Event - Year 4's Titanic Day

17 April 2012

In preparation for a new unit of work, Year 4 enjoyed a whole day based on the subject of the Titanic. Staff and pupils came dressed in costumes from the period, as passengers and staff from the ship.

We spent the day researching real passenger's stories, listening to music from the time and used buckets of icy water to help us to imagine how the passengers would have felt submerged after the ship had sunk.

We also enjoyed a tea party. First class passengers had a real treat with cakes and staff to wait on them, whilst third class passengers had only crackers!

The Year 4 staff model their Titanic outfits.
Ready to serve first class passengers at our Titanic Tea Party.

The first class table awaits the passengers.
The first class passenger food at tea party.

Serving the first class passengers.
First class passengers enjoying High Tea.

The third class passengers food at the tea party.
Third class passengers 'enjoying' their tea party.

Feeling how cold it must have been in the icy waters of the Atlantic.