Event - Attendance Pizza Party

January 2010

We are aiming to improve our whole school attendance. Weekly attendance figures are printed on our newsletter. The class with the highest percentage of attendance each half term is rewarded with a Pizza Party.

The children have to work together to decide their favourite pizza toppings and apply their numeracy skills to calculate which size pizzas they need to order to get the right amount of slices.

So far this academic year Pizza parties have been won by 4BF, Rec BW, 2MH and 1McT. Could your class be next half term's winners?

Rec BW are announced as the winning class!
The pizzas are delivered.

Mmmmmm, looks good!
Being excellent attenders has many rewards.

Friends and pizza... bliss!
Everyone had to vote for their preferred pizza toppings.

The class had to work out how many slices would be needed.
I wonder if we'll win again next half term?

Remember, you have to be in to win!
Rec BW thoroughly enjoyed their attendance prize of a Pizza Party!