Snippets of News - Autumn Term 2011

Goodbye 2011

Carols from the school choir.

16 December 2011

Staff and children joined together in the school hall on Friday 16th December for the last time in 2011.

Prayers and carols were led by the school choir. Staff joined together to sing for the children, resulting in rapturous applause and great cheering.

Year 5 Enterprise

Year 5 sell their Christmas decorations.

13/14 December 2011

Year 5 have been busy researching and designing Christmas decorations to support their IPC topic - They See the World Like This.

The designs were transformed into beautiful wooden decorations that would look fabulous on any tree.

The children proudly sold the extra ornaments that were made to parents and friends of the school.

Years 2/3 Theatre Trip

At the Old Rep Theatre.

13 December 2011

On Tuesday 13th December all children from Years 2 and 3 got on the green bus to travel into Birmingham to visit The Old Rep Theatre.

We watched The Jungle Book. It was really good. The props and costumes were amazing and the singing and acting was great - especially Mowgli. We had sweets and a drink during the interval.

Alex from Year 2 won the drawing competition - well done Alex!

Reception's Nativity Mass

Reception children at the Nativity Mass.

11 December 2011

Reception children took great pride in showing off their fabulous acting and singing talents whilst sharing the wonderful celebration of the Nativity Mass with the parish, family and friends on Sunday 11th December.

Year 5 Guitar Performance

Parents enjoy the performance.

8 December 2011

Year 5 have been practising hard all term to produce an excellent performance for their parents.

They played several songs, including Jazzy Promenade, Jingle Bells and Ferucca. Parents and staff got to join in with their final festive song - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

E-Safety Sessions

Pupils enjoying e-safety sessions.

5 December 2011

As part of our commitment to safeguarding the pupils in our care, we are carrying out sessions to ensure that all pupils are aware of how to have fun, stay in control and report any problems or concerns that they have when using the internet either at school or home.

We have been very impressed with the knowledge of pupils so far!

A Visit from Deacon Andrew

Deacon Andrew and Abbey pupils.

4 December 2011

To support their RE topic about finding out more about the sacrament of Holy Orders, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Deacon Andrew.

They had the opportunity to interview him about his role as a deacon at St Margaret Mary's Catholic Church, Perry Common. The information that he gave them allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of this important role in the Catholic Church.

Supporting Abbey Parish Christmas Fayre

Mrs Johnson's car full of donated goodies.

2 December 2011

We were overwhelmed with the generous donations of cakes, sweets and biscuits from families in support of the Parish Fayre.

In exchange for a non-uniform day children donated confectionary to be used at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 3rd December.

Year 4's Guitar Recital

Year 4 guitars playing.

1 December 2011

The Year 4 classes had a guitar recital on Thursday 1st December.

They have been attending guitar lessons once per week since September and have these have become a popular lesson during that time!

Families of the pupils were invited to attend the recital to see and listen to their progress.

School Grown Produce Used in Kitchen

Handing over our home grown tomatoes.

1 December 2011

After hours of loving care from our school rangers and weeks of ripening on a sunny window sill our own grown tomatoes are ready!

Our rangers handed them over to our school cook, Helen, who will slice them ready for use in today's salad cart.


Multi-Skills Competitors

The Multi-Skills team.

29 November 2011

Ten children from Year 2 competed brilliantly to claim second place in the finals of the Year 2 multi-skills competition.

After a brilliant 2nd place in the cluster competition last week our young athletes claimed second spot this evening in the finals.

Well done to all teams involved.

Star Performers

Modelling their show t-shirts.

27 November 2011

We are very proud of achievements both in and out of school.

We are delighted to celebrate our performers who work with the Birmingham Stage School. Recently they were chosen to perform in Birmingham Town Hall.

Watch out for some of them in this years pantomime at Birmingham Hippodrome. Well done girls!

The Holiday Show

Setting up their display stand.

25 November 2011

The 'Travel Agents Fair' came to Year 6 as part of their IPC topic.

Pupils displays were set up, Powerpoints shown and refreshments were provided, as agents aimed to attract and entice customers (Year 6 pupils and staff) to their holiday stand - Mr Kirke showed a keen interest in holiday destinations where refreshments were available!

