Event - St Patrick's Day Celebrations

16 March 2012

The whole school turned into a sea of green as we prepared to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Children and staff arrived at school wearing green and donated £1 to support the St Edmund Campion Sixth Formers fundraising towards their Lourdes Pilgrimage.

Families were welcomed onto the school drive by World Champion Irish Pipers (one of our ex pupils and his father) and parents were invited to have a cup of tea or coffee on the drive as we all enjoyed dancing from some of our students who are members of Irish dancing schools.

Mrs Johnson even led some of our staff and parents in their own jig. We don't think Riverdance has anything to worry about!

Thank you to all involved in our celebrations!

Our very own St Patrick's Day parade.
Our talented ex-pupil.

Leading us into school.
Two of our Irish dancers.

Just some of our fabulous dancers.
Enjoying the music.

Happy St Patrick's Day.
Having great green fun.

Ready for a great day.
Smile if you're Irish.

St Patrick's Day fun.
Year 5 staff team.

We want to join the fun.
Looking good team.

Mrs W knows what she's doing.
Well done Mrs H.

This way, Dad.
What have I agreed to?

Keep going Dad.
Getting there.