Snippets of News - Spring Term 2011

The New Chicken House Arrives

Much excitement from pupils and staff as the Eglu arrives. What will the chicks make of their new home?

April 2011

The whole school has gone 'chicken mad' as we watch the wonder of new life unfold before us. Our chickens are getting bigger by the day and will soon be ready to move outside.

Thanks to fundraising by our children in the form of so many amazing entries to our 'design a hard boiled egg' competition; we have been able to purchase a lovely new home for our chicks.

For the full story on our chickens visit their dedicated page on this website.

Secondary School Prize Giving Evening

The Platform Party at Bishop Walsh.

7 April 2011

On Thursday 7th April 2011 Ms Tallon and Father Gabby were delighted to accept an invitation to Bishop Walsh Secondary School to celebrate their annual prize giving. It was a wonderful evening celebrating the achievements of present and past pupils.

Visitors were also entertained with wonderful music from the recent production of 'We will rock you.'

All of the students receiving prizes were being recognised for their enormous hard work and effort. It was tremendous to see so many past pupils of the Abbey being honoured. Both Father Gabby and Ms Tallon confessed to clapping extra loudly for ex-Abbey pupils!

April Fool!

April Fools Day.

1 April 2011

At the end of assembly Ms Tallon told the whole school that she had arranged to have a collection for fortunate children. Mr Thornton played along by saying that the truck was on its way.

Ms Tallon went on to explain that it had been arranged with parents that everybody should donate their shoes. Each teacher collected the shoes for their class - and added their own to the collection.

Children stayed barefoot for the first lesson of the day until Ms Tallon visited all classes to reveal her 'April Fool'!

Year 1 visit Osborne Primary School

At Osborne Primary School.

1 April 2011

Year 1 visited Osborne Primary School to watch their Year One Mother's Day assembly.

We were ever so impressed with the confidence of our peers and that they all remembered their parts so well. We all left the assembly with a clear message 'Our Mum's are our Superheros'!

Many thanks to Osborne and all the parents that supported us on our trip.

School Book Fayre

A busy book fayre.

March 2011

Many thanks to parents, children and staff for the wonderful support you gave to our School Book Fayre which was held during Book Week in March.

We raised over just over a £1,000 which meant we can now order just over £700 of free books from Scholastic.

We are going to halve the money between Key Stage 1 and 2. In Key Stage 1 we are ordering information books and Key Stage 2 will be ordering more reading books.

I have already booked another Book Fayre for next year so thanks again for your fantastic support.

by Mrs Woulfe

School Council visit Wylde Green School

Our visit to Wylde Green School.

30 March 2011

A group of School Councillors visited Wylde Green Primary School. Pupils from the school had invited our councillors to watch a 'Talent Show.'

We were treated to some fantastic acts including comedians, singers, dancers and violinists. The children certainly were 'talented!'.

We had a great time, the best act was the street dancing they were cool. We also had a tour around the school. The children were very polite and made us feel very welcome.

by Joe, Year 4

New Interactive Display

Our new interactive display.

30 March 2011

We are really pleased with our new interactive display in our school hall.

Each week there will be a new word and a new number displayed on the board. We invite all children and adults to add their comments, views, thoughts or feelings on these.

Have you added anything this week?

Year 5 Mass of Commitment

Children lead the Parish singing Abba Father.

27 March 2011

Families and staff joined with the Parish to celebrate Year 5's Mass of Commitment as they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Children, parents and grandparents prepared readings and hymns as part of the celebration.

Our Confirmandi distributed prayer cards and asked everyone to pray for them. Please keep these children in your prayers:

God Our Father, Pour out your Holy Spirit on the children of our Parish preparing to be confirmed. Help them to support each other with prayer and friendship. Give them wisdom and understanding as they seek to know you better. Calm their fears. Fill their hearts with love. Fill them with your joy. Amen.

Learning about Afro-Caribbean Cultures

African drumming.

