Event - Year 5 Toy Theatre Festival

12 October 2015

As our Toy Theatre project reached its conclusion, Year 5 pupils were delighted to be invited to participate in a Toy Theatre Festival at the Birmingham Rep theatre.

Throughout the project, pupils worked with education officers and a visual artist from the Rep to create their own play, toy theatre and puppets. We were very proud of the high standard of work produced by all pupils. When we heard that two groups, from the Abbey, had been selected to perform their plays, using their toy theatres at the Rep, we were eager to attend the Toy Theatre Festival.

With great anticipation and pride, we watched ‘Super Bob’ and ‘The War’ being performed by our pupils with enthusiasm and confidence. The audience were thoroughly entertained by both performances. We also enjoyed watching a third playscript, which was written by Abbey pupils, being performed by professional actors. Birches Green Junior School and Slade Primary also presented impressive Toy Theatre Performances. After the performances, we were privileged to be taken on a backstage tour of the theatre.

During the tour, we learnt about the history of the Rep theatre; we visited the workshop and paint room, where backdrops are created and we met a construction manager; we visited the wig, costume and makeup department where we met an artist who was busily creating costumes for the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Toy Theatre Project and would like to thank Mel, Philip and Jim who supported us throughout the project. We have learnt much about collaborating, playwriting, performing to an audience, designing and creating puppets and toy theatres. Since visiting the Rep, all groups have performed their plays to their friends in Year 2, who enjoyed all performances immensely.

Our train journey.
At New Street Station.

Meeting army cadets in town.
The group photo.

Our performance of Super Bob.
Super Bob on stage.

The War performance.
Our performance of The War.

Actors perform our play script.
Starting our tour of the theatre.

The Box Office.
The paint room.

Meeting the Construction Manager.
An artist creating a costume.