and very warm, even at night! There were a few thunder storms, however, unlike England, even when it was raining the temperature stayed warm. One day, Ted rented a bike and really enjoyed exploring South Beach, there were lots of activities on the beach; a volleyball competition, an outside gym and lots of people relaxing in the sun.

Ted enjoyed a bike ride in South Beach, Miami.
Ted helping the Lifeguards on South Beach.

Ted's Summer Holiday in France

July 2011

Travelling Ted enjoyed the holiday in France and especialy at the beach where he splashed in the waves and lay in the sun! The photos show Ted on the ferry leaving England, at the forest waterfall in The Enchanted Village. Ted also helped me open my birthday presents. Travelling Ted enjoyed being part of our holiday and we enjoyed having him!

Ted on the ferry to France.
Ted by the waterfall.

Ted helps open the birthday presents.

Ted visits the California State Fair

July 2011

Ted visited his friends in California during the Summer holidays. After working hard all year at school, he really enjoyed relaxing in the beautiful Californian Sunshine. Everyone made him feel very welcome when he went to visit the California State Fair. The fair exhibits all of the successes in California and takes place every year; there is lots to see and do and there is even a fun fair!

Ted meets a long lost relation, the California State Fair Mascot Bear.
Ted found a safe place to cross - the Bear Crossing!

Ted resting in the farmyard area.

Travelling Ted goes to Glastonbury

25 to 26 June 2011

During the weekend of 25th-26th June, Travelling Ted journeyed to Somerset to attend the Glastonbury festival, there he saw lots of amazing sights. He had fun playing in the Kidz field and even met Rastamouse. He also had his photo taken with some rather large seagulls.

Ted in the Kidz Field.
Ted and the seagulls.

Travelling Ted in Menorca

June 2011

Travelling Ted had a wonderful time in Menorca with two of his pupil friends. He spent his time on the beach and enjoying the sights. He even got to meet some of the Flinstones characters.

Ted and friends in Fred Flintstone's car.
Chilling out in the sun.

Travelling Ted in Aberystwyth Again

11 June 2011

Ted came with us to a caravan park near Aberystwyth to celebrate my 10th birthday. We spent the first evening playing in the park, Ted loved the rope swing and driving a car! The next morning was such a sunny day that we went for a dip in the swimming pool to cool down, in the evening we went to an Indian restaurant where Ted enjoyed a chicken korma curry. Unfortunately it poured with rain on our last day so we got very wet, but it didn't stop us enjoying a shopping trip in Aberystwth to end a fantastic weekend away. Thanks for celebrating with us Ted!

Ted has a bounce!
Ted drives the lorry.

Ted Plays Football in Scarborough

27 May 2011

On Friday 27th May Travelling Ted went on the long four-hour journey to Scarborough with some Year 5 pupils and the rest of their football team. Bromford Lions under 10s took part in a football tournament that included teams from all over the country including Scotland and Newcastle.

Travelling Ted watched as they played in the cold, windy, rainy weather. He cheered them on. He enjoyed going to the arcade but his favourite activity was playing pool. He liked it so much that he hid under the table and got left there to play by himself. A frantic bear hunt had to happen to find him but a kind man had left him waiting by the doors.

On the way home he had a very wet time playing on Scarborough beach in the pouring rain but he couldn't go all that way without seeing the seaside. He slept all the way home after his sporty wet, windy and exciting adventure!

Ted with the football team.
Ted enjoys a game of pool.

Ted at the Guide Activity Weekend

Ted joins the Guides.

7 May 2011

Travelling Ted spent the weekend with the Guides and one of our Year 6 pupils in Kingswood, Staffordshire.

They kicked off the trip with Circus Skills, then completed many other activities. Scared, agitated and animated Ted Took the leap of faith - it felt like he was flying!

Travelling Ted at the Royal Wedding

29 April 2011

Travelling Ted travelled to London to watch the Royal Wedding. The atmosphere was fantastic. He got really close to Buckingham Palace and was very excited when William and Kate appeared on the balcony.

