Snippets of News - Spring Term 2013

Year 2's Trip to Plantasia

Year 2 at Plantasia

March 2013

Before Easter, Year 2 went on an educational visit to Plantasia to help us with our topic work on flowers and insects.

We went on the big green bus but it broke down on the way there. When the bus got started again and we arrived at Plantasia, we were met by our guide who talked to us.

We had lots of fun getting nets and pond dipping to find living things in the water.

We also enjoyed taking a wild walk and meeting lots of animals and playing on the playground. We also spent some time in the mazes where we tried to get the stamps.

It was a great day.

Teachers v Year 6 Pupils Football Match

Victorious staff team.

28 March 2013

A packed playground saw an exciting match as Abbey teachers looked to avenge last years surprise loss to the Year 6 pupils.

The early midfield battle featured strong tackles, committed challenges and Mr Ferris trying to stretcher off Year 6's star striker.

A fine goal from Mr O'Connor settled the teachers nerves and they began to play with increasing confidence. This was typified by Mr Gopaul's towering performance in the centre of defence.

Despite conceding two more quick goals the pupils never gave up. They pulled one back through a lovely individual goal from Demi which Mr Barr had no chance with.

A late strike from Mr Ferris, reminiscent of Rooney (Colleen not Wayne), made the scoreline harsh on the pupils who all played in the right spirit.

Final score Teachers 4 - Pupils 1.

Donation to Macmillan Cancer Support

Our cheque donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.

28 March 2013

During 2012, Sarah Daviu, one of our Dinner Supervisors sadly passed away.

We raised £415 in memory of Sarah. This money has been donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

We also had a story chair built which we have called Sarah's Story Chair as a lasting reminder of a special person.

World's Biggest Coffee Morning Donation

Our cheque donation for Macmillan Cancer Support.

28 March 2013

In September 2012 we took part in the World's Biggest Coffee morning.

All children came to school in non uniform wearing something green and donated 50p each. We also sold tea and coffee on the drive to our parents as they dropped children at the school gate.

We raised a total of £280.52 - thank you for everyone's support.

Pink Days Money Raising

Our cheque donation for Breast Friends.

28 March 2013

During the last 12 months school has raised £595.51 in aid of Breast Friends Sutton Coldfield.

Money was raised during 'Pink Days' in school on behalf of staff and families who have benefited from this wonderful charity.

Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraising.

Year 5 Maths Inspire Workshop

Families working together to solve the maths problems.

27 March 2013

Year 5 families came together to support their children in a maths workshop.

The room was soon full of healthy competition as parents, siblings and grandparents competed with pupils to work systematically through problems. It soon became apparent that many areas of maths require organisation in order to be completed successfully.

It was great to see so many families supporting their children in such a relaxed environment. We love maths!

Staff Development Days

Time for the teachers to be the students.

21/22 March 2013

On 21st and 22nd March 2013 children got two days off school as teachers from Abbey and other local schools enjoyed professional development.

Abbey school hosted the event and were thrilled to welcome teachers from other local primary schools - promoting collaborative learning across the Erdington consortium.

We were delighted to receive training on developing writing, reading and grammar skills. The days involved traditional lectures, active workshops and collaborative working and planning. We are very much looking forward to applying these skills in the classroom and evaluating the impact.

School Council Help with Teaching Staff Interviews

School Council feedback their thoughts to senior staff and governors.

13 March 2013

On Thursday 13th March 2013, School Council members came up with questions to ask prospective staff.

Candidates came to school and had two interviews; one with senior staff and governors and one with the School Council, who had composed their own questions and interviewed the candidates.

School Council fed back to senior staff with their thoughts on the appropriate appointment. Their comments and opinions were insightful and thoughtful. Well done all School Councillors.

Following the rigorous interview process, we are delighted to welcome Mrs Dewell to the staff team.

Celebrating the Year of Faith

Mass of Celebration for Catholic Teachers in the Year of Faith.

