Event - Swedish Visitors

5 March 2012

On Monday 5th March the children and staff at the Abbey Catholic Primary School welcomed two staff members and three pupils from Skogsängsskolan school, Eskiltuna, Sweden. As part of a 25 strong party from Eskiltuna the staff and students were visiting Catholic Primary schools across Birmingham.

The children really enjoyed their day. They discussed difference between our school and theirs (they have been campaigning for deserts at lunch time for a long time!).

The staff were thrilled to see how phonics is taught in the UK and how PE is taught in a cross curricular approach.

On Wednesday evening the visitors completed their visit with a evening at the Priory school in Edgbaston.

We really hope to continue these strong links with Skogsängsskolan school.

Our Swedish visitors brought delicious Swedish treats for us.
The Swedish students tell Year 1 about life in Sweden.

In the evening our Swedish guests enjoyed the delights of an international buffet.