Event - Reading Week and World Book Day

29 February to 4 March 2016

Throughout the week we took part in 'Stop, Drop and Read'. Any time the school bell sounded during this week we had to stop whatever we were doing and read from or books for a short amount of time.

"We enjoyed this because it gave us time to pause from the busy world around us and get engrossed in a book. It allowed us to relax and realise how good it is to take a moment to ourselves." - Hannah

"During reading week, we had an assembly to launch an exciting project – our Book bench. All pupils had to draw a design that could be used to be recreated on our very own bench." – Patrick

"Throughout the week we did lots of fun things – all related to reading – such as: crosswords, reading as groups, art, writing activities and many other book related things!" - Isabella

Thursday 3 March was World Book Day.

"The whole of the school came in on this day either dressed in pyjamas ready for a bedtime story or dressed as a book character. This is a world renowned day celebrated across the world celebrating the love of books and reading." – Tamara

"I really liked coming to school in my PJ’s. Some of my friends dressed as: Hermione Granger, Apple Jack (from My Little Pony) and Bagpuss. The book that I brought to read was The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams – he is a really funny author. I love his stories!" - Francesca