Event - Takeover Day

27 November 2014

Take Over Day is an opportunity for Year 6 to take over the school by becoming the teachers for the day. At the Abbey, we truly value this experience and so extend takeover opportunities to include 'taking over' office staff, dinner supervisors and teaching assistants.

To apply for an adults job you must fill in an application form. Then you go for an interview and if the adult likes your answers they will pick you for the job (like when you go for a real job).

It was a great learning experience for all of us and we will always remember it and it has definitely prepared us for the future when we will have lots of responsibility when we get jobs of our own. I enjoyed having the children rely on me like they rely on their teachers.     

by Leah Smith, Take Over Day Headteacher 2014

Also read: Takeover Day Evaluation Report (pdf)