Our Saints

Our Patron Saint – Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Praying to Our Lady.

At the Abbey, we ask Our Lady of Perpetual Help to intercede for us as we invoke her during our Collective Worship.

We ask Our Blessed Mother to take our prayers to her Son Jesus. We are proud to have a pictorial representation of her in our main corridor, made up of photos of the pupils.

Class Saints

Each classroom has a class Saint which the children pray to each day. The children ask their class Saint to intercede for them each day at the end of prayers as they say "Saint xxx, pray for us."

You may want to introduce this to family prayer at home. Feel free to send in pictures, etc., of your child's class Saint to their class teacher, to be displayed on or around the RE focus. Can you research when your child's class saint celebrates a feast day?

More information on our class Saints can be read below:

Saint Nicholas - Reception

St Nicholas was a priest. He was a rich man, and travelled the country helping people, giving gifts of money and other presents. St Nicholas did not like to be seen when he gave away presents, so the children of the day were told to go to sleep quickly or he would not come! Nothing has changed and Santa Claus will not arrive this Christmas unless the children go to sleep early!

A famous story about St Nicholas, is about a poor man who had no money to give to his three daughters on their wedding day. St Nick dropped bags of gold into the stockings which the girls had left to dry by the fire.

Saint Gerard Majella – Y1DH

St Gerard Majella is the patron saint of pregnant women and motherhood. We celebrate his feast day on October 16th.

He is the patron saint of pregnant women because one day he visited a family and he dropped his handkerchief. A little girl tried to give it to him and he said "You keep it, you may need it someday". When the girl grew up and married, she became pregnant. She had lots of pain before the birth of the baby. She asked for the handkerchief to be brought to her and almost immediately the pain disappeared and she gave birth to a healthy child.

Saint David – Y1LH

St David is the Patron Saint of Wales. He travelled around Wales teaching everyone about Jesus and helping to build churches. St David had special powers, he helped a blind man to see by touching his eyes. Also when he was talking to a large crowd of people something amazing happened! Suddenly the ground rose up under his feet so that everyone could see and hear him! A white dove followed him everywhere he went.

St David’s day is celebrated on the 1st March.

Saint Winifrid – Y2DD/McT

Saint Winifred was a 7th century Welsh Christian woman. She was of Royal descent and wanted to become a nun, as her Uncle, Saint Beuno, had taught her about religion. This enraged her suitor, Prince Caradoc, who had hoped to marry her. In his fury, he chopped off her head, which rolled down a hill. The earth opened where her head landed, and a stream of water burst out. This is the site of Saint Winifred’s well today. Following this, her Uncle Beuno was devastated by her death and prayed. God heard Beuno’s prayers and Winifred was bought back to life. She continued on her path as a nun, healing many people that she met.

The well where her head fell is a now a healing site to many Christians, located in Gwytherin, Wales.

Saint Patrick – Y2KR

Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. When he was little Patrick was taken to Ireland and kept as a prisoner for years. When he was a prisoner God spoke to him and told him to leave Ireland. He got home and learnt about God and Jesus for 12 years in church. Then God said to him in a dream to go back to Ireland and spread the word to people to follow in Gods footsteps.

St Patricks day is celebrated on the 17th March.

Saint Therese of Lisieux – Y3H

She is also known as 'the Little Flower'. She was born in France in 1873, the youngest of nine children and entered the Carmelite Community of Lisieux aged 15 in 1888. She said, "What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love" and she attended to everyone and everything with great love. She died aged 24 in 1897 with these words on her lips, "My God I love you!"

She was canonized in 1925 and the rose is her signature. Her feast day is 1st October.

Saint Vincent De Paul – Y3CC

Saint Vincent de Paul was born on April 25th in 1581. He became a priest in 1600 and he was only 19 years old. Saint Vincent De Paul loved to help the poor. He found poor children and gave them food, clothes and toys. He also got some women and nurses to help make the sick people better. These women were called the Daughters of Charity. Saint Vincent De Paul sent priests to Scotland, Ireland and Rome to help the poor and sick in those countries too.