9 March 2013

On Friday 9th March 2013 members of our school team joined the Mass of Celebration for Catholic Teachers in the Year of Faith.

The Principal Celebrant was the Most Rev Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham. Our Archbishop gave thanks for the vocation that has been entrusted to Catholic teachers. He shared that this vocation was a noble calling inviting all teachers to share in the work of Christ our teacher.

During Mass, teachers were invited to renew their dedication and commitment to the responsibility that has been entrusted to them.

Abbey staff were proud to represent Abbey Catholic Primary School alongside other primary and secondary staff from across the diocese.

BCSSA Badminton Competition

Our wonderful badminton players.

2 March 2013

On Saturday 2nd March 2013 a team from the Abbey took part in the BCSSA Badminton Competition and came second overall.

We took part in all four categories and the children played really well. In the Girls Singles competition we came a very close second; in the boys singles competition we came a very close second; and in the Girls Doubles we came a very close third place. All of these positions were only decided by points difference as we actually scored the same game points as the winning teams.

The boys doubles team also won two of their matches and played really well.

Sewing Club Creations

Cushions created by members of our sewing club.

28 February 2013

Our newest sewing club members have enjoyed selecting fabrics and learning both hand and machine sewing techniques to create patchwork cushions.

The finished cushions look amazing!

Cooking with Your Kids

Parents and children learning about cooking together.

4 February 2013

This five week session is being held at the school with Key Stage 2 children and their parents.

These interactive cooking sessions held in collaboration with Foodnet and run by an NHS Food Health Advisor includes:

  • Cook and taste in each session;
  • Interactive games;
  • General healthy eating;
  • 5-a-day and portion sizes;
  • Hidden fats and sugars.

E-Safety Awareness Parent Session

Parents at the Awareness session.

4 February 2013

As a school we encourage the use of technology as an important part of our students' development but always want them to spend their time online safely.

We also know the important role that parents/carers can play in ensuring this. In February we held one of our parent sessions at the school with the support of PCSOs Daniels and Hurst.

E-Safety Lessons

Children learn about e-safety.

30 January 2013

E-Safety relates to many parts of the curriculum, including ICT, citizenship and PHSE. More broadly, however, because technology can be used in any subject area, it is relevant to all teachers and those who support children in and out of the classroom situation at the Abbey school.

As part of delivering a broad and balanced curriculum pupils in all year groups took part in e-safety lessons with the support of PCSOs Daniels and Hurst.

Parents Help Clear the Snow

Parents clearing the snow.

24 January 2013

Thank you very much to the parents who came to help to move some of the snow from the playground last week.

They spent two hours clearing snow and made a safe area for children to be able to go outside at break time.

Multi Faith Week Visitor

Mrs Boshell visits Year 2.

18 January 2013

As part of our Multi Faith week, Mrs Boshell came in to visit Year 2 children.

Mrs Boshell showed us lots of artefacts from her travels and told us all about her trip. She told us that there were lots of statues of Buddha and that people left offerings of flowers, candles and incense.

It was lovely to hear about Mrs Boshell's experiences.

Staff Collaborating to Moderate Work

Busy sharing ideas and best practice.

16 January 2013

Each Wednesday morning, staff meet at 8.00am to work as a team to move our school forward to be the best it can be.

Staff worked together moderating children's work as well as their own marking. By doing this together as a whole school team we are ensuring that best practice is shared across the school.

We teach our children to 'magpie' good ideas from each other, our staff team do exactly the same thing.

Collaboration and teamwork works for children and adults!

Year 2 Visit Pizza Express

Year 2 at Pizza Express.

10 and 15 January 2013

As part of our ongoing topic work on Food, Year 2 classes went on an educational and exciting trip to Pizza Express.

We tasted lots of different foods and then we made our own pizza.

We travelled to and from Sutton on the bus. It was very good fun.