School Improvements - 2010/11

Playground is Refurbished

25 July 2011

Staff and pupils were asked for ideas about what they wanted to see in the playground improvements. These suggestions were transformed during the first day of the Summer break. There are new courts and pitches laid out; many letter and number games and activities. The bright and vibrant colours really make the playground come alive.

Staff and pupils make suggestions for the playground.
Before the playground improvements.

Workmen in the playground.
Melting the numbers onto the floor.

Colourful playground number fun.
Number fun everywhere! We love Maths!

Year 2 Wall is Demolished

23 July 2011

The new Year 2 classroom had a big problem - but not for long! There was a wall that was in the way. One Saturday morning, some friends of the school soon rectified the problem. After tidying up and a fresh coat of paint you can't even tell there was ever a wall there!

Before... a wall.
After... gone!

Outdoor Learning Environment

20 July 2011

The sensory garden and outdoor learning area is really beginning to take shape. The pagoda has been painted and the roof has been fitted. Pupils will soon be able to enjoy an outdoor learning experience whatever the weather.

Building the outdoor learning area.
Outdoor learning are complete.

Foundation Stage Makeover

July 2011

The whole of Foundation Stage has been spruced up in preparation for the new intake to join in September. Year 6 pupils lent a hand to get the job done. We are proud of our 'new-look' classroom and look forward to when it is filled with our new pupils.

Year 6 pupils got involved.
We all lent a hand.

A fresh coat of paint.
A new-look Reception class.

New School Gate

May 2011

To allow easier access for parents to collect children from after school clubs we installed an extra gate along the school drive.

Cutting a hole in the fence.
Mrs R supervising the installation.

Office Refurb

February 2011

Even when our School Office is closed, visitors can share our motto 'Learning to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with our friends, family and Parish.

Security doors ensure everybody is safe and sound.
Our badge and motto on display.

Ongoing Decoration Maintaining High Standards

November 2010

Just like at home, once we thought we had finished repainting classrooms and corridors in school, we realised we needed to go back to the start. Keeping our school well presented, clean and fresh is an ongoing task.

Year 6 students chose the colours they would like their classroom to be painted, with some striking results.

Our thanks go to Mr Thornton, our Buildings and Site Manager for his hard work repainting the Year 6 classroom.

Year 6 classroom gets a make-over.
A bright and cheery classroom reflecting the personalities of the students using it.

Staffroom gets a Makeover

September 2010

Following consultation with staff, a much needed make-over of the staffroom was delivered. A place to relax was provided by two sofas, a place to work was utilised by installing laptop work stations and a place to eat was provided for by adding stylish round tables. New pigeon holes and lockers ensure that the staffroom is functional, comfortable and a lovely place to relax in.

Laptop stations.
Lockers for all the staff.

Staff seating area.
A much needed facelift.

New Tyre Park

Autumn 2010

We are constantly aiming to make our school the best that it can be. To further develop our playground area we have installed a Tyre Park. So far it has been a great success and everyone absolutely loves it! Even some mommy's and daddy's were trying to have a go at hometime!

Students are consulted and the first plan is put together.
Work begins on the Tyre Park.

The first tyres go into place.
Now it's starting to look like a Tyre Park.

New Entrance and Office

Summer 2010

As our school has grown in numbers over the years, our school office has remained the same size. Starting in Spring 2010 you will notice some changes to our school entrance and the school office to enable more working space for our dedicated team of administrative staff.

The front door to school will be moved forward to allow a secure area for visitors, this will further strengthen our safeguarding procedures as well as providing a ramp to ensure easier access to school.

Whilst the building work is carried out, our current front door and entrance will be out of bounds to children, parents and staff. The school office will be temporarily relocated in what is currently the library. Access to this is down the pathway that runs alongside the front of school, we ask for your co-operation during this transition period.

We will keep you updated with progress on the building project with regular photographs and hope to have all building work completed before the 2010 Summer holidays.

March 2010
The front entrance, due to be changed.
March 2010
Close-up of the front entrance.

June 2010
Building work contines.
June 2010
Easy access ramp footings being installed.

June 2010
Installing new lights and ceiling.
June 2010
It's too late to change our minds now!

June 2010
Maing a new doorway for the fully accessibile toilet.
June 2010
New reception window installed.

June 2010
Ramp installed - awaiting railings.
June 2010
The new office takes shape.

June 2010
Walls and doors knocked through.
June 2010
Furniture being assembled- we're nearly finished!