On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school.

The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils - aren't they great! If you'd like to see what the staff really look like, just hover over each picture with your mouse.

Ms Tallon

Mr Kirke

Mr McTernan

Mrs Wilde

Miss Cope

Mr Barr

Miss Mosley

Mrs Howard

Mrs Small

Mrs Hands

Mr Harris

Mrs Dewell

Miss Reidy

Mrs Coley

Mrs Howley

Mrs Banner

Miss O Marks

Mrs Hughes

Mrs J Marks

Mrs Morgan

Mr Crowhurst

Miss Haynes

Mrs Lonergan

Mrs Evans

Mrs Adamo

Mrs Barton

Mrs Hanlon

Mrs Jinks

Mrs Maughan

Mrs McDonagh

Mrs Moon

Mrs O'Grady

Mrs Parker

Mrs Rice

Miss Szkurdziuk
Mrs Williams

Mrs Jackson

Mrs McWilliams
Mrs Waters

Mr McCaffery

Barney Dog

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Ms J-A Tallon Headteacher
Mr J Kirke Deputy Headteacher (on secondment St Patrick's Walsall to August 2018)
Mr J McTernan Acting Deputy Headteacher, Phase Leader R/1/2
Mrs C Wilde Acting Assistant Headteacher, Phase Leader 3/4, English Leader
Miss S Cope Business Manager
Mr E Barr Phase Leader - Years 5/6, Assessment Leader, Mathematics Leader
Miss K Mosley SENCO
Mrs E Howard Reception Lead Practitioner
Mrs D Small Reception Teacher
Mrs L Hands Year 1 Teacher
Mr D Harris Year 1 Teacher, RE Leader
Mrs D Dewell Year 2 Teacher
Miss K Reidy Year 2 Teacher
Mrs C Coley Year 3 Teacher
Mrs E Howley Year 3 Teacher
Mrs J Banner Year 4 Teacher
Miss O Marks Year 4 Teacher
Mrs J Hughes Year 5 Teacher (maternity leave)
Mrs J Marks Year 5 Teacher, Cycling Ambassador
Mrs M Morgan Year 5 Teacher
Mr J Crowhurst Year 6 Teacher, PSHE and Behaviour Leader
Miss S Haynes Year 6 Teacher, Science Leader
Mrs R Lonergan Year 6, Cycling Ambassador
Mrs R Evans RWI Manager
Mrs R Adamo Support Staff
Mrs Y Barton Support Staff
Mrs D Hanlon Support Staff
Mrs C Jinks Support Staff
Mrs B Maughan Support Staff
Mrs M McDonagh Support Staff
Mrs G Moon Support Staff (maternity leave)
Mrs R O'Grady Support Staff
Mrs J Parker Support Staff
Mrs R Rice Support Staff (Speech and Language)
Mrs I Szkurdziuk Support Staff
Mrs R Williams Support Staff
Mrs A Jackson Headteacher's PA
Mrs A McWilliams Administrator
Mrs L Waters School Administrator
Mr I McCaffery Building Site Manager
Mrs R Jones Senior Pastoral Support, Reprographics Support
Mrs C Brindley-Jones Pastoral Support
Mrs S Brookes Pastoral Support
Mrs F Choto Pastoral Support
Mrs M Ford Pastoral Support
Mrs B Hayes Pastoral Support
Mrs M McLeod Pastoral Support
Mrs C Sullivan Pastoral Support
Barney Dog School Dog

Safeguarding Team

The Abbey Catholic Primary School is committed to the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have a concern that a child is being harmed, is at risk of harm, or you receive a disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally) you must contact one of the following members of staff as quickly as possible:

Joe McTernan
Direct email

Clare Wilde
Direct email

Kate Mosley
Direct email

Julie-Anne Tallon
Direct email

If you do have any concerns, please contact Mr McTernan, Mrs Wilde, Miss Mosley or Ms Tallon on 0121 373 1793.