Travelling Ted

Travelling Ted

Travelling Ted is a very valued member of our school community. He spends time each week with families from school and writes about his adventures in his diary.

Travelling Ted likes to join children on exciting adventures both in and out of school.

He loves to have his photograph taken and share all of his adventures with his friends.

If you are going somewhere exciting or unusual, why not invite Travelling Ted along? As long as you write a report with a photograph for his web page - he'd love to join you.

Ted Meets Illustrator, Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt with Ted.

23 March 2018

Book Club children travelled to Birmingham Town Hall to take part in a very exciting event that they had been preparing for in Book Club sessions after school.

The Year 3 children took part in a draw-a-long with the famous illustrator, Nick Sharratt, as part of the Bournville Book Fest and they had a fantastic time!

After creating some fantastic pieces of artwork, Book Club couldn't wait to meet the man who has created the artwork of characters such as Tracy Beaker and Vikings in the Supermarket, and Nick was more than happy to have a photo with our own Travelling Ted. What a brilliant day it was!

Ted's Day in London

November 2016

On Thursday 25th November Travelling Ted and Miss Haynes went to London for the day.

First they went to Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives. and had a quick photo. Then Miss Haynes and her brother (Mr H) visited Westminster Abbey for a very special event 'The Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Anniversary' service. 60 years ago, the Duke of Edinburgh started an Award Program for young people that aims and encourages teenagers to challenge themselves. Miss H and Mr H have completed the Award program and now Mr H is a young ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh award.

After a quick security check, Miss H and Ted went into the Abbey and got a seat on the front row! Whilst they waited for the service to begin they spotted some famous faces; Philip Schofield, Josh Lewsey, Jon Culshaw, The Weasley twins and many more! Miss H and Ted had to wait a little while but then ... Count and Countess of Wessex (Sophie and Edward) arrived! How exciting!

Shortly after, lots of police cars and motorbikes arrived outside the Abbey followed by a very fancy car with a flag on top... It was the Queen's car! A few moments later, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh entered the Abbey and walked down the aisle (really close to Ted and Miss H)! Wow!

As part of the special service, Mr H and some other ambassadors had to walk down the aisle, infront of over 2,000 people, to deliver the D of E charter to the High Altar.

It was a beautiful service and everyone who attended left the Abbey feeling inspired. What an incredible day!



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