Event - Shakespeare Schools Festival

29 October 2012

Year 6 children been working hard over the last few weeks to perfect their production of A Midsummer's Night Dream for their moment of glory which they performed to a packed audience on Monday 29th October at The Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham as part of a UK-wide Shakespeare Schools Festival.

The production explored the story of lovers and their encounters with magical creatures which causes both chaos and comedy.

The staff who were part of the preparation said: "We are so impressed with the work the cast have put into the production and I think that the audience will see a great show".

Olivia, one of the participating students, said: "I have loved being involved with this production. Before I did this I thought Shakespeare was boring but now I think the characters aren't that different to me and my friends and I love understanding the language and the story."

The cast on their way to the 'Old Rep' theatre.
Cast at the Old Rep during technical rehearsal.

Year 6 take a bow after their superb performance.
The auditorium of the Old Rep was packed!

The actors back stage in the Old Rep in the dressing room.
The cast enjoy chilling out before the show.