Event - Take Over Day

30 November 2012

In November 2012, Abbey school staff enjoyed a day with their feet up doing no work whatsoever! Yet again, school was taken over by Year 6 pupils on 'Take Over Day'.

Students in Year 6 applied for all adult jobs in school. Year 6 went through a process of written applications, shortlisting and interviews. Just as in the 'real world' not everyone who applied for a job, got the job. School was buzzing as excited students celebrated getting a job and disappointed applicants got feedback as to why they were not shortlisted or appointed.

The take over Headteacher led work scrutiny with their take over senior team at 8am, led a staff meeting at 8,30am and led a whole school assembly at 9am.

Take over staff were a little surprised when they couldn't go 'out to play' at lunchtime but all take over staff had a wonderful day.

We're already looking forward to Take Over Day 2013. Whose job will you apply for?

Take over staff Celebration Assemly.
Take over day team games.

Year 5 gets taken over.
A bit of group reading.

Supporting peers.