Snippets of News - Autumn Term 2010

Celebrating 100% Attendance for Autumn Term 2010

100% attendees for Autumn term.

December 2010

The whole school joined together to celebrate the achievement of children across the whole school who had attended school every single day during the Autumn Term 2010.

These children were each presented with a special gold certificate in recognition of their achievement. We are all very proud of them. They are working towards getting 100% attendance certificates for the whole year!

If you did not get a certificate, remember, they will be awarded again after Spring term. You've got to be in to win!

New Excellent Attendance Certificates Introduced

Excellent Attendance Award winners.

December 2010

Last year, pupils suggested that peers who had only missed one registration session should be rewarded for their attendance. The pupils presented their case to Ms Tallon, headteacher. They explained that whilst they understood that these children could not be awarded the Gold 100% Attendance certificate, it would be nice if they could be awarded a silver certificate called 'Excellent Attendance'.

Ms Tallon thought that this was a fabulous idea. These certificates have been awarded for the first time to children who missed only one registration session during Autumn Term 2010!

Year 6 Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs at work.

16 December 2010

Year 6 students designed and made a variety of Christmas decorations ready to sell to parents. Students took it in turns to act as sales people on their 'stall'.

Parents were impressed with both the standard of craftsmanship available for purchase and the manners displayed by our students.

Well done Year 6!

Guitar Assembly

Guitarists entertain at assembly.

16 December 2010

Pupils from Year 5 and Class 4MOS entertained Key Stage 2, as well as parents, with their musical talents.

The assembly was a great opportunity to showcase pupils musical talents. The guitarists amazed everyone with their progress after only a term playing.

Everyone enjoyed the show and even parents stood up and joined in with 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer', with actions!

Abbey Pupils support Parish Christmas Fayre

Cakes and biscuits being loaded into the car, ready for the Parish Fayre.

10 December 2010

On Friday 10th December 2010, all Abbey pupils and staff came to school wearing their own clothes.

In exchange for wearing their own clothes, pupils brought cakes and biscuits that could be sold at the Parish Fayre.

Father Gabby really appreciated the support of our families. Just one of the many ways school and Parish work together in partnership.

School Supports John Taylor Hospice

10 December 2010

As a school we are very proud to support local charities. We are absolutely delighted to have raised £554 for our local John Taylor Hospice. Please see Press Release sent out by John Taylor Hospice:

Pupils and staff of the Abbey Catholic Primary Roman Catholic School in Erdington have raised over £500 for a local charity. They raised £554 for the nearby John Taylor Hospice in Erdington as part of the Hospice's 100th anniversary celebrations.

Head Teacher Julie-Anne Tallon and Sports Co-ordinator Laurie-Anne Kennedy took part in the EDF Birmingham Half Marathon and were sponsored by staff and parents. Additional funds were raised by dress down days held at the School on Sutton New Road, Erdington.

Ms Tallon said, "The John Taylor Hospice is very near to the School and well known to parents, staff and some of the children. As a school we pride ourselves on close links with the local community and helping the Hospice was one way of doing just that.

Next year, we are hoping to raise a team of staff, parents and children to take part in the Great Midlands Fun Run in June to raise even more money for the Hospice and also for the School Funds."

Ray Woods, Marketing and Fundraising Officer for the League of Friends of the Hospice attended the School for a special assembly and said, "It is great when schools like the Abbey Primary help the Hospice, as some of the money raised by the Charity goes to help children and their parents cope with the loss of one of the parents. As a small charity, we can react quickly to the needs of patients and their families and the money raised by the School will be well used."

To contact the Hospice, call 0121 465 2000 or to help with fundraising call freephone: 0800 781 1898 or go to

Carol Service in Abbey Church

Carols by candlelight.

9 December 2010

On Thursday 9th December, families joined together in the Abbey Church to enjoy an evening of festive songs celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The children were led in their beautiful singing and readings by Mrs Ruffinato and Miss McTiernan. Children from all year bands (including past pupils) presented their Christmas Gifts on the Altar throughout the service. All gifts were collected by the NSPCC who distribute them to families in need.

Everyone felt inspired and uplifted leaving the Church. Father Dickinson sent everyone on their way with a beautiful blessing.

6SC Inspire Workshop

6SC Inspire Workshop.

8 December 2010

Year 6SC Inspire began with 'must-should-could' starters. More numbers tried to avoid a Simon Cowell rant as they showed the factors they possessed and this was followed by the making of two dice using the nets provided.

At this point the focus shifted to the properties of 3D shape and the relationship between the numbers of faces, edges and vertices were explored.

To conclude, Testbase questions were shown to all in order to apply their understanding - again with successful outcomes!

Grandparents and Parishioners visit School

Parishioners and Grandparents.

