Event - Take Over Day

18 November 2011

There was a buzz of excitement in Year 6, Takeover Day 2011 was fast approaching. Pupils had some exciting decisions to make. Whose role in school would they like to apply for? The Headteacher, class teacher, lunchtime supervisor, office staff - everybody in Year 6 could apply for any job for the day.

Applications were completed and interviews carried out. Then came the nervous wait to see who had been the successful candidates. However, just as in the world of business - not everybody was successful in their choice of job.

The day came and was started with a staff meeting led by the 'takeover Headteacher' – he motivated his team for the day by setting out his expectations and encouraging them to have confidence in what they could achieve.

The whole school then enjoyed a celebration assembly led by the takeover staff, before they took over their assigned duties (ably assisted and supervised by the regular staff!). The office staff were assisted in a variety of ways by some very professional helpers, moreover, the takeover building services supervisor had to get physical; vacuuming and clearing leaves.

Some fabulous ideas for age appropriate activities had been planned by some of the pupils who all turned up for 'work' in appropriate attire and a super attitude, ready to work.

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are already looking forward to Takeover Day 2012!

The take over Head leads take over staff at 8.30am staff meeting.
Everyone's activities for the day are explained.

The take over Head and Deputy chat to parents on the school drive.
More discussions with parents.

Leading collective worship.
Certificate presentations in assembly.

Doing some repographics work.
Dealing with correspondence.

Year 2 hard at work.
Getting busy with the vac!

It's a hard job being a real Head and Deputy on take over day.
Well done everyone!