Saint Vincent De Paul died on the 27th September and this is when we celebrate his feast day.

Saint George - Y4JB

St George is our class Saint. He was born in an area which is now called Turkey. He was a Christian and at the tender age of seventeen, he joined the Roman army.

He served under an Emperor but never forgot his Christian faith. The Emperor Diocletian gave him many important missions, and it is thought that on one of these he came to England.It was while he was in England that he heard the Emperor was being cruel to Christians and he returned to Rome to help them.

The Emperor Diocletian did all he could to persuade St. George to give up his faith, but he refused. He was renowned for his bravery because he stood up for what he believed.

We celebrate St George on a special day – his feast day is 23rd April. St George is the patron Saint of England. Saint George died in 303 AD.

Saint Thomas - Y4OM

St Thomas is our class Saint. He was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. He is best known from the Gospel according to John. He was born in Galilee and died in 72 AD.

We celebrate St Thomas on a special day – his feast day is July 3rd.

Saint Paul - Y5JH

Our class saint is St Paul, who was born Saul of Tarsus. Saul did not start out to be an apostle, instead starting his life persecuting people who had faith and believed in Jesus.

It was during one of these missions that Paul was struck by a bright light and temporarily blinded. After hearing the word of God, Paul was healed by Ananais (who had been sent God), and immediately changed his own path in life. Furthermore, he became one of the greatest missionaries of all time.

St Paul is one of the authors of the New Testament and his word continues to have an impact on future generations of Catholics. We will celebrate his feast day on the 29th June.

Saint Peter - Y5MM/RL

Peter, the first pope, was a fisherman from Galilee. Jesus invited Peter to follow him, saying: "I will make you a fisher of men." Peter was a simple, hard-working man. He was generous, honest and loved Jesus very much.

This great apostle's name was Simon, but Jesus changed it to Peter, which means 'rock'. "You are Peter," Jesus said, "and on this rock I will build my Church." Peter was the leader of the apostles.

When the Roman soldiers arrested Jesus, Peter was afraid. In his fright he committed the sin of denying that he knew Jesus, three times. Peter was terrified that they would kill him too, but before Jesus died, Peter repented totally. He wept over his denials for the rest of his life and Jesus lovingly forgave Peter.

Saint Bernadette - Y6JC

Our Patron Saint was born January 7, 1844 and baptized Marie Bernarde Soubirous.

Bernadette's legacy revolves around one day her going to gather wood on the bank of the Gave river in the French Pyrennes with her sisters. To reach the gathering site, the three girls had to cross a small millstream. While the two younger girls went on ahead, Bernadette stopped to remove her shoes and stockings. Just then she heard a rustling sound which caused her to look up toward a small cave. There, in the opening of this little grotto, she saw 'a girl in white, no taller than I, who greeted me with a light bow of the head.' The vision was very beautiful, clad in white with a blue girdle, whilst a long rosary hung over the arm. She seemed to invite the child to pray, and when Bernadette took her rosary from her pocket and began to say it, the vision also took her rosary into her hand and passed the beads through her fingers, although the lips did not move. When the five decades were finished, the vision smiled and disappeared. This was the first of 18 visions of the Blessed Virgin given to this humble peasant girl. The last one took place July 16th of the same year.

Her feast day occurs on 16th April every year.

Saint John the Baptist - Y6SH

John the Baptist was the son of Zachary, a priest of the Temple in Jerusalem, and Elizabeth, a kinswoman of Mary who visited her. He was born in Jerusalem after the Angel Gabriel had told Zachary that his wife would bear a child even though she was an old woman.

When he was about thirty, he began to preach on the banks of the Jordan against the evils of the times and called men to penance and baptism "for the Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand". He attracted large crowds, and when Jesus came to him, John recognized Him as the Messiah and baptised Him, saying, "It is I who need baptism from You".

His feast day is June 24th and the feast for his beheading is August 29th.


Certain images courtesy of Catholic Online website