Ted is ready for the Royal Wedding.
At Buckingham Palace, waiting for the newlyweds to appear.

Travelling Ted goes to New York Again

Easter 2011

Travelling Ted was very busy during the Easter holidays – he got to go to New York. After a long flight from Heathrow to JFK Ted hopped into a yellow taxi which took him to his hotel. He went up the empire state building, but it was very wet and windy so he didn't go outside. Ted had a lovely time!

Ted about to get into a New York taxi.
Ted bought himself a little souvenir of his holiday.

Travelling Ted in Aberystwith

10 April 2011

Ted started the Easter holiday by going to a football match. He supported Aston Villa and enjoyed watching them beat Newcastle 1 – 0 at Villa Park. Ted enjoyed spending time on the beach in Aberystwith with his very own bucket and spade set.

Ted at Villa Park.
On the beach at Aberystwith.

Travelling Ted in Holland

7 April 2011

Over the Easter Break Travelling Ted went to Holland, with a Year 6 pupil. They visited a flower festival called Kokenhof. He also visited Holland's biggest theme park. They had the greatest time.

What lovely flowers.
At the theme park.

Ted's Trip to Walsingham

Ted in Walsingham.

2 April 2011

Travelling Ted enjoyed a lovely trip to the shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham with one of our families.

The girls enjoyed showing him to their friends - Ted was very popular.

Travelling Ted in New York

March 2011

During March Travelling Ted had an eight-hour journey to Newark Airport, New Jersey. Touching down, he had the perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, skyscrapers soaring above him. A drive in a coach later, Ted arrived at Grand Central Station - he was lost! Eventually, Ted found his hotel, a towering, amazing building with an art deco, delicate entrance. When Ted got up to his room on the twelfth floor he fell fast asleep, and it was only five o'clock!

When he awoke the next morning (at three in the morning) Ted was bit bored. Finally, Ted had breakfast, a delicious, cheesy, thick omelette with fried potatoes and a tall glass of fresh orange juice.

From then on, it was all excitement for Ted. The towering Empire State Building, the interesting Guggenheim, the world famous Macy's and to top it all off, Ted took a trip to sweet heaven at Dylan's candy bar. "What a great experience! I wonder if I could go back?" Ted exclaimed at the end of his trip.

Ted at Pier 17.
At the top of the Empire State Building

Travelling Ted at the X Factor Concert

20 February 2011

"I was really lucky to be invited out again by my friend in Year 4 to another concert at the LG Arena. This time it was the X Factor! All the acts were there including One Direction, Matt, Rebecca, Mary, Cher, Aidan, Katie and Wagner. It was a fab night and there was lots of screaming especially when One Direction came on."

by Travelling Ted

Just before the concert with my friends.
I was excited when my friend gave me my ticket!

Travelling Ted takes a Cruise around the UAE

18 February 2011

Travelling Ted went on a half-term break to the United Arab Emirates. Ted travelled by air and by sea to visit four of the seven Emirate States; Abu Dhabi, Oman, Dubai and Fujairah.

Whilst in the Emirates, Ted had lots of adventures including a day in the desert where he got to see camels and drive over the sand dunes which was a bit like a roller coaster ride. Ted also dressed in a traditional Arabian outfit which helped keep his body cool in the hot daytime sun.

On board a ship in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, Travelling Ted even found time to log into a computer to take part in Mathaletics, earning extra points for the Abbey School! That was fun, but he had even more fun climbing the rock wall on board the ship. Ted also took a boat trip and saw hundreds of Dolphins swimming in the sea.

Ted also found time to visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa which is over 800 meters high, it was a little bit scary looking down from the observatory!

Ted had a fabulous time and he's looking forward to his next adventure.

On board ship in the Arabian Gulf.
On the climbing wall on board ship.