7 December 2010

On Tuesday 7th December 2010 we welcomed Parishioners and Grandparents to share our wonderful Nativity.

After the performance Year 6 students chatted to our visitors as they enjoyed a warm drink and a mince pie.

Everyone had a splendid afternoon!

Osborne Nursery Children enjoyed our Nativity

Thank You card from Osborne Nursery.

December 2010

Each year we invite children from our local nurseries to watch our Nativity play performed by our Key Stage 1 and Reception children.

Everyone had a really super time.

We were delighted to receive a beautiful Thank You card from our young friends at Osborne Nursery.

St Edmund Campion Celebration Mass

Sharing mass at St Edmund Campion.

3 December 2010

Members of staff from Abbey Catholic Primary School were honoured to share the feast day Mass of our local feeder Secondary School - St Edmund Campion.

Past pupils from The Abbey read during the Mass and were part of the orchestra. Pupils from St Edmund Campion celebrated the Mass reverently and were a credit to their school and families.

Please take time to share this prayer together as a family.

St Edmund Campion's Prayer

Wherever I may travel,
May I always profess my faith in You, God,
To whom I owe all my obedience.
Grant that I may always have the courage:
To preach the Gospel,
To speak out against injustice.
And to face all challenges without fear.

For by your will, I will go where I am sent
To carry any cross you lay upon me
And never to despair.

For the price is paid and the work is begun:
It is of God; It cannot be overcome.
So our faith is planted:
So will our faith be maintained.

St Edmund Campion
Pray for us.

Enjoying the beautiful Winter Weather

It's a winter wonderland at the Abbey.

2 December 2010

Children and parents of the Abbey Catholic Primary School are really enjoying the fresh winter mornings and how beautiful the school and churchyard look covered in fresh sprinklings of snow.

It is a delight to see all of our children from Reception to Year 6 arriving at school perfectly dressed for the Winter weather in warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

Appropriate footwear including bright wellington boots are being worn by children walking to school and then changed to sensible school shoes upon arrival. We all agree that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!

In the very unlikely event of school closure, remember, you will be sent a text message and an announcement of the closure will be posted on the home page.

6EB Inspire Workshop

6EB Inspire Workshop.

1 December 2010

Year 6EB Inspire began with three 'must-should-could' starters. The parents and children were then invited to be judges on 'X Factors'. Would the number on the whiteboard show all its factors and avoid an infamous Simon Cowell response?

After making their own dice, children and parents used them to find factors of larger numbers, model the grid method of multiplication and the chunking method of division.

An enjoyable morning was wrapped up by children and parents attempting to apply their learning via worded questions - which they succeeded in admirably

Celebrating Success Together

One of our Prayer Foci with Star Pupil Certificates ready to be presented.

26 November 2010

Each week in school we celebrate children's success and achievement in a variety of ways.

We share Key Stage Assemblies and whole school assemblies; during these celebrations we pray together and promote and share our children's talents.

Sacramental Preparation Sessions

Preparing for First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

25 November 2010

On the evening of Thursday 25th November 2010 the Abbey school was buzzing with activity as families from Year 3 and Year 5 came together to prepare for the upcoming Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Parents worked with Father Gabby, Miss McTiernan and Ms Tallon while children worked with Mrs Perks, Mrs Bhogal and Mr Kirke.

Please keep the children and families of Year 3 and 5 in your prayers as they prepare for these special celebrations.

Year 5PF are Inspired by Numeracy

Inspire Workshop.

24 November 2010

On Wednesday 24th November 2010 parents and children from Class 5PF joined together in the school hall to enjoy an Inspire workshop.

Everybody had a great morning and had fun whilst learning.

Dinner Supervisors Have Fun Learning

Fun training for the dinner supervisors.

22 November 2010

On Monday 22nd November 2010 the dinner supervisor team had great fun as they joined in with training to support play during lunchtimes.

They are really looking forward to applying their new skills - watch out children - they won't let you win without a challenge!

5MR Inspire Workshop

Inspire Workshop.

Year 2 visit Pizza Express

Year 2 at Pizza Express.

November 2010

As part of our food topic, Year 2 children went on a special trip to Pizza Express in Sutton Coldfield. We were really excited as we travelled by bus.

When we got there we did some food tasting. Julie then showed us how to make our own pizza, it was great fun! Our pizzas were cooked for us and then we could take them home.

The trip was fabulous!

17 November 2010

Children and parents from Mrs Ruffinato's Year 5 class had a great morning learning together during their Inspire workshop.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Diwali Celebrations

Making Divas.

November 2010

Year 3 DP/JB prepared to celebrate Diwali and lead a whole school assembly by making Divas.

A lot of concentration went into moulding the clay and waiting until the next day when the Divas were ready to decorate.

