Event - Year 4's Easter Assembly

5/6 April 2011

Year 4 performed their Easter Assembly, this week. It took place in the hall. All Year 4 children, from both classes took part, taking the parts of the actors, narrators and choir. There was also singing and dancing.

It took place on Tuesday 5th April at 10.30 and Wednesday 6th April at 9 30. It helped us learn more about the Easter Story.

My favourite part was when Jesus rose from the dead because everyone was happy.

by Cornel, 4EH

Preparing for the performance.
The narrators are ready.

Jesus and his disciples.
The crowds sing on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday enactment.
The Last Supper.

"This is my blood, poured out for you."
The disciples cannot stay awake.

"What shall I do with this man Jesus?"
The crowds cry "crucify him!".

There is no turning back.
Jesus about to be nailed to the cross.

A crown of thorns is placed upon his head.
Jesus' mother weeps at his feet.

A miracle! Where is Jesus?
Alleluia. He is risen!