Snippets of News - Spring Term 2015

Bags2School Collection

Our latest Bags2School collection.

27 March 2015

On Friday 27th February 2015 school held one of the regular 'Bags to school' collections.

Thank you very much to all families who had a clear out over the half term holiday. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Onesie Day

Lots of onesies!

27 March 2015

The Abbey Primary was awash with onesies on 27th March 2015.

As part of our almsgiving throughout Lent, everyone paid to dress up in their onesies for the day.

Everyone agreed it was very comfortable and great fun.

2JM Assembly

Y2JM's assembly.

27 March 2015

On the 27th March 2015, Y2JM kept the whole school enthralled with their wonderful class assembly. Each pupil was fully involved with excellent singing, acting and confident performance.

The prayers shared with the whole school were written by the children during their RE lessons and every one was very impressed.

We are very proud of 2JM and Miss Mumford. Our parent evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone involved.

St Patrick's Day Assembly

Class 1JC perform their assembly.

20 March 2015

On Friday 20th March Y1JC led a whole school assembly for Saint Patrick’s Day. They all performed confidently whilst explaining the story of Saint Patrick, as well as using props to explain the meaning of the shamrock.

During the assembly Year 1 recognised the strength and support they have from friends and families through songs performed.

Congratulation to Y1JC for their class assembly, which included some excellent public speaking, singing, acting and, of course, Irish dancing!

School Council in London

The School Council in London.

20 March 2015

On Friday 20th March 2015, the School Council visited London to study democracy.

They visited the London Eye, The changing of the Guard, The Supreme Court and finally the Houses of Parliament.

A wonderful day was had by all, and the children were a credit to their parents and our school.

Gold EU eSafety Label

The Gold eSafety Label

17 March 2015

The school has been awarded the EU eSafety Gold Label.

This eSafety Label highlights where our school stands in terms of responsible ICT use and how we are developing optimal empowerment and safety for all our pupils and staff.

St Patrick's Day Shenanigans

Dressed in green for St Patrick's Day.

17 March 2015

As Irish people all over the world celebrated St Patrick's Day on 17th March 2015, children and staff from Abbey school joined in, too.

Everyone wore green clothing to honour St Patrick's Day and to reflect on the strong Irish heritage of our parish, school and local area.

Mother's Day Mass

One of our Mother's Day cards.

15 March 2015

On Sunday 15th March, Reception and Year 2 children led the Mother's Day Mass in Church.

All children were exceptionally well-behaved and read eloquently and clearly.

At the end of the Mass, children sang their Mother's Day song to their Mums and presented them with a bunch of daffodils, along with a hand-made Mother's card.

All children were a credit to the school - well done Reception and Year 2.

Mother's Day Assembly

2HD perform for the whole school.

13 March 2015

On Friday 13th, children in Y2DH led a whole school assembly for Mother's Day.

They all performed confidently and thanked their Mums for everything they do for them.

Each mother was presented with a gift of Daffodils as a token of appreciation.

Get Running for Cancer Awareness

Fund raising success in aid of Breast Cancer.

11 March 2015

Following on from our fundraising for Breast Cancer Care, two members of staff were inspired to do something else to continue fundraising for such a worthwhile cause.

Mrs Kennedy and Ms Tallon are running the Brighton Marathon in support of Breast Cancer. They are hoping to match the £386 that was raised in school. We are very proud of them.

School was delighted to send off the cheque for £386 on 11th March. Although in reality, we sent a much smaller cheque than the one in the photograph!

Year 5 Debate at the Council House

The Year 5 team at the Council House.

10 March 2015

On Tuesday 10th March, twelve children from Year 5 attended the Lord Mayor's debate at the Birmingham Council House.

They spoke confidently for and against the motion 'That every Saturday, pupils and their teachers should volunteer to return to school to pick up litter and rubbish in the streets around their school in order to be good citizens'. When all the schools had finished debating, the children used an interactive voting system. It was decided that children and their teachers should not have to return to school on the weekend to pick up litter!

The children then had a tour of the Council House and we donated some money to the Lord Mayor's Charity.

This was a wonderful opportunity for children to experience democracy in action.

KS2 PTFA Disco

Disco fever.

6 March 2015

Thank you to our amazing PTFA who organised a fabulous disco for Years 4, 5 and 6 on Friday 6th March 2015.

Our DJ's, Mr W and Mr McT, were brilliant and kept everyone dancing all evening.

Thank you very much to all parents and staff who made the evening possible.

Raising Money for Breast Cancer Charity

Wearing pink in aid of Breast Cancer Charity.

13 February 2015

On Friday 13th February 2015 our school building was awash with pink as pupils and staff wore pink instead of everyday 'school clothes'.

In exchange for wearing pink, a donation was given towards Breast Cancer Charity fundraising.

Spelling Bee Competition at Kingsbury

Spelling competitors.

13 February 2015

On Friday 13th February, four children from Year 6 and 5 went to a spelling competition in Kingsbury School and Sports College.

Four schools were there and the teams had to spell some tricky words. It was a challenging afternoon and it was great to meet children from other local schools. We were runners-up in the competition.

Class 5EH Assembly

5EH's Assembly.

16 January 2015

In anticipation of Peace Sunday, 5EH led a whole school assembly on Friday 16th January. The assembly prayer was that peace would begin with each one of us and that all persons would be gifted with great inner and lasting peace.

5EH told of the recipe for true Christian living given by Jesus Himself, the King of Peace, in the Beatitudes which are in Matthew’s Gospel. The Beatitudes were reflected upon and the connections with peace were explored.

Links were made to topics covered. The Christmas Truce was re-enacted. Photographs and memories were shared of the Football match between Years 5 and 6 pupils held to commemorate the centenary of the Christmas Day Truce.

Significant events of World War II were presented in a timeline. Photographs and memories of the end of topic VE day celebration party were shared. Also, waltz dancing skills were demonstrated.

The prayer of St Francis of Assisi was led by 5EH. A song reminding us that ‘Jesus is our Lighthouse’, who leads and supports us, concluded the assembly.

Congratulations to 5EH for a superb assembly which demonstrated excellent public speaking, acting, dancing and singing. Thank you for spreading the Gospel with Joy.

Year 2 Learn Pizza Making

Year 2 learn about making pizzas.

6 January 2015

As part of the IPC topic 'We are what we eat', Year 2 visited Pizza Express in Birmingham and Sutton and learnt all about the art of Pizza Making!

The children found out about the ingredients of Pizzas and their origins and created their very own delicious Margherita Pizza which they ate for lunch.

100% Attendees for Autumn Term

Gold attendance certificate recipients.

5 January 2015

A fabulous start to 2015 as the whole school celebrated the achievements of all children who attended school for every single day during the Autumn term.

So many children had outstanding attendance and were awarded gold certificates that they had to go onto the playground for a group photograph as they couldn't fit at the front of our assembly.

Well done to our 100% attenders and their families. Great examples to us all.

Silver Attendance Certificates for Autumn Term

Silver attendance certificate recipients.

5 January 2015

We are very proud of our children who strive to be in school every day. Our students requested a Silver certificate for those students who miss 100% attendance by one day.

Well done to all students for excellent attendance during Autumn term 2014, they are all aiming for Gold in the Spring term.