22 March 2011

Children from Years 2 to 5 thoroughly enjoyed learning about Afro-Caribbean Cultures in a workshop led by Michael and Spicy Fingers. Children and staff joined in with traditional story telling, singing and drumming.

Spicy Fingers shared his own inspirational story with the children; explaining how at 18 he could not read or write. Spicy is now a published author. Spicy encouraged us all to visualise success in everything we do and reminded us that through hard work anything is possible.

All children enjoyed playing the traditional African drums and were captivated by Spicy's tales of life when he was young.

New and Improved Dinner Team

Our Dinner Team modelling their new uniform.

17 March 2011

On Thursday 17th March, our dinner team were delighted to model their new uniforms.

Each member of staff chose their own colour and we're sure you'll agree they look fabulous.

Supporting Local Charity

Preparing for the Fun Run in June.

March 2011

Staff, parents and pupils from school are looking forward to running the Sutton Fun Run in support of our local hospice; the John Taylor Hospice. We would like as many people as possible to walk or run the event and be part of the Abbey Primary Team.

Even Barney the Dog has signed up for the event in June!

If you can't take part on the day, please sponsor someone who is, every penny makes a difference and helps support. Please come and cheer us on throughout the day.

Application forms are available online, from the John Taylor Hospice or the School Office.

Working with our Cluster Schools to Achieve Success

Brain Challenge.

15 March 2011

On Tuesday 15th March children from Year 5 represented our school working alongside pupils from other schools within our Erdington Cluster. Children exercised their skills of collaboration and team work as they became fully absorbed in the tasks and challenges set.

Abbey pupils enjoyed visiting Yenton Primary School who were hosting the workshop and are very much looking forward to welcoming other schools to the Abbey.

"I learnt you must look and listen carefully. I really enjoyed this morning and I would like to come again." by Shannon, Year 6

"I liked this workshop very much. I hope I can come again. I learnt if you look at a picture look again." by George, Year 5

"I learnt that listening to questions over and over again is really important if you are finding out an answer." by Veronica, Year 5

Mad Science Assembly

Static ball experiment.

11 March 2011

A visiting scientist astounded us all with amazing experiments. We thoroughly enjoyed the amazing sights he had to show us.

The static ball was brilliant!

Visit to Nonsuch School

New friendships.

7 March 2011

In March, our headteacher and two pupils visited Nonsuch Primary School to see all of the wonderful work they were doing and to share fabulous ideas from Abbey Catholic Primary. Headteachers and Pupils from both schools really enjoyed the day and were able to discuss the similarities and differences between the two settings.

As a result of observations made at Nonsuch Primary, our Year 6 pupils are going to trial a Pupil Newsletter, made by our pupils, for our pupils.

We are in the process of assembling the editorial team-watch this space!

A Trip to the Co-op

At the Co-op.

4 March 2011

As part of our 'Maths week' Y1JMcT went to the CO-OP, in groups we then wrote a recount about the trip:

"We all went to the co-op shop to spend £1. First we put on our jackets, they were orange and green. Next we walked with our adults to the shop, on the way we saw the fire station. Then we walked around the shop and decided what to buy. We paid the shopkeeper.

After we had a photo outside the CO-OP shop, Travelling Ted joined in. Finally we walked back to school. We had a fantastic time."

by The Dragons

Job Tasters

Learning about a policeman's job.

18 February 2011

On the 18th of February, Year 6 went on a trip to Sutton Coldfield for some job tasters. It was called job tasters because we learned about the jobs and how you do them.

We were split into four groups between both classes. Our group went to HSBC Bank (we got a goody bag as well!), the police station (sent shivers down our spine). We also tried on the handcuffs. We went to Knight House (we ate on a deserted level) and took part in a 'Trail'.

It was a lot of fun at the tasters and we enjoyed it very much.

by Sophia, Year 6

Mrs Boshell Celebrates a Special Birthday!

Mrs Boshell's special birthday cake.

18 February 2011

Mrs Boshell was delighted when staff threw a surprise party to celebrate her 60th Birthday which takes place during half term.