It was a good opportunity to develop pupils marketing and persuasive language skills.

A fabulous afternoon enjoyed by all.

Year 5 Trip to the German Market

The Nativity Scene.

25 November 2011

To support their IPC topic - They see the world like this - Year 5 visited the German Market to experience the sights and sounds of this annual event.

They tasted some German sausage and a very generous stall owner gave the whole group a doughnut each.

We visited the nativity scene and had a ride on the carousel.

Year 5 Parent's Confirmation Meeting

Parents Confirmation meeting.

24 November 2011

Parents and pupils were invited to school for an evening of Confirmation Preparation. Parents met with Ms Tallon and Mrs Pawley and were given the information required in order to support their children during their preparation for this Sacrament that is to take place in May.

Meanwhile, the pupils gathered together with their teachers and created some prayers that then shared with their parents at the end of the evening.

Year 3 Prepare for First Holy Communions

Parents discussing their memories of First Confession and First Holy Communion.

24 November 2011

On the evening of Thursday 24th November 2011 parents and pupils from Year 3 returned to school at 6.00pm as part of their preparation for First Holy Communion.

Parents joined Father Gabby and school staff to learn about the importance of Reconciliation while pupils worked together sharing prayers and parables. Both groups joined together to share prayers and song at 7pm.

We are very grateful to Father Gabby and all the school staff who are supporting our Year 3 children during their preparation towards First Holy Communion and First Confession.

Father Gabby Visits Year 6

Fr Gabby with Year 6.

23 November 2011

It was lovely to have Father Gabby visit Year 6, to explain why and how the priests administer the Sacrament of the Sick.

How Small is a Nanometre?

Demonstrating how small a nanometre is.

21 November 2011

Year 6 children explored the size of micro-organisms and the rate of which bacteria grow.

To try and visualise just how small micro-organisms actually are, children were involved in a task demonstrating, in distance, that a nanometre is equal to one thousand-millionth of a metre.

Just how small is that!

Quiz Night

18 November 2011

A packed hall for Quiz Night.

On the evening of Friday 18th November 2011 the Abbey school hall was packed with 15 teams made up of parents and parishioners ready to compete in the twice yearly PTA quiz.

A wonderful evening was had by all. We were delighted to welcome back, ex Headteacher, Mr Tierney as quiz master.

Thank you to everyone who supported the evening. We look forward to seeing you all at the next quiz in Spring 2012.

Y5OC Family Lunch

Families on the trim trail.

18 November 2011

Parents/grandparents were invited to join pupils in Year 5 over lunch time. We were overwhelmed with the fantastic response as nearly all of the pupils had someone from their family came to share their lunchtime.

After eating together in the school hall, they burnt some calories by playing on the trim trail.

It was a lovely occasion and many people gave really positive feedback and requested that it be repeated in the future.

Fisher Family Trust Training

Training session in progress.

17 November 2011

Staff from local primary schools attended training at Abbey Catholic Primary School to be trained by the local authority Assessment Consultant on using the Fisher Family Trust assessment website.

Heads and Deputy Headteachers and Assessment Coordinators met for the morning in the ICT suite for training with Paul Archer from Birmingham's Assessment Unit to train in using the data from the Fisher Family Trust to track children's progress and to use as a further source of information for setting ambitious targets for school.

Ms Tallon Visits St Paul's Secondary School

Ms Tallon and some ex-pupils of the Abbey.

11 November 2011

Our Headteacher visited St Paul's Secondary School to see how our ex Year 6 pupils are settling in.

All of the girls have enjoyed a smooth transition to secondary school; have made lots of new friends and are enjoying a greater level of independence.

Please continue to keep these ex-pupils in your prayers.

Year 5 Literacy Inspire Workshop

Using robots to complete instructions.

10 November 2011

Parents were invited to spend the morning in school working with their child on a variety of Literacy tasks.

A showcase of technology was utilised, from an alphabet brain break on the iPad, a reading challenge using robots, and a speaking and listening game using Lego. There was even a chance to have a go at re-writing a traditional tale as a modern day version.