Ted in a traditional Arabian outfit.
Taking part in Mathletics in Dubai.

Ted at Boldmere Sports Ground

Ted at Boldmere Sports Ground.

8 February 2011

On Tuesday 8th February seven children from the Abbey, and Travelling Ted, headed to Boldmere Sports and Social club for a photo shoot that was also filmed for Sky Television.

They were visited by local Aston Villa favourite Gabby Agbonlahor, who signed autographs and allowed them to have their photos taken with him. Their club received a colossal amount of money to help fund for the provision of a new clubhouse and AstroTurf pitches.

One of the boys said "I'm sure that I speak for everyone who was there when I say that it was a wicked day!"

Travelling Ted at the Foundation/KS1 Disco

Ted at the disco.

4 February 2011

Travelling Ted spent the evening at the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 disco on Friday 4th February.

He had a great time - as did all the children (and Ms Tallon)!

Travelling Ted goes to a JLS Concert

19 January 2011

"I was really excited to go along to the JLS concert at the LG Arena with one lucky girl in Year 4. We had great time dancing and singing to all their songs. We even bumped into a few more friends and Teachers from the Abbey too! My favourite part of the show was when a big robot came on to the stage and Aston did a backflip. It was a really fun night out."

by Travelling Ted

Ted with his ticket.
We bumped into two friends from the Abbey.

Ted Celebrates Christmas in Disney World

December 2010

Ted came with me and my family to celebrate Christmas in Disney World, Florida. We did lots of riding on roller coasters, meeting Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and friends and Lilo and Stitch. We also watched shows and parades, went swimming with dolphins and snorkelling around a coral reef. The best bit was swimming with the dolphins and I really liked meeting Stitch. Ted's favourite part was going on the Harry Potter ride through Hogwarts castle and meeting lots of cuddly friends. I think Ted got a little bit afraid on the Harry Potter ride because it was a bit scary and a bit dark. We had a lovely fun time and didn't want to leave.

Ted meets Mickey Mouse.
Donald Duck says 'hello' to Ted.

Ted with Pluto and Goofy.
Making friends with Piglet.

Ted with Lilo and Stitch.
Ted has a ride on the carousel.

Ted visits Epcot.
Ted at Universal Studios, Florida.

Ted at the Pantomime

December 2010

Over the Christmas holiday, Ted supported pupils from our school as they took part in the Pantomime, Dick Whittington, at the Birmingham Hippodrome. ("Oh, yes he did!") Ted really enjoyed meeting Keith Harris and in particular enjoyed mingling with Hollywood legend, Joan Collins. The children involved in the Pantomime were set the challenge to get a photograph with Ted and Joan Collins; the prize 1000 housepoints each! Check next week's Housepoint Chart to see how they got on!

Ted meets Keith Harris.
Ted meets Joan Collins.

Ted goes Go-Karting!

December 2010

Ted loves to on exciting adventures. One weekend in December, Ted joined some friends on a Go-Karting day. Ted had a tremendous time, although he did get a bit dizzy whizzing around and around in circles! Ted really enjoyed racing against his friends and trying to beat his own personal best lap time. Are you doing something exciting with your family that Ted can join in with? Invite Ted along, take some photographs and write a report for the school website.

Ted at the track.
Ted on the kart.

Ted visits the Black Country Museum

November 2010

Ted had a wonderful day out at The Black Country Museum. Ted was fascinated by how children lived long ago, he was shocked to find out some of the conditions children lived and worked in and really appreciated his home comforts! Ted visited Victorian shops and even went down the mine! Ted had a super day out and would recommend it to all families. He particularly enjoyed the fish and chips-delicious!

Ted in the radio shop.
Ted in the motorbike and repairs shop.

Ted enjoying a ride on an old 'Sunbeam'.
Do you recognise the naughty pupil?

Ted visits the Pharmacy.
Ted warming up by the real coal fire - no central heating then!