Year 3's assembly was so good that they performed it again to the Year 3 from neighbouring Osborne School. It was lovely making new friends in the local community and we look forward to going to visit them in their school soon!

Year 4 Inspire Workshop

Inspire Workshop.

4 November 2010

On Thursday 4th November 2010 Class 4MOS were joined by family members to learn together in an exciting Inspire workshop.

Parents and grandparents enjoyed a warm drink and a biscuit in the school hall before the children joined them.

The children showed off their excellent mental maths talents and then spent a super morning working with an adult!

Guided Reading Goes From Strength to Strength

Searching the Internet, making notes and writing reports.

October 2010

Guided Reading is really enjoyed by staff and pupils alike.

It's a time when children can work with their peers to discuss various texts and really embed skills of collaboration, perseverance and communication.

During guided reading sessions children enjoy a variety of texts including short stories, plays, novels, non-fiction texts, newspapers and internet articles!

Timestable Fun

Year 4 wow the whole school with their funky timestables skills.

October 2010

Timestables are not always the easiest things to learn but are essential for success in Numeracy. Throughout 2010 and 2011 each class in school will be working with Mr NK learning, singing and performing a variety of songs and raps that support learning timestables.

Everyone that has taken part so far has really enjoyed themselves and testing of timestable knowledge before and after working with 'Tunes Timestables' shows great improvement.

Year 4 had great fun sharing their timestable expertise with the whole school!

Year 2 from Osborne School Visit Us

Our new friends really enjoyed our Tyre Park.

October 2010

We were very pleased to welcome the Year 2 class from Osborne School. They have been studying 'Pirates' and wanted to visit our fantastic Pirate Ship.

We insisted that they stay and explore our fabulous trim trail and tyre park.

All junior pirates and pupils and a smashing time, we look forward to welcoming them again in the future!

Getting Crafty at Lunchtime

Getting busy at lunchtime arts and crafts.

October 2010

Our superb team of lunchtime staff spoke to our children about what they would like to make lunchtimes even better.

As a result of this, a fabulous arts and crafts club has been introduced three times a week. This, alongside our many sporting activities helps makes lunchtime a super time of the day!

Celebrating Success

Cheers to hard work and success!

October 2010

It is often reported in the news that boys performance does not match girls performance. We are pleased to share this picture of a very hard working group of boys whose hard work and success has been recognised with a reward of juice and toast.

All of the boys have been working very hard and were either selected by their peers or nominated by their teacher for this tasty treat.

We all thank Mrs Johnson for her support and encouragement - this is a treat definitely worth working hard for!

Year 1 enjoy a French Day

Mrs Pocrnic and the Year 1 children.

8 October 2010

On Friday 8th October, Year 1 were visited by Mrs Pocrnic. She taught us some French.

We tried eating some French foods. They were delicious. Then we had a go at ordering ice creams in French... "Une glace s'il vous plait".

We had great fun learning about a different country.

Free Rucksacks for British Heart Foundation Top Fundraisers

Children display their free rucksacks.

October 2010

At the end of last academic school year, the whole school took part in a sponsored skipping event, to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  The school raised over £1200 for the charity. 

The children that raised over £50 received a free rucksack from the British Heart Foundation, as a thank you for their efforts.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the event.

Osbourne Primary visit our school

Osbourne Primary watch Y5MR's Assembly.

1 October 2010

Osbourne Primary work closely with the Abbey Primary in sports clubs, competitions and now performances.

Children from Y5, Osbourne Primary, were invited to come and watch Y5MR's assembly.

The children really enjoyed themselves and also were given a tour of our school after the performance.

Y5MR Class Assembly

Y5MR Class Assembly.

1 October 2010

Every year, each class leads an assembly. They are really entertaining and help us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Last week Y5MR's assembly was very entertaining. They sang songs, danced and acted in front of the whole school.

Thank you for a lovely assembly Y5MR.

Reception Intake 2010

2010's Reception Intake.

18 September 2010

The 2010 intake of Reception children have settled in to school life and routines beautifully. Our Reception intake consists of 60 children, all of which are Baptised Catholic children.

Together with our new Reception families we have already enjoyed a Family Welcome Disco and a lovely Welcome Mass, where our new intake were welcomed to the Parish and each child received a gift of a set of Rosary beads. Father Dickinson blessed our new Reception children and placed them under the care of Our Lady.

Sky Ride

Two Abbey pupils after completing the Sky Ride.

10 September 2010

My family and I took part in the Sky Ride bike ride in Birmingham. It was really fun. We were able to ride on the roads, where the cars normally are.

I think over 1000 people took part. There was people watching and cheering. At the end, near Cannon Hill Park, there was a band performing on a big stage.

After cycling around a track 5 times you got a free bottle (see photo). Look out for the Sky Ride coming back to Birmingham. It's a great way to stay fit and ride as a family.