Event - Year 5 Villa Vitality Day 3

July 2011

Over the past six weeks pupils have been focusing on projects and challenges set by Villa Vitality leaders. The tasks reinforced the importance of daily exercise and healthy eating, including writing their own song/rap and creating a fitness routine which communicated and demonstrated their understanding of these.

During the day the pupils rehearsed their songs and fitness routines. When all was polished they hit the filming studio where each group was given an insight into filming and chose either their song/rap or fitness routine to be filmed.

All groups visited the Ice Youth Gym where instructors advised them on how to use the gym equipment before they followed a circuit of cardio and resistance machines - sweat pumped, faces glowed as they burnt those carbs!

Also, pupils were tested on their knowledge of 'The Eatwell Plate' that had been introduced on our previous visit. It was evident that children had further developed their understanding of the five food groups and their relevance as part of a well balanced-diet.

We discovered chefs in the making as pupils put on their hats and aprons before heading to the kitchen. During the morning, instructed by Dave the chef, pupils prepared our lunch of vegetable pizza, potato wedges, salad and fresh fruit salad which were delicious (although some vegetables were discreetly scraped off pizzas before eating!) In the afternoon more groups hit the kitchen to prepare healthy snacks of bean and rice salad or tuna and salad wraps - scrumptious! All recipes can easily be followed and prepared at home so parents/carers sit back and ask for the menu and service!

'Villa Vitality,' a programme thoroughly enjoyed by Year 5 pupils and staff!

Revising 'The Eatwell Plate'.
Ready to cook.

Taking care to keep all ten fingers!
Budding chefs!

Let's fill and wrap.
Yum, yum! Delicious fresh fruit salad.

Attentive listeners.
A 'Villain' works it out!

Burning carbs!