Event - Young Voices Concert

29 November 2011

On the 29th November 2011 the Abbey School Gospel Choir had the opportunity to participate in a concert known as the 'Young Voices 'concert which was held at the LG Arena. The children joined many schools in England to form the largest children's choir in the world.

As in previous years, the Young Voices concert was a complete sell out and it was a very exciting evening in which we had the privilege to share our love of music with some famous artists. These Artists included Connie Talbot, the runner up contestant in the TV series Britain's Got Talent, a very famous Irish band known as the High Kings and Randolph Matthews who is an extraordinary musician whose musical interaction was very beneficial to the children.

To prepare for this special event the Abbey School Gospel choir worked very hard to learn over 17 songs of which some consisted of medleys which were both familiar and unfamiliar to the children. They also had to learn some groovy dance moves. There was a lot of fun to be had whilst preparing for the concert.

All the teachers who attended the Young Voices concert were very proud of all the children, not only for their participation but for their behaviour which was outstanding throughout the day.

The Young Voices concert has been an opportunity in which the Abbey School are very proud to have been a part of and it will remain very memorable in years to come.

Getting ready to perform.
The standard of guests was fabulous.

There were lots of people involved.
That looks like fun!

Travelling Ted came too.
It was a fabulous atmosphere.