Ted with the local Policeman.
Ted spends time in the Gentleman's Outfitters looking for a new hat.

Ted in an old fashioned school.
Do you think Ted behaved himself in school?

A Wonderful Weekend in Blackpool

November 2010

Travelling Ted was delighted to be invited to spend the weekend with one of our Reception families as they visited Blackpool for the weekend. Even though the weather was chilly, Ted had a fabulous time and got to spend the whole weekend with his Reception pal. He enjoyed visiting the beach, it reminded him of his holiday in Spain. Ted loves to join his Abbey friends on their adventures. Maybe next time you go somewhere exciting, Ted could come too?

Ted loves Blackpool.
On the pier.

Near the Blackpool Tower.
Shall I go on the roller coaster?

Ted at the American Football

October 2010

Ted loves to keep healthy by taking part in lots of fun exercise. He also enjoys watching a variety of sports. Ted travelled to Wembley in London to watch an American football game between San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos. He didn't really understand all of the rules but really enjoyed being part of such a big crowd of supporters. The end score was a 24-16 win to the 49ers!

Ted enjoys the match.
Ted outside the stadium.

Travelling Ted and the Champion Golfer

Ted and our champion golfer.

October 2010

Ted had a great day out with one of our Year 6 students who was selected to play in a Golf Tournament.

Participation in any physical activity is strongly encouraged and supported by everyone in school. Whilst we fully believe that it's the taking part and the attitude you share that really counts;Ted is pleased to share that this talented pupil not only behaved and played brilliantly but achieved great success too.

Ted celebrates at Graduation Day

14 October 2010

We are very proud of our two Newly Qualified Teachers; Mr McTernan and Mr Barr. Ted joined both members of staff and their families as they celebrated their graduation at Birmingham's Symphony Hall. Ted had a great time seeing the success of students of all ages and felt inspired to keep working hard at Primary School.

Mr McTernan and Mr Barr pose for a picture with Ted.
Ted had a super view of all the hard working students in Symphony Hall.


October 2010

Ted was very honoured to join one of our pupils as she attended her Uncle's RAF Regiment Graduation. Ted was very proud to be part of such a memorable day and enjoyed meeting the officers and touring around. This group of graduates will be dispatched to Afghanistan between August and October, we wish them all the very best. We ask that you keep these graduates and all servicemen and women in your prayers.

Ted supports the RAF graduates.
The graduates practise marching behind Ted.

The whole family shared a very special day.
Ted was proud to be part of the RAF team.

Travelling Ted welcomes Pope Benedict XVI to Birmingham

September 2010

Ted joins thousands of Pilgrims to welcome Pope Benedict XVI to Birmingham. Ted had a very early start to his Pilgrimage to Cofton Park to celebrate Mass with Pope Benedict XVI. It was a very special day and Ted very much enjoyed being surrounded by thousands of Catholics joined together in prayer.

It was a 5.15am departure for Ted.
Ted's special flag bearing the Pope's coat of arms.

Ted and the thousands of pilgrims.
Ted gets close to the beautiful altar in Cofton Park.

Travelling Ted's American Adventure

August 2010

Ted used some of his summer holiday break to visit the West coast of America. Ted had some fabulous adventures and met some really nice people. It took him a while to get used to cents and dollars but he had some great adventures.

Ted visits the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Did Mr Stallone really leave a message for our Ted?

Ted meets Zorro at Universal Studios.
Ted meets Dora the Explorer at Universal Studios.

Ted with a lifeguard at Newport Beach, Orange County.
Ted really enjoyed visiting the Firefighters in San Francisco.

Travelling Ted visits Egypt

August 2010

Ted really enjoyed hearing all about Egypt in Year 5 History lessons and as part of Year 1's International research. Ted decided to do some research of his own. Ted really enjoyed visiting Egypt and meeting lots of friendly people, he was very, very hot while he was there. What can you find out about Egypt?

Ted visits the pyramids.
Ted visits the famous Sphinx.