Year 6 were equally delighted when Mrs Boshell gave each of them a slice of her birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Mrs Boshell!

Y1JMcT Inspire Workshop

Numeracy workshop.

16 February 2011

On Wednesday Morning it was the children's of Y1JMcT turn to invite their parents to a Numeracy workshop.

The children really enjoyed making a caterpillar addition/subtraction game with their grown up. The adults were all pleased to have an insight into how counting and number recognition was taught to the children, so that they could confidently continue this practice at home.

Thank you for your continued support.

Chinese New Year Feast

Enjoying a Chinese banquet.

15 February 2011

Both Reception classes enjoyed a Chinese banquet as they continued to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The children enjoyed getting to grips with chopsticks to eat their noodles and sampled rice cakes and prawn crackers. Everyone enjoyed sampling chilli rice cakes but needed lots of juice afterwards!

The children are studying Chinese culture and have even tried forming Chinese letters.

Film Club Review - Alice in Wonderland

11 February 2011

"OFF WITH YOUR HEAD" from the great voice of Helena Bonham Carter. Alice in Wonderland is a great family comedy with a twist of adventure. Falling down the rabbit hole Alice finds herself in a new and fantastic place. Walt Disney Pitchers have done a great job on remaking the great 1951 family comedy with using great craters such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Ann Hathaway.

Review by Erin, 6EB

Outdoor Classroom and Sensory Garden

School Councillors making their presentation.

11 February 2011

Good news, the Abbey school will be getting an outdoor classroom and a sensory garden. Three school councillors and I presented a presentation to some people from companies. The meeting went really well and a representative for Tomlin's said that he would plan the whole thing for us. And a representative from the council is going to give us £5000 for our project so look out for the outdoor classroom its coming soon.

by Ellisha, Year 6

RE Week Draws to a Close

'We Are Family'.

11 February 2011

RE week 'Following in the footsteps of Jesus with our Family' draws to a close.

After a very successful RE week with our families, Year 1 invited their parents in to class at the end of the day to pray and celebrate the gift of out families together.

In the picture, children perform their own dance routines to 'We are Family' in front of parents and friends. The prayer focus acted as reminder that Jesus is a part of all of our families.

Y1MMcT Numeracy Inspire Workshop

Numeracy Inspire Workshop.

9 February 2011

On Wednesday 9th February 2011 we took part in a Numeracy Inspire Workshop. A great time was had by all and lots of learning took place in a fun environment!

"On Wednesday 9th February my class took part in a Numeracy Workshop. I was a little bit nervous and excited because my mom and nan were coming. We did some learning on the mat first. The best bit was making a caterpillar counting game. I liked making a face for my caterpillar! My nanny put googly eyes on her fingers. She made me laugh!"

by Kiera, 1MMcT

We Will Rock You

9 February 2011

I went to Bishop Walsh School on the 9th of February 2011 to see the "We Will Rock You" show. It was great I really enjoyed it, all the dancing and singing was fab, the solo performances were brilliant. It was an absolutely tremendous day out and I'd really like to go again and maybe even perform in a show at Bishop Walsh show when I'm older.

by Maria, Y4H

Stay and Pray

Parents and children from Reception enjoying 'Stay and Pray'.

8 February 2011

As part of our RE week - 'Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our family' - Reception classes welcomed parents and grandparents to 'stay and pray' with their children.

Everyone had a lovely morning and it was very evident that Christ is in the centre of our school community.

Lower Key Stage 2 Disco

Years 3 and 4 at the disco.

4 February 2011

Year 3 and 4 children enjoyed dancing and playing at the disco last week.

Everybody seemed to have a fabulous time!

KS1 and Foundation Stage Disco

Enjoying the music at the disco.

4 February 2011

Everyone had a great time at the disco on Friday 4th February.

The children danced to all their favourite tunes, and all went home with a temporary 'tattoo' of their choice.

Reception Classes Enjoy Working and Playing Together

Playing together in the new area.