Headteacher Collaboration

Children shared their work.

9 November 2011

As part of the extended working partnerships between Abbey, St Barnabas and Osborne Primary, the Headteachers completed a learning walk around school.

Children shared their work with the visiting heads and identified work they were proud of and how they could improve next time.

We look forward to continuing these very useful school links.

Celebrating Reception Starting School

Reception children featured in the Birmingham Mail.

8 November 2011

On November 8th 2011 the Birmingham Evening Mail published a twelve page picture pull-out celebrating children in the city starting primary school.

Imagine our delight when we discovered that not only were we featured in the pull-out but we are on the front cover!

Congratulations to all Reception children for a super start to school.

Year 1 Children visit Parkfield School

Abbey and Parkfield children together.

3 November 2011

As part of our 'Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our Friends' week, Year 1 spent time writing letters to some new friends.

On Thursday morning eight Year 1 children visited Parkfield Community School to deliver our letters. The children met their new friends and took part in a circle time with them, then they shared a playtime with all of the KS1 children.

The teachers at Parkfield were really impressed at how confident the children were as speakers and we look forward to receiving their replies.

Year 4's Inspire Workshop

Year 4 children with family members.

3 November 2011

Year 4 children were joined by family members for a Literary Inspire Workshop.

The session was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, family members and staff. It included many different Literacy activities including writing tasks and word games. All tasks were based around the theme 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' which the children had recently been covering in Literacy.

Literacy Workshop at Yenton School

Gifted and Talented Workshop participants.

3 November 2011

On Thursday 3rd November a group of children in Year 5 participated in a Gifted and Talented workshop at the Yenton Primary School, it involved code breaking.

We had lots of fun learning about lots of different codes including the Enigma, Pig Pen, Morse code and Braille.

We also learned about how the Germans communicated in the Second World War, they used the enigma.

By Georgia, Shona, Raj, Beth, Grace, Olivia, Joe, Eve.

Jamaican Teachers Visit School

Even Travelling Ted got to meet our international visitors.

2 November 2011

On Wednesday 2nd November we were proud to welcome teachers visiting the UK from Jamaica.

We are working in partnership with other local Erdington schools to establish links between our schools and schools in Jamaica.

Our visitors really enjoyed visiting our school and left with lots of ideas to think about using in their own schools in Jamaica.

Father Gabby Visits Year 2

Father Gabby with Year 2.

2 November 2011

On Wednesday 2nd November 2011 Father Gabby spent the afternoon with all of the Year 2 children.

Father Gabby taught the children about the Sacrament of the sick and answered lots of questions.

Everyone had a lovely afternoon.

Halloween Cooks

Our 'witch' cooks.

31 October 2011

At the Abbey we are really lucky to have such a super set of lunchtime staff - whenever they can they always go the 'extra mile' to make lunch time special.

Take a look at the kitchen staff's Halloween costumes and decorations!

Halloween Home Grown Delights

Our home-grown pumpkin.

31 October 2011

Our rangers have been working really hard on nurturing seeds into healthy plants. We were delighted with our pumpkin and worked really hard to ensure it lasted until Halloween.

Helen, our cook, carved our own grown pumpkin into a spooky face for Halloween.

Thanks go to Chris, our dinner supervisor for supporting and guiding our rangers each day.

Wear It Pink Day

All dressed in pink!

21 October 2011

As part of our fund raising efforts, everyone was invited to wear something pink in return for a donation to a Breast Cancer charity.

From the photo you can see that our assembly hall was transformed into a sea of pink, and a grand total of £400 was raised and will be sent to this worthwhile charity.

Well done everyone and thank you for your generosity.

Sensory Garden is Officially Opened

The official opening of our Sensory Garden.

21 October 2011

Our local councillors officially cut the ribbon to announce our garden open for business.

They were instrumental, last year, in helping the school council to get the project under way by starting their fund after a 'Dragon's Den' style presentation.

We have already had many goods from our super garden, when we came back after the summer break we were greeted by beautiful tall sunflowers and more recently have been treated to fresh tomatoes and marrows.

