Event - Take Over Day

12 November 2010

Abbey Catholic Primary School took part in Take Over Day; a national event offering children and young people across the country the chance to work alongside adults and get involved in decision-making in a wide range of organisations.

Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to apply for all adults jobs in the school. Job descriptions were given out, children completed application forms and many were shortlisted for interview. Students were appointed to all roles in school including Headteacher, Office staff, Site Manager, Teacher and Teaching Assistant, we even had a photographer for the day!

Have a look at our photographs and read some of our pupils reports on this fabulous day.

The Acting Senior Management Team have an 8am meeting to review numeracy work.
As it's Take Over Day, Mr Kirke and Ms Tallon relax with a cuppa and let Year 6 do all the work.

The Take Over Day staff meet at 8.30am to plan their day.
Our new Headteacher for the day welcomes parents on the school drive.

Ms Tallon keeps herself busy on Take Over Day.
Our Take Over Headteacher had a wonderful day, and led the school superbly.

The Take Over Head and Deputy are doing a great job, so Ms Tallon and Mr Kirke have the day off.
Our Take Over Deputy Head starts the day chatting to parents on the school drive.

Mr Thornton was very pleased with his Take Over Site Manager who did an excellent job with the leaf collecting machine.
Two members of Take Over Day staff lead a small learning session for Year 5 pupils.

Our Take Over Head introduced the whole school assembly to a packed hall.
Take Over teacher working one-on-one to support a student.

Leading a session for his peers was no problem for this Take Over teacher.
Sorting out the photocopying, from lesson resources to newsletters, is not an easy task!

Completing an audit was one of the jobs for the Take Over PE Coordinator.
One of our Take Over Year 2 teachers introducing a lesson.

Got a question on Take Over Day? Ask the Take Over teacher.
Leading some excellent creative work with Year 2.

The Take Over Senior Leadership Team visit each class to see how the day is going.
Leading Reception students in their studies.

All members of 'staff' did an outstanding job.
Working closely with younger students to guide and support was essential..

Leading a phonics session for Key Stage 1 students.
Modelling expectations and seeing excellent results.

Leading a Guided Reading session for Year 1 pupils.
Discussing and reading a variety of texts.

Encouraging students to continue with their excellent work.
One of our Take Over Teaching Assistants prepares for the next lesson.

The Take Over Site Manager had to ensure the site was ready for business!
Mrs Perks could get used to this Take Over Day.

Leading learning.
A detailed introduction.

Making sure everyone is on task.
Answering any problems.

Giving support and encouragement.
Everyone working really hard.

Leading Numeracy for Year 5.
Meeting with Mr Kennedy to discuss the Sutton Coldfield Community Games 2012.

Placing orders on the computer system.
Our Take Over Site Manager gets busy painting a classroom.

Typing up minutes from the previous meeting.
Typing letters, and ready to welcome visitors.

Our Take Over PE teachers model high expectations.
Take Over Day staff relax near the end of a busy day!

Mr Kirke and Ms Tallon thank the whole 'staff' for an amazing day. Tomorrow is safe in their hands.
The Take Over Headteacher has a final check on her office team..

Reports from some pupils

I smiled, I went through the classroom door (inside I was feeling very nervous). Frightened, terrified, petrified I opened the letter, I didn't understand. What did it mean? My friend Jack looked at the letter and said "You got the Job!" I was jumping around. I went to my friend Patrick and said proudly, "I GOT THE JOB!"

by Anesu C

On Takeover Day I had the privilege of being Mrs Dennehy for the day. It was a challenge but Callum and I pulled through. When I went for the interview for the job I had butterflies on the inside (but I kept composed on the outside). I went into the room my chair was there waiting there for me then the questions were fired at me. Then as soon as the interview was finished I breathed a sigh of relief. After about 30 minutes I received a letter from Mrs Dennehy I gasped. I jumped. I was elated! I GOT THE JOB!

On Friday 12th it was Takeover Day. Me, Callum and all of the other students who were taking over had to be in by 8:30am for a meeting. I was nervous, terrified, frightened and even scared. Our first involvement was to take a reading session with some Year 5's before assembly. Then Callum and I did circle time with Y5F then we did break duty (the hardest part of the day).Then we had lunch early (best part of the day).Then we did a reading assessment with two Year 3's then we went into 3B/P until the end of the day. Altogether a huge success!

by Declan M

Last Friday was takeover day at school; this is a day where Year six takeover the adult jobs. There were thirty jobs up for grabs and sixty two pupils interested in the positions. The pupils who got the jobs had to complete an application form and attend an interview with the staff member whose job they wanted to fill in.

The staff had to decide which applicant got their job. This must have been hard not just for the staff but also for the pupils who didn't get the job they wanted.

A couple of days before takeover the pupils who got the job and the staff had to prepare for Friday. They did this by talking to each other about what the classes are learning, they were restricted to certain clothes they also had to finish at the time the teachers normally start and finish at. The children were nervous and excited, anticipating the behaviour of the other pupils.

I didn't apply for a job but on Thursday I asked Mrs Kennedy if she wanted me to take pictures of the pupils as teachers on that day and she said yes. On Friday in assembly Mrs Kennedy told me to sit in the middle of the hall and she gave me a camera to look after for the day. The first thing I did was take pictures in the assembly. Then I took pictures in my class, after that I went round the school taking pictures of the pupils acting as teachers and teacher assistants and P.E coordinators before I knew it was break time.

After break I went to help James Avery, who was the P.E coordinator with stock taking soon it was lunchtime. After lunch I went on a learning walk with the Deputy Head and Head Teacher for the day we looked at math's boards while I took pictures of them talking to kids about what they find hard and easy in maths.

The pupils who had acted as staff had to stay behind after school because they had to finish at the same time as the staff normally finish. The day went as they thought it would I enjoyed the day as well as the other pupils who acted as staff.

The day was successful because as year six's we learnt how demanding work is and that teachers had to make hard decisions.

We hope year six's next year like their day.

by Oran G