February 2011

Both Reception classes are really enjoying the new central free choice area.

Children from both classes can work together using construction equipment, accessing the central role play area and developing their social skills.

We look forward to the new easels which Mr Thornton is building and installing during half term.

Year 2D Numeracy Inspire Workshop

2D Inspire Workshop.

3 February 2011

On Wednesday it was Y2Ds Inspire workshop.

First of all we did a warm-up where we played a game of bingo and some other games. We enjoyed playing bingo. Then we made a clown face to help us with our additions, subtractions, multiplying and dividing.

I worked with my dad. I enjoyed it a lot.

by Saniera, Y2D

Bikeability Training

Bikeability training.

1 to 4 February 2011

Children from Key Stage 2 have been learning all about how to ride a bicycle safely, from our visiting experts - the Bikeability Team.

Year 2H Inspire Workshop

Working with our family was fab!

26 January 2011

It was our Inspire workshop. We went into the hall and sat on mats. We played some games like stand up if and bingo, it was good fun. After that we went to sit with our adult helper to make a clown. The noses could change so that we could add, take away, divide or multiply.

The best bits were working with my family, cutting out and decorating. It was lots of fun and we had a biscuit too.

by Hannah and Aimee, Y2H

Year 3 Children and Families Inspired by Numeracy

Parents and pupils working together.

19 January 2011

On Wednesday 19th January 2011 pupils from Mrs Pawley's and Mrs Bhogal's class were joined by family members ready to work together to develop their Numeracy skills. Everyone had a great morning exercising their brains with brilliant results.

Thank you to all adults who attended; by working together we are ensuring the best possible opportunities for your children.

Pantomime Visit was a Great Success - "Oh yes it was!"

Children from KS2 attending the pantomime.

14 January 2011

On Friday 14th January 2011, 29 children from Key Stage 2 attended the Dick Whittington Pantomime at Birmingham Hippodrome.

School was lucky enough to be given the complimentary tickets by HSBC bank.

All KS2 100% Attenders from Autumn Term 2010 were entered into a draw for the tickets. The lucky winners had a really enjoyable day out.

Our thanks go to HSBC bank for our tickets and delicious selection box treats. All those attending got an extra treat as they were able to see the four pupils from KS2 who are part of the professional cast - they did a brilliant job and we are very proud of them.

New Beginnings Assembly

Y6S assembly.

14 January 2011

Y6S put on a fantastic performance for the school, their families and a local primary school all about New Beginnings and Resolutions.

It included a dramatised bible story; some beautiful singing; a display of talents and some cheerleaders!

Starting the Day with Yoga

Pupils enjoying yoga lessons.

14 January 2011

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 are starting the day early as they embark on a ten week yoga course.

The yoga lessons are on Friday mornings and start at 8am, lasting for 45 minutes. A professional yoga teacher leads the sessions supported by Miss Williams.

School is happy to be working in partnership with our Extended Schools Cluster (Schools and Families in Erdington) who have provided the funding for this project.

100% Attendance Pizza Party

Mrs Ruffinato's class enjoy their Pizza Party.

January 2011

Congratulations to Mrs Ruffinato and her Year 5 class who had the highest attendance in Autumn Term (2).

They were really pleased to hear they had won and thoroughly enjoyed their Pizza Party. A tasty treat, rewarding excellent effort!

Will it be your class next time?

Parents Writing Workshops

Reception children and parents.

10 January 2011

Parents from both Reception classes joined their children for the first of a series of writing workshops helping parents to support their child's learning at home.

Everyone had a wonderful morning celebrating our young authors.

Proud to Follow Jesus

Images of Jesus - our new sign.

January 2011

Have you seen our new sign outside school

The sign shows images of Jesus drawn by our children. We are very proud of our children and the lovely work they produce. This is just one way we can share it with Parishioners and our wider community.

Jesus and the Gospel Values lie at the centre of everything we do at the Abbey Catholic Primary School; we are proud to advertise this to everyone.