Event - Take Over Day

22 November 2013

Take Over Day at the Abbey School has become a regular event in recent years where Year 6 children take on the roles of the staff for the day and run the school, teaching children, holding meetings and they even sit and have their lunch in the Staff Room.

In the weeks leading up to the day, the children have the opportunity to apply for the jobs. Successful applicants are offered interviews and jobs are awarded to the children who proved themselves in the interviews - just as in the real world.

The day was a great success led by the very young and ambitious Head and Deputy.

The day started with a Senior Leaders Meeting at 8am, monitoring books and discussing the day's events. The staff meeting at 8:30 was inspirational, rallying the takeover staff to 'work hard for the good of our children'. Lessons followed, all planned by the children in consultation with the teacher they were replacing.

We really do have nothing to worry about - the future is safe in our children's hands. The Year 6 children were excellent, professional and very well motivated to work. And a fabulous day was had by all.