Travelling Ted - 2009/10

Travelling Ted

Travelling Ted is a very valued member of our school community. He spends time each week with families from school and writes about his adventures in his diary.

Travelling Ted likes to join children on exciting adventures both in and out of school.

He loves to have his photograph taken and share all of his adventures with his friends.

If you are going somewhere exciting or unusual, why not invite Travelling Ted along? As long as you write a report with a photograph for his webpage - he'd love to join you.

A Diary of Ted's Summer Adventures

July 2010

The summer started when we went to Drayton Manor with my friend Ella-Mae and my family. We went on lots of rides with Ted like splash cannon, bumper cars and pirate adventure. Travelling Ted couldn't go on most of the big rides because of his height, so I sneaked him on some (but don't tell). My sister Aoife, and her friend Megan, went on more rides with Travelling Ted as they were smaller. Read the full story...

by Ciara D

Travelling Ted Keeps Safe and Healthy

July 2010

Ted really enjoys travelling all around the world to visit his friends. Ted knows that it is very important to be well prepared and look after yourself. Ted visited his local doctor surgery and had a chat with the very friendly Practice Nurse. Ted was very brave and had an injection, he was very pleased that it did not hurt at all.

Ted with the very friendly nurse.
Ted was very brave when he needed an injection.

Travelling Ted to the Moon - A Story

July 2010

I'm here today to tell you about one of the great outings that Travelling Ted went on. It was the last day at school and Ted was so excited because in two days time he was going to Florida USA. He was going to a part where there was the NASA space station to see all the greatest things about space and space men. Read the full story...

by Liam

Travelling Ted visits Bishop Pargeter

Ted meets Bishop Pargeter.

July 2010

Travelling Ted attends lots of important events at both the Abbey Parish and neighbouring Parishes.

One of our Key Stage 1 pupils spotted a photo opportunity straight away when Bishop Pargeter visited a local Parish. She wasted no time in introducing herself and Ted and getting Daddy to take a picture immediately. Well done!

Travelling Ted goes to Glastonbury

June 2010

One gloriously sunny weekend in June, Travelling Ted went to the Glastonbury Festival. He rocked along with Dizzee Rascal and the Scissor Sisters; but his favourite place was in the Circus field. Here he saw some amazing sights; he met a mermaid who was being carried around by a very small person. After this, he cooled off by the lake in the Healing Fields.

Ted and the mermaid.
Cooling off by the lake.

Travelling Ted attends Brownie and Guide Centenary Camp

June 2010

Travelling Ted loves to support his friends in their hobbies and interests outside school. He was delighted to be invited to join Brownies and Girl Guides from the Abbey Catholic Primary School on their Centenary Camp. Ted really enjoyed camping and learning new songs, he even got to meet the mayor! After all his adventures, he was very happy to join the Brown Owls and Guiders for a nice cup of tea.

Ted and friends really enjoyed camping.
Time to relax with a nice cup of tea.

Ted loved being in the tent- what an adventure!

Travelling Ted at the PTA Disco

May 2010

Although Ted loves to travel the world, his favourite place to be is with all of his friends at Abbey Catholic Primary School. Ted had a wonderful time when he was invited by his friends from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to join them at their PTA disco. Ted had agreat time having fun, whilst raising money for school at the same time. He looks forward to seeing you at the next disco.

Ted had lots of friends to dance with.
Ted really enjoyed the KS1 Disco.

Travelling Ted visits Spain

May 2010

When Travelling Ted visited Spain with one of our pupils and her family, they had many adventures. Ted particularly enjoyed burying her on the beach, all you could see poking out of the sand was her head! Ted was entertained at the Spanish fiesta and loved watching the Flamenco dancing. Whilst paddling in the sea the next day Ted and his new friends saw a massive fish. Ted and the family were sad to leave the new friends they had made but are looking forward to their next big adventure.

Ted on the beach.
Ted and the family have a drink.

Travelling Ted flies a Helicopter

April 2010

Travelling Ted has worked very hard all year, and over the Easter holiday enjoyed a well deserved break. He is a very adventurous type of bear and tried his hand a flying a helicopter.

Ted gets ready for the flight.
The pilot said Ted was a natural!

Travelling Ted in Bath

March 2010

In March 2010 Travelling Ted enjoyed a weekend in Bath doing some research for the Year 4 History Topic - The Romans.

His visits included the famous Royal Crescent, one of the world's best known landmarks. It was built between 1767 and 1775 and designed by John Wood the younger. Ted also visited the River Avon. The Romans built baths and a temple on the surrounding hills of Bath in the valley of the River Avon around hot springs, which are the only ones naturally occurring in the United Kingdom.

Ted at the Royal Crescent.
Ted on the banks of the River Avon.

Travelling Ted at the Children's Champions Awards

March 2010

In March 2010 Ted attended the Children's Champions Awards 2010 with one of our Year 6 pupils.

Ted with Sam and Mark, popular children's TV presenters.
Ted with Dame Kelly Holmes.

Ted poses with stars from Strictly Come Dancing and Martin's Money Tips.

Travelling Ted at Aston Villa

February 2010

In February 2010, Travelling Ted joined one of our own fabulous footballers to attend an Aston Villa football match. Ted enjoyed the game immensely and was even invited to see the trophy cabinet.

Ted gets a warm welcome from an official at the Aston Villa ground.
Ted admires the Aston Villa trophy cabinet.

Travelling Ted has been very good all year

Ted meets Santa.

December 2009

Imagine Ted's surprise as when walking through Year 1 he came across a very special visitor.

Father Christmas had stopped off at Abbey Catholic Primary School to visit all of the children in Reception and Years 1 and 2. Each child (and Ted) were given a present and had a photograph taken with Santa.

Travelling Ted visits London and Stonehenge

December 2009

Travelling Ted enjoys many adventures and during the Christmas Holidays he visited many historical sites around the UK. The weather was very cold and there was even snow. Nothing could stop Ted exploring. He had a fabulous time investigating lots of famous landmarks around London, he stood outside Buckingham Palace for a long time but did not get to meet the Queen. He took a day trip to Stonehenge and was fascinated by all the facts he learnt from the tour guide. Perhaps you could research Stonehenge and share your findings with your class teacher?

Ted by the Thames.
Ted visits prehistoric Stonehenge.

Travelling Ted in Paris

September 2009

Travelling Ted enjoyed a weekend in Paris. He worked really hard using all of the French he had been learning in Key Stage 2 French lessons. Bonjour Ted!

Ted at the Arc de Triomphe.
Ted sees the Eiffel Tower.

Travelling Ted in Scotland

August 2009

In August 2009 Travelling Ted spent a week in the Scottish highlands. He really enjoyed touring around the beautiful countryside and hunting for the Loch Ness Monster. He even ate haggis!

Ted at the Highland Games in Aberlour.
Ted begins his hunt for the Loch Ness Monster.

Ted finds the Loch Ness Monster. "Hello Nessie".

Travelling Ted visits Liverpool

January 2009

Travelling Ted really enjoyed the History topic in Year 6 studying John Lennon. He decided to visit the home of the Beatles and visit the city of Liverpool. He did lots and lots of research and enjoyed visiting the Beatles Museum as well as the childhood homes of Paul, Ringo, George and John.

Ted outside John Lennon's childhood home.
Ted visits the famous Penny Lane.