Event - Reception's Secret Wedding Trip

27 May 2011

On Friday 27th May 2011, Miss Williams, Teaching Assistant in Reception, got married.

What Miss Williams did not know was there were top secret plans being made for her Reception class to secretly travel to her wedding, sneak into Church as she signed the register and sing her a special song.

Everyone was very busy sending out secret letters, booking coaches and trying not to let the surprise slip!

Reception children were very well behaved and thought Miss Williams looked beautiful. Miss Williams was delighted to hear the singing and exclaimed "it's my children!" before hurrying out from the vestry to see her class.

Miss Williams couldn't believe everyone had kept such a big secret and kept saying how happy she was. Miss Williams will return to school as Mrs Evans.

We all wish Mr and Mrs Evans every happiness and hope all of their troubles are little ones.

The coach is ready to go on its secret mission.
Reception class and helpers are ready to go.

Reception class line up in silence outside church ready to sneak in. Ssshhh! It's a surprise!
It's tricky waiting for a surprise! It's just too exciting!

Mrs Adamo played the keyboard as the children sang.
Miss Williams is delighted to see her class.

Cheeky Travelling Ted couldn't resist getting into the group shot.

Reception children sing for Miss Williams at her wedding.