Super Science Assembly

Reception children measuring and planting.

21 October 2011

We were treated to a super science assembly from Future 4 Science.

Our pupils were shown how powerful air can be, and some were challenged to keep a ball up using their breath and a straw.

The assembly culminated in a football being kept aloft by the power of a leaf blower - great fun!

Reception Measuring Skills

Reception children measuring and planting.

21 October 2011

Reception are busy reading instructions and using a ruler to measure how far apart to plant their daffodil bulbs.

We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work in the Spring.

Our Reception children thought their daffodil bulbs were onions at first - they do look very similar!

Harvest Donation from Marmadukes Playgroup

Ms Tallon and two children from Marmadukes.

20 October 2011

We were delighted to receive a donation of goods for our Harvest Festival, from the playgroup that is held at Marmadukes.

They will be forwarded to the Fireside centre and help them to continue to assist those in need in our community!

Christmas Wrapping Evening

The hard working wrappers.

20 October 2011

On a chilly October evening a group of parents and staff gathered together in the school hall to answer Santa's plea for help.

Everyone was busy wrapping presents for Santa and making reindeer food for Rudolph and his friends. Christmas tunes played merrily, festive jumpers were worn proudly and a few glasses of wine were shared (just to be polite).

Santa is now ready to visit Reception and Key Stage 1 in December.

Hollyfield Primary Visitors

School Councillors from Hollyfield show Harvest offerings.

20 October 2011

School Councillors from Hollyfield Primary School joined their Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher at our school to celebrate our Harvest Mass.

They brought bread baked by a parent and produce, grown in their well established school garden, to be offered as gifts during Mass. Some of the children took part in the Offertory Procession.

We look forward to joining them in December for their Christingle service.

Osborne School join our Harvest Mass

Osborne children in the Abbey Church.

20 October 2011

Some of our friends from Osborne School, along with their Headteacher, joined us to celebrate Mass.

The children really enjoyed visiting the Abbey Church and celebrating a Catholic Mass for the first time.

Each visitor from Osborne Primary School received a special blessing from Father Gabby.

Harvest Celebrations

Loading the donated goods ready to go to the Fireside Centre.

20 October 2011

We are often too busy to stop and think about how lucky we are. As part of our Harvest Thanksgiving Mass we offered donations of food and toiletries, sent in by families, to be given to the Fireside Homeless Shelter in Birmingham City Centre.

The whole school, led by Father Gabby, shared Mass in Church. Children sat with a buddy from another year group and Reception children joined the whole school for the first time.

We shared the Good News by inviting friends from both Hollyfield and Osborne Primary School.

Thank you to all families for their generosity.

Year 6 Literary Inspire Workshop

Year 6 Inspire Workshop.

20 October 2011

Year 6 children were joined by family members for a Literary Inspire Workshop.

The session included drama which develops children's speaking and listening, word games that help to extend their vocabulary and writing tasks around the theme 'The Prince Charming's Ball.'

A fantastic event for all involved with gallant performances and presentations by children and parents.

Year 6 Shared Lunch

Family and children sharing lunch.

14 October 2011

On Friday 14th October family members joined children in Y6R for a shared lunchtime meal.

Afterwards, they viewed the garden with school rangers, observed activities around the chicken run and one dad even brushed-up on his goalkeeping skills.

A wonderful time enjoyed by all.

Staff First Aid Training

The staff receiving their first aid training.

10 October 2011

As part of our commitment to our pupils' safety and well-being, all staff attended a full day's first aid training.

So if the need should arise there will always be a trained first aider available to deal with pupils' ailments.

The day involved lots of hands-on activities, and many life saving skills were shared.

New Doors in Year 1

Children try out the new 'doors'.

7 October 2011

On Friday 7th October both Year 1 classes received freezer style doors to enable free flow access to our outdoor area.

"They're just like a water fall" noted one of our children.

Bring on the cold weather!

Y6B Shared Lunchtime

Children and family members together.

30 September 2011

On the last day of September, family members joined pupils from class Y6B for lunch.

After lunch, they enjoyed time with the children in the playground, under glorious sunshine. There was even time for a cuddle in the outside classroom.

