Snippets of News - Spring Term 2014

School Choir's Pizza Treat

School Choir members enjoying their pizzas.

7 April 2014

Members of our school choir enjoyed a pizza treat as a thank you for all their hard work and commitment.

Our wonderful choir are really dedicated, giving up their time to support Holy Communion, Confirmation and numerous other parish and school events.

We all appreciate the hard work. Thank you choir!

Mrs Howley's Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration treats.

4 April 2014

We enjoyed a super celebration for Mrs Howley's birthday.

Staff organised a surprise lunchtime buffet, and invited family members along, too.

Mrs H, you don't look a day over 21!

Mother's Day Mass

30 March 2014

Flowers for our mums!

At the end of Mass on Sunday, all children were able to present their mothers with a bunch of flowers, funded and prepared by the PTFA.

What a lovely way to celebrate all that our Moms do for us.

Year 4's Alms Giving Assembly

4JB in action.

21 March 2014

Year 4 worked very hard to produce an excellent assembly about one of our Lenten Observances - Alms giving.

The children explained what different methods people and celebrities have to raise money for charities, what the money is used for and how beneficial it is. They also explored how Jesus promoted the same ethos of helping those in need.

It was an entertaining assembly with fantastic singing and acting incorporating a powerful message.

Year 5 at Aston Villa FC

Year 5 at Aston Villa.

21 March 2014

Year 5 were treated to a fabulous education day at Aston Villa Football Club.

During the morning they completed in a football tournament. The skills improved tremendously during the sessions. The teamwork and perseverance was commendable, pupils worked together and gave their very best.

After lunch, a short tour of the stadium was arranged, the pupils were able to take their places in the the stands with a perfect view of the pitch.

The Inauguration of Pope Francis

20 March 2014

We had a school assembly on 20 March 2013 in honour of Our Holy Father Pope Francis. Mrs Pawley shared this presentation with the whole school. Please share this powerpoint with your family and find out more information about our new Pope:

Teacher's Training Day

Teachers, training!

19 March 2014

On Wednesday 19th March 2014, staff from across the school were trained by experts from Read Write Inc Group.

There was grammar training which included ensuring that we knew our subjunctive from our infinitives and there was phonics training which explored how we could develop children's writing even further in their phonics lessons. We were joined by staff from five other schools.

What the Thunder Said

'What the Thunder Said' performance.

17 March 2014

Pupils from Year 5 and 6 were treated to a spectacular performing arts display on Monday 17th March by the Theatre Company, in the form of Ed Harris' adaptation of T S Elliot's 'What the Thunder Said'.

This hard hitting display brought to the forefront issues of violence, gangs and bullying, bringing home to children issues which they may one day encounter.

By the end of the performance, children were given a range of strategies to help deal with such situations. The play was accompanied by a talk from a local Police Officer and Police Community Support Officer who offered further advice on how children could keep safe.

With the theme of the morning centred around the ability to make choices, this work will continue long into the year to ensure children really are equipped with the skills they need as they move into Secondary Education in the coming months and years.

School Councillors Select Artwork

School councillors with just some of the winning entries.

4 March 2014

On the 4th March 2014, School Councillors had the tricky task of selecting art work in preparation for our new mural.

Children across school had entered art into the competition depicting the life of Jesus. The standard of entries was incredibly high and the councillors certainly had their work cut out selecting only a few.

The selected pieces will be transferred onto canvas and displayed in the top corridor of school with our school motto: Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and Parish.

Key Stage 1 Film Night

4 March 2014

Film Night fun.

Children from Key Stage 1 enjoyed a fun film night organised by PTFA volunteers to raise funds for school.

The fresh popcorn was delicious!

Dr Bike Day

Bikes, bikes, bikes!

3 March 2014

On Monday 3rd March we held a special 'Dr Bike Day' event at school.

We were all invited to bring our bikes and scooters into school for a special 'MOT'. Rachel and Phil from Bike North Birmingham came in to carry out safety checks on all of our bikes, giving each one a special 'bike prescription' if they needed more work or parts.

Now our bikes have been checked we can start to use our bikes and scooters to ride to school, helping to keep us healthy and help the environment!

The Great Bike Bake Off

Bake Off winners.

28 February 2014

Staff from the Abbey attended a seminar hosted by Sustrans and Bike North Birmingham to find out all about how we can support our staff and pupils in cycling or walking to school.

