School Improvements - 2012/13

Outdoor Gym

July 2013

In July 2013 there was great excitement as workmen carried out a secret job. What could be going on? Before long it became very clear. An outside gym was being installed in the playground! Come along and have a go. It's great fun!


Remodelling of Classrooms and Relocation of Foundation Stage

Summer 2012

In order to make the most out of our available space, we have had some remodelling building work. Two very small classrooms and a free flow area have been remodelled into two lovely new classrooms and additional storage space.

Our outside classrooms have been extended to include a toilet block and outside learning area. Two outside classrooms have been knocked through to make a free flow Foundation Stage unit.

Dismantling the lockers. This whole wall is being relocated.
Lockers gone. Now where's that hammer?

This wall is coming down soon.
This area will be completely remodelled.

Getting ready for large demolishing to begin.
The site office is delivered.

There's no turning back now!
We filled lots of skips!

There goes the resource cupboard.
This wall is coming down too!

Pirate ship has been relocated.
The diggers arrive on site.

Wow - a whole wall has been removed.
Foundations being dug for new toilet block.

Electrics installed for extension.
New Year 2 classrooms coming together nicely.

Both newly remodelled classrooms will have free flow access to outdoor learning.
Plastering completed in remodelled classrooms.

Awaiting installation of external doors.
Great progress on foundations for new toilet block.

Painters busy getting remodelled classrooms ready.
Walls of new toilet block going up.

The roof being installed for the new EYFS outdoor learning area.
Toilet block for EYFS. The walls are nearly up.

Recycling some of the storage.
This whole wall will be demolished soon.

Preparation begins to create an additional 'break out' work space.
The new Year 3 classes will benefit from lovely new lockers.

New wall installed and bright paint added to the old Reception classroom.
The external wall of the new EYFS toilet block is completed.

Old toilets removed, making way for further work area.
Wall knocked through and work well underway on the new EYFS classrooms.

The inside of the new EYFS toilet block.
Carpet fitted in the newly refurbished Y2 classrooms.

The roof is installed on the new EYFS external learning area.
New external doors installed to newly refurbished Y2 classrooms.

The roof is installed on the new EYFS external learning area.
The new Reception toilets nearly complete in August 2012.

The steps to the new Year 2 classrooms being installed. August 2012.
In September 2012, double doors are fitted to allow smoother transition around school.

Our newly refurbished Foundation Stage is completed and in full swing!