A special time enjoyed by all.

A Fiddle Player Visits Reception

Reception meet the visiting musician.

29 September 2011

Charlotte Beresford, a professional violinist, enjoyed playing her violin to reception at the end of September.

The 'fiddle' from ' Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle' was brought to life as we clapped to Scottish and Irish jigs, held our breath when listening to a haunting 'ghost' tune and enjoyed some of Charlotte's favourite composers.

Charlotte was impressed with Reception. She thought they were a brilliant audience who asked her super questions and knew more than she expected about the violin. Well done Reception.


Ready for the road.

September 2011

Pupils from Year 5 and 6 brought their bicycles and helmets into school for a four day road safety training scheme.

They had some sessions in the playground before being assessed as safe to go out on the road.

They then travelled safely on their bikes around the local neighbourhood following the road safety guidelines that they had learnt.

Y3McT Assembly

Class Y3McT's Assembly.

23 September 2011

Year 3 led a fabulous assembly called 'New Beginnings' in which they acted out the bible story of Zacchaeus the tax collector and Jesus.

Their assembly also included a poem about school rules, photos from Pirate Day and some super songs.

Reception Parents Reading Workshop

Our reading workshop was very well attended.

22 September 2011

On Thursday 22nd September our Foundation Stage team led an evening workshop for reception parents focused on how to support your child with reading at home.

Parents were toured through a sample phonics lesson and picked up handy tips to use at home including "my turn, your turn". Parents were introduced to 'blending' real and nonsense words. Fred the frog was introduced to parents and were introduced to 'Fred talk' and 'Fred Fingers' as a tool to support children with their spellings.

Parents may wish to access for further guidance on phonics and reading.

Numeracy Governor visits School

Governor and Co-ordinator tour school.

22 September 2011

On Thursday 22nd September our Numeracy Governor toured school with our Numeracy Co-ordinator.

During the morning our Numeracy Governor had the opportunity to visit numeracy lessons across all key stages, examine children's work and talk to children about their learning.

The morning was very successful and our Governor felt very informed about numeracy learning across the whole school.

Our First Tomatoes are Harvested

Proudly showing off our first home-grown tomato.

19 September 2011

Thanks to our dedicated dinner supervisors and team of gardeners, our new garden area is going from strength to strength.

September saw the arrival of our first ever tomatoes! Delicious!

Y6R Assembly

Y6R Assembly.

16 September 2011

Y6R led an assembly incorporating song, dance and sumo wrestling around the theme of 'Happiness.' Their performance asked us all to consider 'What makes us happy? Money, fashion, our physique?'.

A reflection on the teaching from John's Gospel explained that the greatest happiness can be achieved in our relationships with other people.

"My commandment is this: love one another just as I love you."

Charity Cheque Donation

Children hand over our giant cheque.

12 September 2011

In June 2011, the Abbey held a non-uniform day to celebrate the anniversary of the kidney transplant of one of our pupils. Children who wore non-uniform were asked to make a donation and in total £361.60 was raised.

The cheque was presented today to the family who are sending it to the Birmingham Children's Hospital where the operation took place.

Reception Welcome Mass

Mass at the Abbey Church.

11 September 2011

To welcome our new intake of Reception children we invited them all to attend our regular family Mass at our parish church, the Abbey.

The readings and offertory were lead by older pupils. At the end of Mass each Reception child was presented with a set of rosary beads to start them off on their faith journey with the Abbey School.

We look forward to seeing them every week with their families.

School Councillors' Survey

The council work on their survey.

5 September 2011

The School Council devised a survey to be carried out amongst their peers to find out their views on many topics from whether they feel safe in school to whether they like their environment and lessons.

The survey took place in the ICT suite and used the activote system to get quick and anonymous opinions.

Staff Training Day

Ted with Alan.

1 September 2011

Abbey staff joined two other primary schools - Whitehouse Common and Hollyfields - attending Literacy training delivered by Alan Peat.

It was a lovely way to start our new academic year and have come away with lots of ideas that will be put into practice in the coming weeks.

Even Travelling Ted came along!