As part of the day there was a 'Bake Off' competition, with entries being created in the shape of a bicycle part.

The Abbey were delighted to be awarded overall winners, a great end to an enjoyable day.

Forest Area Redesign

Welcome to our Forest Area.

21 February 2014

Over half term our Forest Area answer received a fantastic redesign. Designed by Reception and constructed by Mr Thornton.

We are always happy to welcome visitors to our wooded area.

4OM's Power of a Smile Assembly

4OM in action.

7 February 2014

Year 4 worked extremely hard to share a wonderful assembly about the The Power of a Smile. They focused on how the book of proverbs in The Old Testament states that 'A cheerful look brings joy to the heart'.

The children explained how a simple smile can make such a difference to somebodies day. This could be in their families, at school or even someone who does not speak the same language. They explored how it takes much more effort to frown than it does to smile leaving the rest of the school with the challenge to use the power of their smile to make a difference to somebodies day next week.

The children certainly made everyone smile with their fantastic singing, dancing and acting.

Bishop Walsh Drama Department Performance

Some of the Bishop Walsh 'Our House' cast members.

27 January 2014

On Monday 27th January 2014, cast members from Bishop Walsh Secondary School joined us to perform scenes from their upcoming performance 'Our House'.

Key Stage 2 thoroughly enjoyed watching a selection of scenes and were very impressed by the actors, musicians and dancers.

We were particularly proud to see an ex Abbey pupil in the cast and are very excited to see the full production at Bishop Walsh Secondary School.

3NR's Inventions Assembly

3NR performing their assembly.

24 January 2014

3NR worked very hard to perform a fabulous assembly about inventions that have changed our world.

The children explained that everyone has been given talents from God that can be used to change our world and the lives of others.

They encouraged everyone to let their God given talents shine!

Local Schools Join for Gifted and Talented Workshop

The Gifted and Talented Workshop.

21 January 2014

On Tuesday 21st January 2014 we were very proud to host a Gifted and Talented workshop for Year 4 pupils.

We were joined by Year 4 pupils from three other local primary schools: Court Farm Primary, Yenton Primary and Osborne Primary.

The students were fully immersed in the learning and cooperated beautifully together.

We look forward to hosting another event soon.

Staff and Governor Mass

Our special Mass in Church.

9 January 2014

On the evening of Thursday 9th January 2014 staff and governors joined together to celebrate Mass in the Abbey Church.

Father David led Mass and Father Gabby concelebrated as staff and governors started the new year by sharing a special service.

After Mass, staff and governors shared a meal together.

Year 5 Get Creative

Our own Michelangelos at work.

9 January 2014

During International Week, when each class chooses a different country to find out more about, Year 5 learnt about all things Italian.

One of the tasks that pupils undertook was creating their own Sistine Chapel replica. Children created representations of Bible stories by sticking their paper on the underside of their desks and creating a masterpiece in order to emulate one of Italy's most famous artists - Michelangelo.

Their creations have been put on display on the ceiling in their classroom.

Year 5 Visit St Chad's Cathedral

Year 5 heading to St Chad's.

8 January 2014

As part of their preparation for Confirmation, Year 5 visited the Basilica of St Chad in Birmingham.

Here they found out all about the history of the Cathedral; about the life of St Chad and even heard about some links with The Abbey Church.

Together, staff and pupils celebrated the public Mass once they had completed a tour of the Cathedral.

What the Ladybird Heard

Reception outside Birmingham's Town Hall.

8 January 2014

Reception went to see 'What the Ladybird Heard' at the Town hall on Wednesday 8th January.

We had a wonderful time watching the play, and the next day the children made a 'Prize Cow' in the classroom.

Year 6 visit the Islamic Exhibition Centre

Developing an understanding of Islamic life.

7 January 2014

Year 6 went to the Islamic Exhibition Centre to learn more about the Islamic faith.

We had a fantastic time, with all the children getting involved in all aspects of the day. The children enjoyed being able to ask questions to clarify their understanding as to what Muslims believed through their faith and expressed some shock at how many links there were between our faith and the Muslim faith.

Children enjoyed trying on some of the Islamic fashions and had their names written in Arabic, although they were surprised to find out that Arabic is written from right to left!

A great day out was had by all, even Travelling Ted!